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that the first-mentioned draught for £600, New-York currency, should be charged to Mr. Winslow, until he renders to the commissioners for settling accounts, vouchers of the expenditure of the provisions for the payment of which he drew his bill;" Whereupon,

Ordered, That the said sum be paid and charged accordingly.

A letter, of the 28th of March, from governor Henry, of Virginia, and a petition from sundry inhabitants of the New Hampshire grants, accompanied with a number of papers, were read:

Ordered, That the letter from governor Henry be referred to the board of war: that the petition, with the papers accompanying it, lie on the table.

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to prepare a plan for regulating the mode of receiving applications made to Congress.

The members chosen, Mr. Gerry, Mr. S. Adams, and Mr. Ellery.

Ordered, That the report of the committee of the whole house, on the articles of confederation, be taken into consideration on Monday next, and that two days in each week be employed on that subject, until it shall be wholly discussed in Congress.

The committee on the treasury reported, that there is due, to Frederick Bicking, for 140 reams of paper for continental bills of credit, 1400 dollars :

To William Semple, Benjamin Harbeson and Jonathan B. Smith, for the expense of convoying a wagon to Cambridge, and for conducting col. Kirkland and son, prisoners, froin Cambridge to Philadelphia, from 9th December to 16th January, £.134 8 2, equal to 358.38 dollars:

That there should be advanced to the state of Pennsylvania, agreeable to the request of the council of the said state, the sum of 100,000 dollars, the said state to be accountable :

That there should be paid to the honorable board of war, to be by them sent to Jonathan Trumbull, esq. deputy pay-master general, for the use of the northern army, the sum of 400,000 dollars :

That there should be advanced to James Mease, esq. for the purpose of clothing the arıny, the sum of 100,000 dollars :

Ordered, That the said sums be paid.

Resolved, That Michael Hillegas, esq. treasurer, be directed to send from Baltimore to John Gibson, esq. auditor-general, for public service, the sum of one million of dollars.

The committee on departments, brought in a report, which was read:
Ordered, That it be taken into consideration on Thursday next.

The committee, to whom it was referred to consider what honors should be paid to the memories of generals Warren and Mercer, brought in a report, which, being read, was agreed to as follows:

That a monument be erected to the memory of general Warren, in the town of Boston, with the following inscription :

In honor of
Major-general of Massachusetts-Bay :
He devoted his life to the liberties

Of his country ;
And, in bravely detending them, fell

An early victim,
In the battle of Bunkers-Hill,

June 17, 1775.
The Congress of the United States,
As an acknowledgement of his services,

And distinguished merit,
Have erected this monument

To his memory. That a monument be erected to the memory of general Mercer, in Fre. dericksburg, in the state of Virginia, with the following inscription:

Sacred to the memory of

Brigadier-general in the army of

The United States;
He died on the 12th of January, 1777, of the
Wounds he received on the 3d of the same month,

Near Princetown, in New-Jersey,

Bravely defending the

Liberties of America.
The Congress of the United States,
In testimony of his virtues, and their gratitude,

Have caused this monument to be erected.
That the eldest son of general Warren, and the youngest son of general
Mercer, be educated, from this time, at the expense of the United States.

Resolved, That the following gentlemen be appointed officers in the regiment commanded by colonel Hazen:

Matthew M'Connel, Robert Burns, John Carlisle, Benjamin Chambers, James Randolph Reid, William Popham, John Thompson and James Heron, captains.

Duncan, William Erskine, Michael Gilbert, John Hughes, Reuben Taylor, Samuel Alexander, Thomas Piey and Robert Campbell, first-lieutenants.

John Gibson, Michael Montgomery, James Stedman, Alexander Teas, William M.Michael, Jaines Anderson, Robert Craig and William Stewart, second-lieutenants ; James Thompson, quarter-master.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the governor and council of safety of New Jersey, not to call into the field, such part of their militia, not exceeding forty, as are necessarily employed in the salt-works, now erecting in their state, by the government of Pennsylvania, provided it be not inconsistent with the laws of that state.

A letter, of the 5th, from general Washington, with a letter and papers enclosed from the chevalier de Preudhomme de Borre, also, a letter, of the 2d, from the convention of New-York, were read :

Ordered, That the letter from general Washington, with the papers enclosed, be referred to the committee on foreign applications.

That the letter from the convention of New-York be referred to the board of war.

Congress resumed the consideration of the report on the hospital; Whereupon,

Resolved, That in time of action and on any other emergency, when the regimental surgeons are not sufficient in number to attend properly to the sick and wounded, that cannot be removed to the hospitals, the director, or deputy director-general of the distric., be empowered and required, upon the request of the physician and surgeon-general of the army, to send, from the hospitals under his care, to the assistance of such sick or wounded, as many physicians and surgeons as can possibly be spared from the necessary business of the hospitals.

