Report to the Secretary of State for the Home Department, from the Poor Law Commissioners, on the Training of Pauper Children: With Appendices

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W. Clowes and sons, 1841 - 421 strani

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Stran 261 - The boast of heraldry, the pomp of power, And all that beauty, all that wealth e'er gave, Await alike the inevitable hour: The paths of glory lead but to the grave.
Stran 326 - A good schoolmaster ought to be a man who knows much more than he is called upon to teach, that he may teach with intelligence and with taste; who is to live in...
Stran 9 - How do the children whom you employ obtain education ? — The manufacturers are always anxious that the children should absent themselves from the manufactory during two or three months of the year to attend the schools. The manufacturers very frequently suggest to the parents the necessity of the children being taken to school. The sending the child to school is generally an inconvenience to the manufacturer.
Stran 243 - Lancashire are well aware how difficult it is, from the neglect of the arts of design among the labourers of this country, to procure any skilled draftsmen to design for the cotton or silk manufacturer. The elevation of the national taste in art can only be procured by the constant cultivation of the mind in relation to the beautiful in form and colour, by familiarising the eye with the best models, the works of great artists, and beautiful natural objects.
Stran 209 - ... teaching, advice, consolation, and example, is inspired with sentiments of single-mindedness, of charity, of mutual confidence, of noble thoughts, of high feelings, and of virtue. " In such a circle can a true religious sense take the firmest and the deepest root. Here it is that the principles of Christian feeling can best be laid, where opportunity is continually given for the exercise of affection and charity, which are the first virtues that should distinguish a teacher's mind. Here it is...
Stran 244 - That which a workman first requires is mechanical skill in the art of drawing. Nature itself offers many opportunities to cultivate the taste insensibly ; and skill can be acquired only by careful and prolonged practice in the art of drawing from nature. In the more advanced parts of the course, we shall be able to satisfy ourselves as to the best mode of using the skill acquired for the formation of the taste. In the Normal Schools at Versailles, one year's instruction had sufficed to give the pupils...
Stran 33 - ... afford the largest amount of security to the property and order of the community. Not only has the training of the children of labourers hitherto been defective, both in the methods of instruction pursued, and because it has been confined within the most meagre limits, but because it has failed to inculcate the great practical lesson for those whose sole dependence for their living is on the labour of their hands by early habituating them to patient and skilful industry.
Stran 208 - ... saw them drawing from models with considerable skill and precision, and heard them instructed in the laws of perspective. We listened to a lecture on the code of the canton, and to instruction in the geography of Europe. We were informed that their instruction extended to the language of the canton, its construction and grammar, and especially to the history of Switzerland ; arithmetic ; mensuration ; such a knowledge of natural philosophy and mechanics as might enable them to explain the chief...
Stran 327 - ... not given to change his condition, but satisfied with his situation, because it gives him the power of doing good; and who has made up his mind to live and to die in the service of primary instruction, which to him is the service of God and his fellowcreatures. To rear masters approaching to such a model is a difficult task; and yet we must succeed in it, or else we have done nothing for elementary instruction.
Stran 35 - ... men than is at present the case. For this purpose it was conceived necessary that they should early acquire the habits of patient industry ; that they should be acquainted with the value of labour, and know the connexion between it and property; that they should have intelligence...

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