Glimpses of Three Coasts

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Roberts Brothers, 1887 - 418 strani

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Stran 174 - For now he haunts his native land As an immortal youth ; his hand Guides every plough ; He sits beside each ingle-nook, His voice is in each rushing brook, Each rustling bough. His presence haunts this room to-night, A form of mingled mist and light From that far coast. Welcome beneath this roof of mine ! Welcome ! this vacant chair is thine, Dear guest and ghost ! HELEN OF TYRE.
Stran 204 - ... as they were before, at five pounds a giant, the least that can be, and four men to carry them at two shillings and sixpence each.
Stran 54 - Fathers, is to be found in the unbounded affection and devotion invariably shown towards them by their Indian subjects. They venerate them not merely as friends and fathers, but with a degree of devotedness approaching to adoration.
Stran 43 - Monterey, looking eagerly for river valleys promising fertility. As soon as the beautiful oak-shaded plain, with its river swift and full even in July, caught- his eye, he ordered a halt, seized the bells, tied them to an oak bough, and fell to ringing them with might and main, crying aloud : " Hear, hear, O ye Gentiles ! Come to the Holy Church ! Come to the faith of Jesus Christ ! " Not a human creature was in sight, save his own band ; and his companion remonstrated with him. " Let me alone,
Stran 166 - YE banks and braes and streams around The castle o' Montgomery, Green be your woods, and fair your flowers. Your waters never drumlie! There simmer first unfauld her robes, And there the langest tarry; For there I took the last fareweel O
Stran 373 - Many a man sings loudly when they bring him his bride. If he knew what they brought him, he might well weep." It is an odd thing how universally, when this sort of slur upon marriage is aimed at, it is the man's disappointment which is set forth or predicted, and not the woman's. It is a very poor rule, no doubt ; but it may at least be said to '* work both ways.
Stran 78 - We command." said the Spanish king, "that the sale, grant, and composition of lands be executed with such attention that the Indians be left in possession of the full amount of lands belonging to them, either singly or in communities, together with their rivers and waters ; and the lands which they shall have drained or otherwise improved, whereby...
Stran 106 - ... bed and join in the song. From house to house, street to street, the singing spread ; and the volume of musical sound swelled, until it was as if the whole town sang. The hymns were usually invocations to the Virgin, to Jesus, or to some saint. The opening line of many of them was, —
Stran 146 - Columbia, said to belong to General Washington, of the American States, commanded by John Kendrick, which sailed from Boston in September, 1787, bound on a voyage of discovery to the Russian establishments on the northern coast of this peninsula, you will cause the said vessel to be examined with caution and delicacy, using for this purpose a small boat which you have in your possession, and taking the same measures with every other suspicious foreign vessel, giving me prompt notice of the same.
Stran 120 - I stayed three hours, and left carrying with me bewildering treasures of pictures of the olden time. Don Antonio speaks little English ; but the senora knows just enough of the language to make her use of it delicious, as she translates for her husband. It is an entrancing sight to watch his dark, weather-beaten face, full of lightning changes as he pours out torrents of his nervous, eloquent Spanish speech ; watching his wife intently, hearkening to each word she uses, sometimes interrupting her...

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