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the Virginia troops on their march to general Washington, the arrearages of pay due to them; and that he transmit an account of what he pays

to the

paymaster general, in order to regulate the future pay of the said troops.

Resolved, That 20,000 dollars be advanced to Mr. Jonathan Hudson, for the public service; he to be accountable.

A letter from Henricus Godet, of Eustatia, was read :

Ordered, That it be referred to the secret committee, and that they return an answer.

A memorial of Gotleib Klose, a native of Silesia, and late a missionary from the United Brethren to the negroes, in the island of Jamaica, was read; setting forth, that he was taken on his passage to Bristol, in the snow Thomas, T. Nicholson, master, by the continental cruiser, Andrew Doria ; and praying that his effects, consisting of the tools of his trade, and clothing, may be restored to him ; Whereupon,

Resolved, That the prayer of the memorial be granted.
A petition from Edward Southouse was read :
Ordered, That it be referred to a committee of three :
The members chosen, Mr. J. Adams, Mr. Sherman, and Mr. Chase.
A petition from the shipwrights at Fell's-point, was read:
Ordered, To lie on the table.

Resolved, That a brigadier be appointed for the troops in North-Carolina, and that his rank be determined when the other general officers for the army are elected : The ballots being taken, Francis Nash, esq. was elected.

The marine committee having recommended captain Henry Johnson to the command of the Lexington, in the room of captain Fulford, who, as they inform, has declined:

Resolved, That a commission be granted to him accordingly.

Resolved, That Elijah Bowen be appointed first-lieutenant of the said brig Lexington.

Resolved, That brigadier Moore be directed to detach into the different parts of North-Carolina, recruiting officers ; and that he be careful to select such for that purpose, as are well acquainted and esteemed in that state :

And, in order to expedite this important purpose of recruiting the army,

Resolved, That brigadier Nash use his personal influence in the western parts of that state, and, by every means in his power, stimulate the inhabitants to inlist, and urge the recruiting officers to be active in their duty, as it is a matter of much importance to the common cause, that the six regiments, formerly raised in North-Carolina, should be filled up, and the three lately ordered, recruited to their full complement, before the 15th day of March next.

Resolved, That brigadiers Moore and Nash, proceed with the nine continental regiments, raised and directed to be raised in the state of North-Carolina, to join general Washington ; and that they begin the march from SouthCarolina, of such of the said nine regiments, as shall be then there, on the 15th day of March next, and of such continental troops as shall be in the state of North-Carolina, as soon as they shall be joined by the regiments which are ordered, as aforesaid, from South-Carolina. That the troops be marched by regiments or parts of regiments, as the commanding officer shall judge best.

Resolved, l'hat the governor of the state of North-Carolina, and the executive powers of the several states, through which such troops shall march on their way to head-quarters, be requested to render them every assistance in their power, to expedite their progress :

That brigadier Moore be empowered to draw upon the deputy pay-master general of the southern department, for such sums of money as shall be necessary to procure supplies for the said troops, until they join the continental

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army; and that all commissaries and quarter-masters in the continental service, who shall be in the states through which they pass, contribute their best endeavors to aid in carrying this resolve into execution, with all possible expedition.

The board of war, who were directed to confer with general Armstrong, reported, that they have had a conference with him ; that the conference turned upon various and important subjects, relative to the raising the new army, supplying them with arms, ammunition, clothing, provisions, and medicines :

Ordered, That the board of war digest the said conference, and bring in a proper report on the several matters mentioned, saving what relates to medicines,

Resolved, That the medical committee be empowered to employ a suitable person in each of the states, to purchase such medicines as they shall direct, for the use of the army, which can be procured at any reasonable rates.

Ordered, That the said committee enquire what has become of the medicines which Dr. Morgan took from Boston, and which Dr. Stringer bought for the northern army, and take measures to have them secured, and applied to the use of the army.

Resolved, That three members be added to the committee on Indian affairs : The members chosen, Mr. Page, Mr. Lovell, and Mr. Burke. Resolved, That Mr. Thomas Cummings be appointed and empowered to supply the continental troops, in the state of Maryland, with rations, on the most reasonable terms he can, till the farther orders of Congress.

Resolved, That William Aylett, esq. deputy commissary-general, be directed forth with to purchase, with as much secrecy as possible, and lay up in proper magazines, convenient to water-carriage, under the care and management of trusty store-keepers, a quantity of good merchantable Indiancorn, not exceeding 10,000 barrels.

Resolved, That 500,000 dollars be advanced to the state of North-Carolina, upon a warrant from the governor of the said state for that sum, the said state to be accountable.

