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benefit of the colony. She was able to pursue. The militia, however, were speak both languages, and appears to soon under arms, and Captain Noble have been a woman of much address, Jones, by his resolute conduct, induced acting as interpreter at several import- the Indians to lay by their weapons, when ant treaties which terminated favorably. Bosomworth, with his queen, escorted In gratitude, he bestowed upon her a by the chiefs and their warriors, solemnly hundred pounds a year, in addition to paraded the streets, and struck the feethe presents with which he had secured ble colonists with fear. They, however, her interest. Fifty Creek chiefs pre- made such fair promises, that their arms sented themselves at the treaty of Savan- were returned. Bosomworth was soon nah, at which the great land-grant was after seized and confined, which so irriobtained, and among these was Tomo- tated his wife that she threatened venchichi, who, in the name of the others, geance, and excited the savages to hosthus addressed Oglethorpe, in reply to tile demonstrations. By great prudence the general's speech, in which he had and coolness, the governor succeeded in dwelt on the power and wisdom of the tranquillizing them, two or three sucBritish king :

cessive times, though Mary and Mal“Here is a little present. I give you atchie as often again enkindled their a buffalo-skin, adorned on the inside passions, and misled their judgment. with the head and feathers of an eagle, The storm was at length dispelled by which I desire you to accept, because the decision of Captain Noble, who enthe eagle is an emblem of speed, and tered the council-room with a guard, the buffalo of strength. The English and made the Indians surrender. Boare swift as the bird, and strong as the somworth was subsequently induced to beast; since, like the former, they flew lay aside his ridiculous claims, and reover the vast seas to the uttermost parts ceived a pardon, while the Indians deof the earth, and like the latter, they parted in peace. It was not long, howare so strong that nothing can withstand ever, before Bosomworth presented his them. The feathers of the eagle are case in England, which remained pendsoft, signifying love; the buffalo's skin ing in the courts for twelve years. The is warm, and signifies protection: there- result was, that the island of St. Cathfore I hope the English will love and arine was granted to him and his wife, protect their little families.”

of which they took possession. She, But, although this treaty terminated however, died soon after. in so amicable a manner, difficulties, ere In the year 1778, Savannah was occulong, began to arise, being fomented by pied by General Howe, with six hundred one of those restless, unprincipled, and regular troops and a few militia, dangerous men, so often the bane of it was attacked by a British army of six young colonies. Thomas Bosomworth, thousand men, under Lieutenant-Colonel the chaplain in Oglethorpe's regiment, Campbell

, who had arrived from New for his own selfish and ambitious views, York by water. The defenders were in wrought upon a petty prince, named too small force effectually to resist such Malatchie, king of Frederica (near Sa- numbers, but did not yield without a vannah), till he persuaded him to as- severe struggle. An obstinate battle sume the ridiculous title of Emperor of was fought, in which our countrymen the Creek Nation. Bosomworth then lost about six hundred men killed, and married Mary Musgrove, and set up for thirty-eight officers and four hundred her a claim to the empire, on pretence and fifteen soldiers prisoners, with fortyof her being the elder sister of Mal- eight guns, twenty-three mortars, and atchie. The Indians were incited to all the vessels lying in the river. support her, and escorted her to Saran

The enemy remained in possession of nah, to establish her claim.

the city until 1779, when Count d'EsThe president of the colony, and his taing, commander of the French fleet, council, were alarmed at their approach, then in the West Indies, being invited and at first knew not what course to l by General Lincoln to make a combined



Among the numerous men who per-| as well as national, was the principal formed important parts in the early pe- motive for the first settlements made in riods of our colonial history, there are the territory of Georgia. A charter was few more remarkable for activity, enter- therefore granted to Sir James Ogleprise, and purity of principle, than thorpe, and several other noblemen and Oglethorpe. He performed a variety gentlemen, in 1732, of the country lyof duties, and generally with equal skill ing between the Savannah and Altamaand success. As circumstances requir- ha rivers; and they proposed to form a ed, he could confer with the friends of colony of criminals taken from the prisAmerica in England, on plans for plant- ons, on the plan afterward practised ing colonies, then, collecting bands of on a larger scale in New Holland. The emigrants, and placing himself at their project was approved by the benevolent, head, conduct them across the Atlantic, and a considerable sum of money was and transport them to the places assign- collected in different parts of England, ed for their habitation. He would con- while the house of commons granted, at duct negotiations with the savages, pro- several times, appropriations to the vide for the sustenance and defence of amount of thirty-six thousand pounds, the community, encourage his compan- to the enterprise. We have already ions under adversity, protect them from given a brief outline of some of the invaders, and even march, with a band principal events, and shall now only atof white men and Indians, through the tempt to supply some of the important wilderness, to seize the post of a dan- particulars, not included in our cursory gerous enemy, or to intimidate them, glance. when an attack was to be apprehended. On his first visit to Savannah, Ogle