That the director, deputy directors-general, assistant deputy directors, physicians and surgeons-general, be, and they are hereby required and directed to employ such parts of their time, as may conveniently be spared from the duties before pointed out to them, in visiting and prescribing for the sick and wounded of the hospitals under their care.

That the establishment of the medical department be as follows: Director-general,

6 dollars a day|Physican and surgeon-general dolls. rations, and 9 rations,

5 do, Deputy director general, 5 do. 6 do. Senior Surgeons, each, 4 do, Assistant-deputy director, 3 do. 6 do. Second Surgeons, each, 2 do. 4 do. Physician-general and ?

Surgeons' mates, each, 1}d do 2 do

6 do.

5 do. Surgeon-general each, S

Apothecaries.general, each, 6 do

of the army,

6 do. 6 do

1 do.

Ditto mates, each, 14d dolls. 2 rations. Matron,

dolls. 1 rations Commissary; 2 do. 4 do. Nurses, each,

24-90ths 1 do. Clerk, who is to be pay-master, 2 do. 4 do. Stabler,

1 do. Assistant-clerks, each, 2-3ds do. 1 do. Regimental-surgeons,

2 do. 4 do. Stewards, each,

1 do. 2 do. Ditto mates, each, 1}d do. 2 do. Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.

WEDNESDAY, April 9, 1777.
A letter, of the 8th, from gen. Putman, at Princeton, was read:

Ordered, That a copy of the said letter be delivered, by the delegates of Pennsylvania, to the executive council of the said state,

Ordered, That 1300 dollars be advanced to Robert Erwin, wagon-master general, for the public service, he to be accountable.

A certificate from Artemas Ward, respecting Joseph Ward, was laid before Congress and read:

Ordered, That it be referred to the board of treasury.

A petition from sundry inhabitants of the town of Westmoreland, was read.

Ordered, To lie on the table.

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed to consider what steps are proper to be immediately taken by Congress, and recommended to the state of Pennsylvania, for opposing the enemy, if they should attempt to penetrate through New Jersey, or to attack Philadelphia:

T'hat the said committee be instructed to confer on these subjects with the executive power of the state of Pennsylvania, and with the general officers now in Philadelphia.

The members chosen, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Clymer, Mr. R. H. Lee, Mr. Clark and Mr. J. Adams.

Sundry persons being nominated for the office of commissary-general of musters,

Resolved, That the election be postponed till to-morrow.

Ordered, That to-morrow be assigned for nominating gentlemen for the offices of director and deputy directors-general, physicians-general and surgeons-general of the military-hospital, and of physicians and surgeons-general of the respective armies, and that the election be on the day following.

The board of war brought in a report, which was taken into consideration ; Whereupon,

Resolved, That the commissary.general of military-stores, be directed immediately to furnish as many rifles, not exceeding 1000, to be sent to Fort-Pitt, as he can procure, and that the quarter-master general furnish such things as are in his department, for the use of the troops stationed at Pittsburg, and on the frontiers of Virginia and Pennsylvania, agreeable to a list furnished by colonel George Morgan.

That an experienced ofticer be sent to Fort-Pitt, to take the command on the frontiers aforesaid, and to embody such of the militia, not exceeding *1000, there, as he shall think adequate to the defence of the country.

That the 200 men, directed by Congress to be raised by a resolution the 8th of January last, shall not be called to any other service, without their consent, than that expressed in the said resolution.

That one ton of lead be sent to Pittsburg from Philadelphia.

That the governor of Virginia be desired to send four tons of lead from that state to Pittsburg.

Resolved, That Jacob Bauer be appointed a captain, and Lawrence Meyer a first-lieutenant, in the corps commanded by major Ottendorf.

Řesolved, That it be recommended to the good people of the states, to furnish the commissary-general of military stores, with all such articles as


he may want for the use of the army, at a reasonable price: and that the several legislatures, or executive powers of the states, be desired to exempt from military duty all persons in the militia, who are or shall be employed in casting shot, and manufacturing military stores of every species, while such persons shall be emploved in the said service. The committee on the treasury reported,

That there is due to Christopher Ludwig, for maintaining Hessian prisoners, and for cash paid to several Hessian deserters who brought in their arms, 123.84 dollars.

Ordered, That the said account be paid.

