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inflammable object, from which it happens that there is fire in everything.” HOW MORNING GREEN LOST HIS POWER OVER THE

OVER THE WIND GODS AND THE RAIN GODS. “Morning Green is reputed to have had special magic power over two supernatural beings, known as Wind-man and Rain-man. It happened at one time that many people were playing a game with canes in the main plaza of Morning Green's settlement (Casa Grande), on the south side of the compound; among these were Rain-man and Wind-man. The latter laid a wager that if he lost, his opponent should look on the charms of a certain maid. When Windman lost, in revenge he sent a great wind that blew aside her blanket, at which indignity she cried and complained of Wind-man to Morning Green, who was so angry that he made Rain-man blind, obliging him to be led about by his servant, the wind; he also banished both from Casa Grande. They went to the San Bernardino Mountains in what is now California and lived at Eagle Mountain, near the present town of Wadsworth, where as a consequence it rains continually.

“After the banishment of these two the rain ceased at Casa Grande for four years, and Morning Green sent Humming-bird to the mountains where Wind-man and Rain-man resided. Humming-bird carried with him a white feather, which he held aloft to detect the presence of the wind. Three times he thus tried to discover Wind-man by the movement of this feather, but was not successful. When at last Hummingbird came to a place where there was much green grass he again held up the feather to see whether it showed any movement of the air. It responded by indicating a slight wind, and later he came to the spot where Wind-man and Rainman were, but found them asleep.

“Humming-bird dropped a little medicine on the breasts of Wind-man and Rain-man, which caused them after a time to move and later to awake. When they had risen from their sleep Humming-bird informed them that Morning Green had sent him to ask them to return and again take up their abode with him at Casa Grande. Rain-man, who had no desire to return, answered, “Why did Morning Green send us away?' and Wind-man said: 'Return to Morning Green and tell him to cut off his daughter's hair and make from it a rope. Bring this rope to me and I will tie it about my loins that Rainman, who is blind, may catch hold of it while I am leading him. But advise all in Casa Grande to take the precaution to repair the roofs of their houses so they will not leak, for when we arrive it will rain violently.' Humming-bird delivered the message to the chief of Casa Grande, and later brought back the twisted rope of human hair. Wind-man and Rain-man had barely started for Casa Grande when it began to rain, and for four days the downpour was so great that every roof leaked. Morning Green vainly used all his power to stop the rain, but the magic availed but little.”

THE BIRTH OF HOK. “Long ago the Sun god sent a messenger on an errand to the settlement now called Casa Grande. As this messenger proceeded on his way he occupied himself in kicking a stone ball, and on approaching Casa Grande he gave the ball so violent a kick that it landed near a maiden

a who sat on the housetop making pottery. Seeing the object the girl picked it up and hid it under her belt. When the man sought the stone it was nowhere to be found; he asked the girl if she knew where it fell, but she would not divulge what had become of it. Discouraged in his quest the man was about to return to the Sun god, but the girl urged him not to depart but to search more diligently for the ball. She also sought for it, but it was no longer under her belt; it had disappeared. Later she was with child, and in due time gave birth to a girl baby, which, instead of feet and hands, had claws like a bear or a mountain lion. As this strange child grew older and played with other boys and girls she scratched them so often with her claws that they were afraid of her, and ran away whenever she appeared. The brothers of the girl were hunters of rabbits, but were unsuccessful. When their sister grew older she followed them to the hunt and their luck changed, so that henceforth they killed plenty of game. As she matured, however, she outgrew all restraint and became a wild woman. She was then called Hok, and developed into a cannibal monster, who captured her victims wherever she went and carried them in a basket on her back until she wished to devour them. Hok once met two youths, whom she tried to capture, but they ran swiftly away and when she made another attempt they blinded her by throwing sand in her eyes. This monster terrorized the whole country to such an extent that the ancients sought her life, but in vain. The culture-hero, Tcuhu, endeavored to kill Hok. He turned himself into a snake and furnished the children with rattles; when Hok approached them they shook these rattles and frightened her. Hok first retired to a distant cave in the Santa Catalina Mountains, but later went south to Poso Verde. The

people living there were also oppressed by Hok and desired to kill her. Tcuhu sent word to his uncle that there was to be a dance at Casa Grande and asked him to invite Hok to attend. This was a kind of ceremonial dance in which men and women participate, forming a circle and alternating with each other. Several invitations were sent to Hok, but she did not accept; at last she promised to attend the dance and to be there at sunset. Tcuhu danced and smoked with Hok, and the festivities lasted four days and nights. While she was absent the women gathered wood and made a fire in the cave where Hok lived. When she discovered what had taken place she flew to the top of her cave and entered it through a crack open to the sky. At the opening Tcuhu stood so as to prevent Hok's escape and slew her as she emerged.”


THE PIMA (Continued).




A CREATION LEGEND. “In the beginning all was dark and there was neither earth nor sky. Earth Doctor (Tcuwut Marka) was the only being then living.

“Earth Doctor took a particle of sweat from his body and made from it a small disk, which he held in his hand and started to go to the west. When he stopped, the sweat showed signs of life, for it trembled; he proceeded and still the material moved. He halted four times in his course and as he stopped the fourth time the disk, which was the nucleus of the earth, became stable, and neither trembled nor wavered. He then knew he was at the middle point of the universe. Earth Doctor then made a bush and created small ants to feed on it. He took a louse from his breast, and put it at the root of the bush. This insect found a ring of soil that

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