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Sidney, Algernon (1622–83). English statesman; author, Discourse Concern

ing Government. Sieyès, Emmanuel Joseph, Count (1748–1836). French statesman; Ambassador

to Germany. Sikorsky, Igor I. (1889– ). Naturalized American aircraft designer, born

in Russia.

Smith, Alfred Emanuel (1873– ). American statesman; Governor of New

York ; Democratic candidate for President 1928; editor, New Outlook. Socrates (469-399 B. C.). Greek philosopher; president of the Prytanes; con

demned for impiety and sentenced to death, 399 B. C. Spencer, Herbert (1820–1903). English philosopher and writer. Stone, Melville Elijah (1848–1929). American journalist; founder, Chicago

Daily News; general manager of the Associated Press. Sumner, Charles (1811-74). American statesman; Senator from Massachusetts. Swift, Jonathan (1667–1745). Irish author, Gulliver's Travels. Taft, Robert Alphonso (1889– ). American statesman; Senator from Ohio. Taylor, Bayard (1825–78). American author; Ambassador to Germany. Theodosius I, The Great (346–395). Roman emperor ; foe of paganism; imposed

Christianity. Thompson, Floyd Eugene (1887– ). Chief Justice Supreme Court of

Illinois. Thoreau, Henry David (1817–62). American writer and philosopher. Traubel, Horace (1858–1919). American writer and editor. Vandenburg, Arthur Hendrick (1884– ). American statesman; Senator

from Michigan; author, If Hamilton Were Here Today. Volney, Constantin Francois (1757–1820). French philosopher; author, Medi

tations on Revolutions. Voltaire, Francois (1694–1778). Frencn poet and reformer. Wallace, Henry Agard (1888– ). American statesman; Secretary, U. S.

Department of Agriculture; Vice President; author, New Frontiers. Washington, Booker Taliaferro (1856–1915). American Negro author, Up From

Slavery; president Tuskegee Institute. Washington, George (1732–99). American soldier and statesman ; Commander

in Chief of the Continental forces ; President of the Constitutional Convention ;

President, 1789–97. Webster, Daniel (1782-1852). American statesman; Congressman; Secretary

of State; Senator from Massachusetts. Wentworth, Peter (1530–96). English statesman; member of Parliament; sent

to Tower of London for speeches on Parliamentary privileges; died in prison. Wesley, Charles Harris (1891– ). American Negro educator ; author, The

Collapse of the Confederacy. Wheeler, Burton Kendall (1882– ). American statesman; Senator from

Montana ; Progressive candidate for Vice President, 1924.

White, William Allen (1868 ). American journalist; editor, Emporia

Gazette. The long quotation is from his 1922 Pulitzer Prize editorial. Whitman, Walt (1819–92). American poet, Leaves of Grass. Wilkes, John (1727–97). English statesman; member of Parliament; denied

seat on several occasions for persisting in his fight for a free press; Lord

Mayor of London. Willkie, Wendell L. (1892– ). American lawyer; president of Cominon

wealth and Southern Corporation ; Republican candidate for President, 1940. Wilson, Woodrow (1856–1924). American statesman; president of Princeton

University; Governor of New Jersey; President, 1913–21; awarded Nobel

Peace Prize, 1920. Wordsworth, William (1770-1850). English poet laureate. Wortman, Tunis (?-1822). American orator and journalist ; leader in fight for

freedom of press and speech during pre-Jeffersonian era.

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The American Faith. Ernest Sutherland Bates. New York, N. Y., W. W. Nor

ton & Co., 1940. 479 p.

Deals with religious backgrounds in America. Simply written; many specific documentary stories. Divided into four sections covering our European heritage; the American reformation; relation of religion to politics ; and the story of faith

romanticized. American Government; a Consideration of the Problems of Democracy. Frank

Abbott Magruder. Boston, Mass., and New York, N. Y., Allyn and Bacon, 1939. 758 p. illus., maps, diagrs.

A discussion of politics and government. A chapter on transportation, communica

tion, and power has been added to include recent developments, 1939. American Saga. Marjorie Barstow Greenbie. New York, N. Y., Whittlesey

House McGraw Hill, 1939. 682 p.

A human interest approach through authentic stories of history. Simply written ; colorful, informative, and documentary. Useful for dramatizations. Covers the

Colonial and Revolutionary periods and the nineteenth century. Apology, Crito and Phaedo of Socrates. Plato. New York, N. Y., Translation

Publishing Co., Inc. 1929. 123 p.

A literal translation by Henry Cary. Contains a detailed story of the trial of Socrates; the challenge to his accusers ; his rejection of compromise ; and the story

of his death. Are American Teachers Free? Howard Kennedy Beale. New York, N. Y.,

Charles Scribner's Sons, 1936. 856 p.

An analysis of the restraints upon freedom of teaching in American schools. A

detailed report by the Commission on the Social Studies. The Battle of the Press. Theophila Carlile Campbell. London, Eng., A. & H. B.

Bonner, 1899. 319 p.

The fight for a free press, as told in the story of the life of Richard Carlile, by

his daughter. A Book of Americans. Stephen and Rosemary Benet. New York, N. Y., Farrar

& Rinehart, Inc., 1933. 114 p. illus.

Beginning with Christopher Columbus and ending with Woodrow Wilson, the authors tell the story of pioneers in America and of leaders who contributed to the

growth of the United States. Contains good material for dramatizations. Builders of the Republic. Frederic A. Ogg. New Haven, Conn., Yale Univer

sity Press, 1927. 352 p. illus.

The Revolutionary and Constitutional periods ; a profusely illustrated story taking

us up to the War Between the States. One of the Pageant of America Series. Can These Things Be? George Seldes. New York, N. Y., Brewer, Warren &

Putnam, 1931. 433 p.

Dealing with terrorism in Europe; the censorship of the press under dictators. The Capture and Execution of John Brown, a Tale of Martyrdom. Elijah

Avey. Chicago, Ill., The Hyde Park Bindery, 1906. 144 p. illus., plates, ports.

A first-hand story of John Brown's crusade, imprisonment, and last hours. Elijah Avey was an eye witness.

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