The New London Jest Book

Sprednja platnica
William Carew Hazlitt
Reeves, 1871 - 374 strani

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Stran 49 - Pelops' line, Or the tale of Troy divine, Or what (though rare) of later age, Ennobled hath the buskined stage. But O, sad Virgin, that thy power Might raise Musaeus from his bower, Or bid the soul of Orpheus sing Such notes as warbled to the string, Drew iron tears down Pluto's cheek, And made Hell grant what Love did seek.
Stran 59 - who behaves unkindly to his wife, deserves to have his house burnt over his head." " If you think so," said Garrick, " I hope your house is insured.
Stran 175 - Archbishop of York, was very fond of a pun. His clergy dining with him, for the first time after he had lost his Lady, he told them he feared they did not find things in so good order as they used to be, in the time of poor Mary; and looking extremely sorrowful, added with a deep sigh — " She was, indeed, Mare pacificum." A curate, who pretty well knew what she had been, called out : " Aye, my Lord, but she was Mare mortuum first.
Stran 130 - This picture, placed these busts between, Gives satire all its strength : Wisdom and Wit are little seen, But Folly at full length.
Stran 85 - Agh! my lady; success to your ladyship, and success to your honour's honour, this morning, of all days in the year; for sure didn't I dream last night that her ladyship gave me a pound of tea, and that your honour gave me a pound of tobacco?" "But, my good woman," said the general, "do not you know that dreams always go by the rule of contrary?
Stran 221 - The King to Oxford sent a troop of horse, For Tories own no argument but force ; With equal skill to Cambridge books he sent, For Whigs admit no force but argument.
Stran 221 - THE King observing with judicious eyes The state of both his universities, To one he sent a regiment : for why ? That learned body wanted loyalty. To th' other he sent books, as well discerning How much that loyal body wanted learning.
Stran 156 - I'll make this piece a guinea." Upon the ground, Within the pound, The shilling soon was thrown : " Behold," says Foote, "The thing's made out, For there is one pound one.
Stran 127 - Here lies one More, and no more than he, One More, and no More ! how can that be ? Why one More, and no more, may well lie here alone ; But here lies one More, and that's more than one !" FROM BROOM CHURCHYARD, ENGLAND.
Stran 156 - The thing's made out ; For there is one pound one." " I wonder not," Says Quin, " that thought Should in your head be found, Since that's the way Your debts you pay — One shilling in the pound.

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