Oglethorpe combined in his character thorpe in a short time erected a fort, much strength of purpose, and boldness formed his colonists into a military com and perseverance, with philanthropy pany, consummated his treaty with the and active zeal. Had he been of a less Creek Indians, and, appointing two of manly disposition, he might have chosen his officers, named Scott and St. Julian, a less exposed and less dangerous thea- to exercise the government of the colotre to act upon; but the peculiar posi- ny during his absence, returned to Engtion of the country now forming the land. He gave them charge to make a southern part of Georgia, offered attrac- treaty with the Choctaws, which they tions for such a spirit as he possessed. successfully accomplished, and thus seIt was wholly unoccupied by civilized cured the friendship and protection of men; for, although it was included in another powerful native nation, of great Heath's old patent, that instrument had importance in the infancy of the colony. been declared void, on account of the The principal chief of the Creeks acfailure to fulfil the terms on which it companied the governor to England, had been granted, viz., that settlements with his wife and several of his inferior should be made on the land. But the sachers. They were received with time had now arrived, when it was high- much honor in London, being introduly important that some of the principal ced to the king and nobility, and enrichmilitary points should be occupied : for ed with numerous presents, estimated the Spaniards in Florida, and the French to be worth four hundred pounds. Afin Louisiana, had the power to traverse ter a stay of four months they returned it at will, and were at liberty to enter it with Oglethorpe, in a vessel which with whatever force they could com- brought out a new band of colonists. mand, and might soon annex it to their Among the numerous emigrants who own territories.

soon after arrived from Germany and The exposed situation of that district Switzerland, were several of the associexcited much solicitude in England; ates of the celebrated Moravian missionand to interpose a protecting power be-ary, Count Zingendorf; and a no less fatween it and the rival Spanish neigh- mous individual of that age, John Wesbors, whose antipathies were religious ley, came from England in the same

year, 3735.


The character and history , smaller towns; and no great number of of this man, then in his youth, are wor children are cast off wholly unprovithy of a much more particular notice ded for. Public or private charity steps than can be given in a work like the in for their relief. present. It is pleasing to recur to this A fort was soon built at Augusta, for early enterprise of 'one so eminently the defence of the Savannah river; a distinguished by Christian philanthropy, second ai Frederica, which was a condirected to a class of men, and a region siderable work with four bastions; and of the Now World, presenting so little a third on Cumberland island, to comto incite the interest of any person not mand the entrance of Jekyl sound, the devoted to doing good.

only ship passage to Frederica. These John Wesley, with his brother Charles, were constructed at the expense of parhad become known to Oglethorpe, in liament, which appropriated ten thouLondon, in consequence of their labors sand pounds for their erection and mainin the prisons, for the instruction and tenance. Before they were completed, improvement of criminals. They had a message was received from the Spanformed a society, in company with ish commander in Florida, that a conGeorge Whitfield and a few pious young ference was desired with the governor, men, while in college, for that truly be- and the news came that a reinforcement nevolent object, in which they persever had arrived from Havana. A peremped, in spite of the jeers of some of their tory demand was made for the immediacquaintance, who called it in contempt ate evacuation of the territory south of the Godly Club. What important ef St. Helena sound, with a threat that fects have resulted from that associa- the king of Spain would seize his own

It may have been the original possessions by force of arms in case of model of those societies since formed refusal. Oglethorpe, being unprovided for kindred purposes, especially of those with adequate means as well as authorfor the reformation of delinquents and ity, immediately embarked for England, criminals, whose influence has been so and there received the appointment of salutary and extensive.

major-general of all the forces of South It was through Oglethorpe's persua- Carolina and Georgia, and a regiment sion that the two Wesleys were induced of military emigrants, with whom he to visit the new colony; and they were hastened back. accompanied by three or four of their On his arrival, he learned that the associates, and a company of three hun- Spaniards had been busy in attempts to dred other persons, including a hundred draw off the Indians from his interest, and seventy more Moravians. After a and that some of the Creek chiefs were short period of religious exertions, he then at St. Augustine. But he had the returned to England : and Whitfield address to countéract the enemy; he soon after came out, with similar objects. sent invitations to the Indians to visit He proposed the foundation of an or- him at Frederica, whither they repaired phan asylum, which, as appears from his after their return from Florida, and by published letters, was a favorite plan, his influence were easily confirmed in and pursued with his characteristic their friendly relations with the English. zeal and perseverance. It exists at the But it was not long before alarming present day; but it has never proved symptoms of treachery were discovered successful in the degree anticipated by among the English troops. One of the its founder. This may be partly ac- soldiers had served at Gibraltar, and counted for from the fact that compara- there acquired an acquaintance with the tively few orphans, in our country, need Spanish language, through the medium such provision for their support. Vice, of which he had held a traitorous comrather than the mere loss of parents, re- munication with the enemy; and, after

duces children to destitution and dis- being corrupted himself, he had found i tress ; for the means of living are easi- means to excite disaffection among his il ly obtained in our new settlements and comrades. The first intimation received

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