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ations ; and also keeps an account of the bonds taken and liquidated at each custojo house ....

$1600 00 Samuel M. McKean, attends to the business with banks ; (to

remission of fines. penalties, and forfeitures; to applications for release from imprisonment) to matters relating to internal improvement, and to the Mint establishment: and to such subjects as are submitted by the Solicitor of the Treasury and District Attorneys, not immediately connected with the branches of business assigned to others, and all clainis under like circumstances ; and acts as translator of foreign lan

guages.......................................... ........ 1600 00 Thomas Dungan, issues and registers the warrants for payments

under the appropriations for ihe naval service ; keeps the appropriation accounts of the navy ; prepares the warrants for ibe transfer of stocks from one loan office to that of another ; and keeps an account of the accruing duties........

.... 1400 00 Francis A. Dickins, 1st, examines and registers claims under

the act of 15th of May, 1828, “for the relief of certain surviving officers and soldiers of the army of the revolution ;" prepares and registers certificates for those allowed and warrants for their payment, and generally aitends to all correspondence or other business connected with those claims ; 2d, examines and registers claims under the act of the 5th July, 1832, “ for liquidating and paying certain claims of the State of Virginia,” and attends to all correspondence and other business connected with those claims; and 3d, issues and registers warrants for the payment of duties refunded under the act of 2d March, 1833...

1400 00 John McGinnis, jun., attends to the correspondence connected

with the General and other Land Offices, and to all business arising under the laws relating to the public lands; to all business connected with the building, repair, and supply of the revenue cutters, and their employment ; to the examina. tion of charges and complaints for official misconduct against registers, and receivers of public money, and the officers of the revenue cutters, aod to the correspoudeuce appertajuing thereto. He also attends to the business arising under the acts for the relief of sick and disabled seamen employed in the merchant service, and the building and repair of public hospitals, designed for their benefit....

1400 00 Gilbert Rodman, examines questions arising under the revenue

laws, and attends to the correspondence appertaining to such questions ; keeps an account of moneys received and expended by co!lectors of the customs; has charge of applications for the appointment, of subordinate officers of the customs; and for the employment of revenue boats ; examines appeals from a ppraisements under the eighteenth section of the act of March 1, 1823, and applicatioos to complete drawback entries under the act of March 3, 1815. He attends, also, to the payment of fishing bounties, and to all charges and complaints agaiost officers of the customs, and to the cor

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FIRST COMPTROLLER'S OFFICE. Joseph Anderson, Comptroller, $3,500 per annum. The First Comptroller examines all accounts settled by the First and Fifth Auditor, and certifies the balances arising thereon to the Register; countersigns all warrants drawn by the Secretary of the Treasury, if warranted by law ; reports to the Secretary the official forms to be used in the different offices for collecting the public revenue ; and the manner

and form of keeping and stating the accounts of the several persons employed therein. He superintends the preservation of the public accounts subject to his revision, and provides for the regular payment of all moneys which


be collected.

CLERKS IN THE FIRST COMPTROLLER'S OFFICE. JOHN LAUB chief clerk ; his duties are to draft answers (subject to

the revision of the Comptroller i to all questions propounded by the officers of the customs, merchants and others, under the revenue laws, and treaties of commerce and navigation with foreign powers; to prepare general instruments and forms in relation to

he duties to be performed by those officers, and the manner in which they are to keep and render their accounts; and assists in the correspondence of the offices of a miscellaneous pature He also prepares, under the direction of the Secretary and Comptroller of the Treasury, such forms of other accounts and documents as are deemed essi ntial to a systematic execution of the public buisness; and performs, generally, such other offi

cial duties as are confided to him by the Comptroller........$1700 00 William Williamson, mak-s out from the laws of each session

of Congress, detailed statements of appropriations for the civil, diplomatic, and miscellaneous expenditures of Government, in the form of u arrants, and records the same ; registers all warrants issued for payınents in pursuance of said appropriations; makes nut and records warrants for carrying unexpended balances to the surplus fund; keeps the leger con• taining an account for each specific appropriation; writes and copies all letters on subjects connected with the state of the appropriations; examines all powers of attorney and all documents relative to the transfer of stocks, and payments of principal and dividends thereof, which may be presented for the inspection and decision of the Complroller ; attends to and keeps a record of the transfer of stocks on the books of the Treasury ; register warrants issued for transferring stocks on the books of loan offices ; keeps a journal and leger, exhibit. ing quarterly the balances of the different kind of stocks on the books of the Treasury and of the loan offices; writes and copies all letters on subjects in any way connected with the funded debt of the United States; and keeps a record of bonds of

indemuification for the renewal of lost certificates of stocks.. 1400 00 Lund Washington, examines the accounts of the collectors of

the customs south and west of the river Potomac—the accounts of the Treasurer of the United States the accounts of the Treasurer of the mill-the accounts of public ministers,

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consuls and commercial agents ; and makes an annual state

ment in relation to the affairs of the mini establishmepi...... 1400 00 James Larned, finally examines and adjusts all accounts of re

ceivers of public moneys, and states any differences that may occur; and prepares letters of correspondence, under the su

pervision of the Comptroller, in relation to their accounts.... 1400 00 John Woodside, examines all accounts of collectors of the cus

toins north of the Potomac, and on the lakes, and gives such explanations as may be found necessary.......

1150 00 Richard S. Briscoe, examines the accounts of the United States

Bank, and its branches commissioners of loans for the pay. ment of principal and interest of the funded debi-interoal revenue and direct tax accounts-revolutionary claims-and records the same; and enters warrants on collectors of the

customs, direct lax, and internal revenue...................... 1150 00 Benjamin Harrison, examines the accounts of contractors and deputy postmasters.........

......... 11.50 00 William Anderson, examines the accounts with the marshals of

the United States of collectors of the customs, for disbursements relative to light-houses and marine hospitals-of the surveyors general-of the agents for paying the contingent expenses of the several departments; and the salaries, &c. of civil public officers generally, &c. And inspects all the copies of letters relative to the custom-house and revenue, to ren

der them exactly correspondent to the originals............... 1400 00 George Wood, warrant clerk-duty to examine the acts of Con

gress-to make out appropriation warrants for all moneys to be drawn from the Treasury, on requisitions of the Secretary of the War Department-to state the specific titlings under which the same may be drawn—and to keep a set of books, exhibiting the moneys paid out of the Treasury on all accounts connected with the War Department, comprising In

dia a treaties, annuities, internal improvements. army proper. 1150 00 Samuel P. Webster, prepares the letters transmitting the com

inissions of the officers of the customs, together with the requisite official oaths and bonds; enters the accounts of those officers when settled, and prepares the letters advising them of such settlement............................................

1150. 00 „Vicholas Biddle Van Zandt, registers the accounts reported lo

the Comptroller by the First and Fifth Auditors, and the Commissioner of the General Land Office-drafts letters 10 disbursing officers in explanation of the settlement of those accounts-files, and has charge nf, the official bonds of offi. cers of the customs and internal revenue, of the receivers, and registers, consuls, &c.-furnishes to the Solicitor of the Treasury authenticated transcripts of accounts and bonds of delinquents for suit, and keeps him regularly advised of all

subsequent changes ju the balances due from them, &c....... 1000 00 George Johnson, records all letters written by the Conspiroller

and his Chief Clerk upon revenue subjects-makes out copies of the statements of differences of receivers accounts of pub

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