Resolved, That the commissioners at the court of France; be directed to use their utmost endeavors, to send, without delay, 80,000 blankets, 40,000 complete suits of clothes, for soldiers, of green, blue, and brown colours, with suitable facings, and cloth of the same colours, with trimmings, sufficient for 40,000 suits more, 100,000 pair of stockings, fit for soldiers, 1,000,000 of flints, and 200 tons of lead, in armed vessels, to such parts of the United States, as the secret commiitee shall direct; that they pledge the faith of the United States for complying with their contracts ; that the several states be requested to order their armed vessels into the service of the United States, under the direction of the secret committee; that they be allowed a reasonable compensation for the use thereof, with the appraised value of such as may be lost; and that one of the new continental frigates, with the armed vessels which may be furnished by the respective states, be employed by the secret committee, to export produce, and import military stores for the next campaign.

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to consider the extraordinary service of the reverend Mr. Caldwell, of New Jersey, and report what compensation should be made him :

The members chosen, Mr. Clark, Mr. Hall, and Mr. Page.

Congress resolved itself into a committee of the whole, to consider the letter from governor Trumbull, and the proceedings of the committees from the four New-England states; and, after some time, the president resumed the chair, and Mr. F. L. Lee reported, that the committee have had under

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consideration the matters to them referred, and have come to a resolution thereon, which he was ordered to deliver, when Congress is ready to receive it:

Ordered, That it be now received.
The report from the committee of the whole Congress, being read,
Ordered, That the consideration thereof be postponed.

Ordered, That the proceedings of the committees from the four NewEngland states, which were under the consideration of the committee of the whole Congress, be referred to a committee of five:

The members chosen, Mr. R. H. Lee, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Chase, Mr. J. Adams, aud Mr. Sherman.

Resolved, That the warrant of general Washington, for 5000 dollars, in favor of colonel Hartley, be paid and charged to the account of the paymaster general, and that an account thereof be transmitted to the said paymaster general.

Resolved, That the arrears of pay due to brigadier Armstrong's brigademajor, be paid and charged to the account of the pay-master general, and that he be informed thereof.

The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,
Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.

THURSDAY, February 6, 1777.
Resolved, That two members be added to the board of treasury:
The members chosen, Mr. Page, and Mr. Elmer.

A number of copies of the address from the convention of New York, to their constituents, translated into the German language, were sent to Congress :

Ordered, That they be delivered to the board of war, who are directed to have them distributed.

The board of war brought in a report, which was taken into consideration ; Whereupon,

Resolved, That colonel H. Hollingsworth continue to supply the troops passing through the Head of Elk, with provisions at the usual rates.

A motion being made and seconded, - Ordered, That it be referred to a committee of five :

The members chosen, Mr. J. Adams, Mr. R. H. Lee, Mr.Sergeant, Mr. Sherinan, and Mr. Heyward.

Resolved, That 1400 dollars be advanced to Mr. Robert Cummings, for public service; he to be accountable.

Resolved, That 6000 dollars be advanced to brigadier Smallwood, for the purpose of paying the arrearages due to his late battalion; he to be accountable.

Ordered, That the secret committee deliver to colonel Stone, for the use of his battalion, 1050 yards of linen and cloth, proper for facings for his soldiers' clothes.

Congress took into consideration the report of the committee on the state of Georgia ; Whereupon,

Resolved, That a supply of arms and clothing for the continental battalions, in Georgia, ought to be furnished as expeditiously as possible:

And, as that state is in the neighborhood of numerous and powerful nations of Indians, it is an object of important consideration, to cultivate their friendship and secure peace with them; and this is rendered more necessary by the contiguity of those nations to the colonies of East and West-Florida, from whence the agents of the king of Great-Britain are perpetually stimulating the savages to make war upon the people of Georgia; therefore,

Resolved, That the secret committee be directed to procure, for the desence of Georgia, a supply of arms and clothing for the continental forces raised as the quota of that state, and that they also procure goods for carrying on the Indian trade to the amount of 10,000 dollars, in addition to the 20,000 dollars advanced by the secret committee, to Mr. Gwinnett, for that purpose, which goods may be delivered either at Charleston, in South-Carolina, or in Georgia, for the use of the continental Indian commissioners of the southern department, to be employed in securing the friendship of the southern Indians.

Resolved, That as soon as the artillery companies, already ordered to be raised in Georgia, are completed, an additional company of artillery be raised on the continental establishment for the state of Georgia, to consist of 1 captain, 2 lieutenants and 50 privates.

Ordered, That the board of war direct colonel Buchanan, whose battalion is under orders to march to general Washington, to proceed immediately with his battalion to Somerset and Worcester counties, to suppress the insurgents in those parts; and that the said board, hasten, with all expedition, the march of colonel Gist with his battalion.

The committee appointed to consider the proceedings of the committees from the four New-England states, brought in a report, which was read:

Ordered, To lie on the table.
The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,
Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.

FRIDAY, February 7, 1777. A letter, of the 6th, from the council of safety of Maryland, enclosing a deposition of William Patterson, was read.

Resolved, That the commanding officer of the 2d Virginia battalion, in Baltimore, be directed to proceed with the troops under his command, to Somerset and Worcester counties, on the Eastern-Shore, to assist in quelling, and bringing to justice, the insurgents in those parts; and having performed that business, to proceed immediately with his troops to general Washington.

