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Resolved, That 6000 dollars be advanced to colonel Mackay, for the purpose of paying the non-commissioned officers and privates of his battalion 10 dollars bounty, in addition to the 10 dollars advanced them on their first inlistment, provided they will re-inlist to serve for three years, or during the war, agreeably to former resolutions of Congress; colonel Mackay to be accountable.

The board of war brought in a report, which was taken into consideration : Whereupon,

Resolved, That 100,000 dollars be sent to governor Trumbull, for the purpose of recruiting the continental army, in the state of Connecticut:

That William Avlett, esq. deputy commissary-general in Virginia, be directed to secure, and safely keep, for the continental use, all provisions, agreed to be furnished by the contractors in that state, agreeably to their several contracts: and that it be left to the governor and council of that state, to settle what compensation shall be given to the contractors, by the ration, for their trouble and espense in purchasing the said provisions.

Resolred, That Congress approve of the proceedings of their committee at Philadelphia, in supplying the recruiting officers, appointed by the state of New Jersey, with money ; and also of their exertions in furnishing the paymaster general, and Mr. Huntington, with what cash they could procure, to answer their immediate demauds:

That one independent company, consisting of a captain, two lieutenants, one ensign, four serjeants, four corporals, one drum, one fife, and seventy-six rank and file, be forth with raised for the continental service, for three years or during the war, and stationed in the borough of Lancaster as a guard over the prisoners of war, and public stores in that place, until they shall be ordered elsewhere :

That the officer commanding the said company afford to the committee of Lancaster, all necessary assistance to carry into execution the resolves of Congress :

That particular attention be paid to the inlisting of sober and discreet men into the said company:

That the committee of Congress in Philadelphia, be desired to inform the quarter-master general, wbat number of horses and oxen, in the public stables at Philadelphia, are fit for service:

That they employ a careful person to distribute in the country such of them as are disabled; there to be recruited in the cheapest manner:

That the keepers of the continental stables admit no horses or teams to be received into, or taken out of the same, unless by order of a general officer commanding in the place where the stables are respectively kept ; or of the quarter-master or deputy quarter-master general, or wagon-master, or deputy wagon-master general.

The board of war, to whom the case of major Painter was referred, reported, that, upon enquiry into the matter of the uneasiness of some of the captains in colonel Seth Warner's regiment, at the appointment of Elisha Painter to be major of the said regiment, it appears to have proceeded from an opinion of their prior rank to him as captains, previous to said appointment, and that his continuance in the said regiment will probably obstruct the filling up the same, and be prejudicial to the service; Whereupon,

Resolved, That the said Elisha Painter be removed from any command in the said regiment, and referred to general Washington for an appointment to such an office, as he shall judge him qualified to fill.

Ordered, That an authenticated copy of the Declaration of Independency, with the names of the members of Congress subscribing the same, be sent to each of the United States, and that they be desired to have the same put upon record. Vol. II.



Agreeably to order, Congress proceeded to the election of a pay-master in Baltimore ; and, the ballots being taken,

Mr. Jonathan Hudson was elected.

Resolved, That the salary fixed for the assistant clerk of the board of war, be continued to Mr. Nourse, and that an additional sum be allowed him at the rate of 266.60 dollars per ann. on account of his extraordinary expenses.

The committee of treasury reported, that there is due,

To George Ross, esq. for the expenses of himself, Dr. Witherspoon, and Mr. Paca, a committee of Congress, sent to New Jersey; and for cash paid by him to Mr. Jacob Hyer, for keeping an express horse at Princeton, 89.60 dollars :

To Robert Moore, for 13 walnut and 6 mahogany chairs, a desk and table, for the use of Congress, and the president's office, 93 dollars :

To the reverend Dr. John Witherspoon, for wood supplied the troops at Princeton ; for the expenses of sick soldiers ; and the allowance due to John M‘Kenzie, a prisoner from North-Carolina, from the 18th of October to the 10th of January, inclusive, being 12 weeks, 105.78 dollars :

Ordered, That the said accounts be paid.

Ordered, That the resolution appointing a committee of seven to enquire into the conduct of the British and Hessian officers, with regard to the treatment by them shewn to the prisoners in their possession, be published, with the names of the committee.

Resolved, That a store-keeper be appointed to take the charge and care of the continental stores in Maryland :

That Monday next be assigned for electing him.
The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,
Adjourned to ten o'clock on Monday.

MONDAY, January 20, 1777. A letter, of the 12th, from general Washington ; one, of the 16th, from the committee of Congress at Philadelphia, with copies of sundry letters enclosed; one, of the 27th December last, from the honorable Mesheck Weare, president, in behalf of the council and assembly of New Hampshire; one, of the 7th, from general Schuyler, at Albany; and one, of the 2d, from col. A. Wayne, at Ticonderoga, were read:

Ordered, That the letters from general Schuyler and colonel Wayne be referred to the board of war:

That the letter from the honorable Mesheck Weare, be referred to the committee of the treasury.