The board of treasury brought in a report, which was taken into consideration ; Whereupon, Congress came to the following resolution:

To remedy the inconveniences arising from the payment of money by several pay-masters in the same department,

Resolved, That the pay-master, and deputy pay-masters general, be directed forth with to consult the commanders in chief of their respective districts, and appoint deputies to repair to such posts and places of rendezvous, and answer the draughts of such officers stationed thereat, as the said commanders in chief shall respectively direct; that the deputies be supplied with money by the respective pay-master and deputy pay-masters general, and account with them therefor, and that all other pay-masters of the army cease to act at the posts and places provided with deputies as aforesaid.

Resolved, That Mr. James Mease, and Mr. Richard Dallam, be directed, forth with, to prepare, and render to the commissioners for settling the aecounts of the army in the states of New York and New-Jersey, their respective accounts for monies advanced to them by the United States, excepting only the sums received by the former as clothier-general of the army; and the commissioners are directed to attend, without delay, to the settlement of their accounts.

That the commissioners to be appointed to examine such claims against the United States as may be presented to Congress for payment, when a necessary attention to their other duties will admit thereof, shall adjust the accounts of any public bodies, person or persons whatever, to whom money has been advanced by the United States, which may be referred to them by Congress or the board of treasury. Resolved, That the

pay of the last mentioned commissioners be 4 dollars a day.

Ordered, That the secret committee sell to the delegates of New-Jersey, a quantity of sulphur, not exceeding 1000 lb. if the same can be spared.

Resolved, That Timothy Hughes be appointed a captain in colonel Livingston's regiment. Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.

THURSDAY, April 10, 1777. A letter, of the 8th, from general Mifflin; a petition from Allen M.Donald, a prisoner at Reading; a petition from Thomas Lowry, and a letter, of the 7th, from Joseph Borden, and one, of the 8th, from Christian Febiger, were read.

Ordered, That the petition from Thomas Lowry, be referred to the board of treasury

That the letter from Joseph Borden, esq. be referred to the board of war; and that they return a box of cartridges to the county of Burlington, in lieu of the box belonging to them, which was expended by continental troops.

Resolved, That 1000 dollars be advanced to lieutenant-colonel Christian Febiger, for the use of his regiment; he to account with the pay-master general, when the first pay-roll is made up for the said regiment.

Resolved, That an order for 40,000 dollars be drawn on the commissioners of the loan-office for the state of Pennsylvania, in favor of the navy board, the said board to be accountable.

The committee appointed to revise and amend the articles of war, brought in a report, which was read:

Ordered, To lie on the table.

The committee appointed to consider what steps are proper to be immediately taken by Congress for opposing the enemy, brought in a report, which was taken into consideration; Whereupon,

Resolved, That camp be immediately formed on the western side of Delaware, to which the continental troops, now in Philadelphia, and on their march from the southward and westward, shall be ordered to repair with all expedition.

That it be recommended to the supreme executive council of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to put not less than 3,000 of the militia of that state in readiness to march to the camp before mentioned, on the shortest notice.

That proper officers be immediately despatched to enquire into the number and condition of the troops at Annapolis, and between that city and Philadelphia, and to hasten the march of such as are fit for service.

Resolved, That general Schuyler be, and he is hereby, directed to carry the foregoing resolutions into execution.

Ordered, That a copy of the foregoing resolutions be sent to the supreme executive council of Pennsylvania.

Ordered, That general Washington be immediately informed, by express, of the resolves now agreed on; and that Congress mean not, by forming a camp on the west side of Delaware, to delay the continental troops, or to prevent their joining the army under his command as fast as he shall think proper to order thein; and that the committee, who brought in the report, prepare a letter to the general, assigning the particular reasons that induced Congress to come into these resolutions.

Resolved, That Mr. James Mease be directed to advance to colonel Joseph Wood, a sum sufficient to pay the arrears due to his battalion, taking his receipt for the money advanced, and transmit the same to the pay-inaster general, to be produced against him on the settlement of his accounts of his battalion.

The board of treasury brought in a report, which was taken into consideration; Whereupon,

Resolved, That general Washington be directed to transmit to the board of war, a list of his appointments, in consequence of the powers with which he is invested by Congress, together with a copy of all commissions originating from and issued by him.

That the commanders in chief of the several departments, previous to the discharge of any regiment or corps of militia reinforcing the army, be respectively directed to issue their warrants on the pay-master or deputy pay-master general for the amount of the pay due to the same; and, when the military chest is unsupplied, the pay-master or deputy pay-master general is authorized to draw on the president for the amount of such warrants.

Resolved, That brigadier-general Hand be, and he is hereby, ordered immediately to repair to Fort-Pitt, and take measures for the defence of the western frontiers, agreeably to the resolutions of Congress, passed on the 9th instant.

Resolved, That the commissary-general of musters, have the rank of colonel in the army of the United States: that the deputy muster-masters general have the rank of lieutenant-colonels in the army of the United States.

Congress proceeded to the election, and the ballots being taken,

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