Ordered, That the board of war supply the troops of the 2d Virginia battalion with arms and necessary accoutrements.

Mr. Buller Clairborne, Mr. Joseph Scott, and Mr. Spotswood Dandridge, who were appointed captains of the artillery battalion, ordered to be raised in Virginia, having declined that service, Congress proceeded to the election of three captains to supply their places; and,

the ballots being taken, Mr. Anthony Singleton, Mr. John Winster, and Mr. Jacob Walker, were elected.

Resolred, That an extract of governor Trumbull's letter of the 12th of January, so far as it relates to the pay of the Connecticut light-horse who served last campaign, be transmitted to general Washington, and that he be directed to settle their pay, and give orders for the payment.

Resolved, That 1100 dollars be advanced to the committee of secret correspondence for public service; they to be accountable.

Resolved, That Monday se’nnight be assigned for electing general officers.

Resolved, That Zachariah Maccubin be appointed a signer of the bills of credit, in addition to those already appointed.

Mr. Lux and Mr. Purviance, who were appointed by the board of war to examine the accounts of Thomas Nichols, having reported, that it appears by the treasurer's books, that the said Nichols received 533.30 dollars, and that he has paid 54.65 dollars, and that there is a balance of 478.55 dollars, due from him :

Ordered, That Mr. Lux and Mr. Purviance be requested to receive from the said Nichols, the said balance of 478.55 dollars.

Ordered, That the said Thomas Nichols, alias Dudley, who is in custody on suspicion of mal-practices, be confined till farther orders.

The committee of treasury reported that there is due to Gerard Hopkins,

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for six chairs and a pine-table for the use of the treasury-office, 24.60 dollars :

To Anthony Dearing, for the hire of his team 14 days in the service of the 2d Virginia battalion, on their march to join general Washington, 35 dollars :

To Francis Lewis, esq. for cash he paid ensign John Gassway, for the support of sick soldiers on the road, belonging to the battalion late colonel Smallwood's, 6 dollars :

To James Calhoun, esq. chairman of the committee of observation of Baltimore county, for cash he paid to Mr. James Buchanan, for the reward of £ 45, for taking up Alexander M'Leod, Daniel M.Leod, and Murdock M'Castle, three of the North-Carolina prisoners, who broke gaol, and for the expenses of bringing them from Broad-Creek, in Sussex county, to Baltimore, the sum of 215.52 dollars :

That they have examined the accounts of John Montgomery, and Jasper Yates, esqrs. commissioners of Indian affairs in the middle department, for the pay and part rations of the militia of West-Augusta county, in Virginia,

. and Westmoreland county, in Pennsylvania, who marched to Pittsburg previous to the late Indian treaty, for their services 21 days; and Mr. Yates's expenses for that time, amounting to £ 1505 13 8. That the said commissioners expended on their return to Pittsburg, with the Indian chiefs who visited Congress at Philadelphia, £ 92 15 10, the whole amounting to £ 1598 9 6, of which they received on account of Indian expenses,

the sum of £ 100; and that there remains a balance due to them of £ 1498 9 6, equal to 3995.84 dollars :

That there should be paid to the hon. Roger Sherman, esq. for the hire of Edward Whitmore's wagon, and two horses, taking seven Indians of the Penobscot tribe, from New - Haven to Marinec, £ 6 8, and for a horse belonging to John Pierpont, taken by the enemy in the above service £ 10, both sums making £ 168, lawful money of New-England, equal to 54.60 dollars :

That there is due to Robert Aitken, for paper, ink-stands, quills, sealingwax, &c. for the use of the treasury-office, the sum of 87.41 dollars :

Ordered, That the said sums be paid.

Resolved, That two meinbers be added to the committee for printing the journals:

The members chosen, Mr. Witherspoon and Mr. Lovell.
The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,
Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.

SATURDAY, February 8, 1777. A letter, of the 4th, from the committee of Congress, at Philadelphia ; one, of the 31st of January, from general Washington, at Morristown; one, of the 3d instant, from governor Livingston, at Haddonfield, New-Jersey; one, of the 31st of January, from Messrs. Walton and Taylor, at Easton ; one, of the 23d of January, from general Schuyler, at Albany, with sundry papers enclosed; and one, of the 24th of the same month, from D. Waterbury, were read:

Ordered, That they be referred to the board of war.

Resolved, That Dennis Griffith be appointed a signer of the bills of credit, in addition to those already appointed.

The committee of treasury reported, that they have examined the account of George Lindenberger, for conveying the Hessian officers and their servants, prisoners from Baltimore-town, to Dumfries, in Virginia ; and that his account amounts to the sum of £ 192 12 3, of which he received of the treasurer, £ 112 10, and that there is due to him, a balance of £ 49 11 9, equal to 132.21 dollars :

Ordered, That the said accounts be paid.

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