A letter, of the 15th, from brigadier general Armstrong, and J. Wilson, esq. was read, and referred to the board of war.

Nathaniel Gist, esq. being appointed by general Washington a colonel of a corps of rangers, and by him recommended to Congress for money to pay the bounty,

Resolved, That 3000 dollars be advanced to colonel Gist, towards paying the bounty of his corps; he to be accountable:

That a farther sumn of 250 dollars be advanced to colonel N. Gist, to defray the expenses of his journey to the Cherokee country, agreeable to orders received from the general; for which colonel Gist is to be accountable.

The board of treasury, to whom the letter from the honorable Mesheck Weare was referred, brought in a report, which was taken into consideration : Whereupon,

Resolved, That 100,000 dollars be advanced to the state of New Hampshire, for the public service; the said state to be accountable.

A motion being made, and seconded, for ordering barracks to be built, Ordered, That it be referred to the board of war.

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Ordered, That the board of war take into consideration the pay of the staff, and report thereon to Congress.

Ordered, That an extract of the letter from the committee of Congress, at Philadelphia, respecting an expedition to the northward, be sent and referred to general Schuyler.

A letter, of the 14th, from the committee of Congress at Philadelphia ; one, of the 9th, from general Washington, at Morristown; one, of the Sd, from general Schuyler, with a memorial from Bernard Moissac D. la Marquisse, were read:

Resolved, That 400 dollars be advanced to John Griffith, for the use of the sick in the hospital in Baltimore; he to be accountable.

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to examine the file of reports, and lay before Congress, a list of the business unfinished, and which ought to be taken up:

The members chosen, Mr. Ellery, Mr. Ross, and Mr. Hall.

That 750 dollars be advanced to the delegates of North-Carolina, for the use of that state, which is to be accountable.

The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,
Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.

TUESDAY, January 21, 1777. A letter, of the 18th instant, from Richard Bache, esq. post-master gezeral, was received and read.

The board of war brought in a report, which was taken into consideration: Whereupon,

Resolved, That colonel Grayson, and lieutenant-colonel Innes, of colonel Mason's regiment, to be raised in the state of Virginia, be immediately furnished with cloth for 200 suits of clothes, in order to expedite the raising of those regiments :

That the part of the 8th Virginia regiment, now in South-Carolina, be ordered back, and that colonel Muhlenburgh be directed to recruit those companies, as well as such as are now in Virginia, to their full complement of men, and to march the companies, as fast as complete, to join general Washington :

That major Richard Campbell, who was appointed by general Lee, in South-Carolina, to act as major to colonel Muhlenburgh's regiment, until the pleasure of Congress should be known, be appointed to said majority, his commission to bear date the 10th of August last, the time he was appointed in general orders:

That 300 dollars be advanced to major Richard Campbell, to enable him to discharge wagons, and furnish the troops he has now with him on their way to camp, with shoes, and such other necessaries as they may want; the said major Campbell to be accountable for the expenditure :

Resolved, That 10,000 dollars be paid to colonel William Graysor, for the purpose of recruiting his regiment, and that the same be charged to the account of William Palfrey, esq. it being in full of a warrant drawn by general Washington, in his favor, on William Palfrey, dated, Morristown, 11th January, 1777.

Application having been made to Congress by the friends of major West, of the ad Pennsylvania battalion, now a prisoner with the enemy, for an exchange of him for Mr. Jauncey, jun. and that if the exchange takes place, Mrs. Jauncey be permitted to accompany her husband ; and it appearing on consideration of this application, that the said Mr. Jauncey, jun. was removed to the state of Connecticut, from New-York, by direction of the convention of the said state of New-York;

Resolved, That the said application be referred to the convention of NewYork, that they may do therein what shall be proper.


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Ordered, That a letter be written to the council of safety of Maryland, earnestly recommending to them, to appoint subaltern-officers for the se veral companies raising by their order in their state, that the recruiting service may be expedited, and the men, when raised, properly trained.

Resolved, That Richard Stringer be appointed a signer of the continental bills of credit, in addition to those already appointed.

Resolved, That Angus M.Donald, one of the North-Carolina prisoners, be admitted to his parole, upon taking an oath, after the mode observed in that part of Great-Britain, called Scotland, in administering oaths, that he will observe the same:

That Mr. Middleton be empowered to take his parole, and administer the oath.

On application of colonel Macgruder for the directions of Congress,

Resolved, That the two companies of his battalion, which have already marched, be directed to join the army under general Washington, and that any other companies of his battalion, consisting of not less than 36 privates, under the command of two commissioned officer be also arched, as soon as possible, and that a field-officer take the coinmand of every four companies.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the council of safety of Maryland, to request the militia of Hartford, Baltimore, Cæcil, and such other counties of their state as they shall think proper, to march, as soon as possible, to reinforce general Washington, giving directions that each company consist of not less than 36 privates, under the command of two commissioned officers, and that a field-officer take the command of every four companies.

The committee of treasury reported, that they have had under consideration, the requisition of captain William Blackwell, for a sum of money to. be advanced him, for the bounty and subsistence of his company in a Virginia regiment, under the command of colonel Rawlins, and that there should. be advanced to the said colonel Rawlins, he to be accountable, the sum of 1477.85 dollars, and that the sum be delivered to the said captain Blackwell for the purposes aforesaid :

Ordered, That the said sum be advanced.
The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,
Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.

WEDNESDAY, January 22, 1777.
A letter, of the 17th, from the committee of Congress at Philadelphia,
was read:

Resolved, That 200,000 dollars be sent to the committee of Congress, in Philadelphia, for public service.

A letter, of the 13th, from general Washington, enclosing copies of letters to lord and general Howe;

One, of the 17th, from the council of safety of Pennsylvania, with sundry papers enclosed, were laid before Congress, aud read :

Ordered, That the same, and also the letter from the committee of Congress, at Philadelphia, be referred to a committee of three

The members chosen, Mr. Wolcott, Mr. S. Adams, and Mr. Gerry.

The board of war brought in a report, which was taken into consideration; Whereupon,

Resolved, That a company be immediately raised on the new establishment in the state of Pennsylvania, to be stationed at and near Kittanning, to guard the public buildings and stores, and to protect the frontier inhabitants from the incursions of the Indians :'

That Samuel Morehead be appointed captain of the said company; Andrew Macfarlane, first-lieutenant; William Jack, second-lieutenant; and, John Carnaghan, ensign:

That 1400 dollars be advanced to captain Morehead, to enable him to recruit the said company; he to be accountable:

That Thomas Butler be appointed public armourer, and that he immediately repair to the city of Philadelphia, to superintend the said business, agreeably to the resolve of the 19th of November : That he be allowed 3 dollars a day for his pay and expenses.

Resolved, That the allowance for subsistence of recruits while in quarters, till they join their respective regiments, and be supplied with rations, be raised to 1 fd dollar per week.

A petition from Bartholomew Burke and Hamilton Ballantine was presented to Congress, and read :

Ordered, That it be referred to the board of war. The committee on impressing carriages, brought in a report, which was taken into consideration; and, after debate,

Ordered. That it be re-committed.
The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,
Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.

THURSDAY, January 23, 1777. The marine committee having recommended captain Fulford to take the command of the armed brig Lexington,

Resolved, That he be appointed to take the command of the said armed brig Lexington.

Resolred, That two frigates, one of 36, and the other of 28 guns, be immediately built in the state of Connecticut.

Resolved, That 2000 dollars be advanced to Mr. Jonathan Hudson, for the public service; he to be accountable.

Resolred, That 41,640 dollars, be advanced to col. George Baylor, for the purpose of purchasing horses and paying the bounty of men for the regiment of cavalry he is ordered to raise, and that the same be paid to major A. Clough, and charged to col. Baylor, who is to be accountable.

The committee appointed to examine the files, &c. brought in a report, which was read :

Ordered, To lie on the table. A letter, of the 30th of December, from the general assembly of Massachusetts-Bay, with sundry papers enclosed, was read.

Mr. Leonard Jarvis, whoin John Bradford, esq. agent for the United States in Massachusetts-Bay, has appointed an agent at Dartmouth, and who had the possession and charge of the continental stores imported in the Hancock & Adams, having, by a letter of the 13th of December last, informed the secret committee, that at the recommendation of the general court of Massachusetts-Bay, he has delivered out part of the arms to the militia who were called to stop the progress of the British troops, the arms to be returned when called for: and, by a letter of the 14th of December last, having farther informed the said committee, that in consequence of a vote of the general committee of the state of Rhode-Island, and of a letter froin gov. Cooke and Daniel Tillinghast, esq. he has delivered to Mr. Fry, for the said Daniel Tillinghast, esq. agent at Providence, six tons of lead, six casks of flints, 48 chests of arms, and 260 barrels of gun-powder; thereupon,

Ordered, That the secret committee write to the agent at Dartmouth, and inform him, they can, by no means, authorize their agents to deliver stores in their custody, except by orders of Congress, or persons by them authorized; but, that extreme necessity for arms and stores existing in the opinion of the general committee of the state of Rhode-Island, then invaded by a formidable army, may hold him excused for the arms and stores he delivered to that state, at their urgent request; and that he may also be excused

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