Principles of Sociology

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H. Holt, 1923 - 577 strani

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Stran 381 - There is no escape from the conclusion that nature prevails enormously over nurture when the differences of nurture do not exceed what is commonly to be found among persons of the same rank of society and in the same country.
Stran 505 - To give people pleasure in the things they must perforce use, that is one great office of decoration ; to give people pleasure in the things they must perforce make, that is the other use of it.
Stran 88 - Taking the year as a whole, uniformity of temperature causes low energy; a slight rise is beneficial, but a further rise is of no particular value; the beginning of a fall of temperature is harmful, but when the fall becomes a little larger it is much more stimulating than a rise; when it becomes extreme, however, its beneficial qualities begin to decline.
Stran 86 - In climate the two factors recognised as of chief importance are temperature and moisture. High temperature combined with moisture certainly tends to depress the vital activity of Europeans and to render them indolent, indisposed to exertion of any kind. On the other hand, high temperature combined with dryness of the atmosphere seems to have the effect of rendering men but little disposed to continuous activity, and yet capable of great efforts; it tends to produce a violent spasmodic activity....
Stran 38 - Acclimatization in the full sense of having white men and women living for successive generations in the tropics, and reproducing their kind without physical, mental and moral degeneration, — ie, colonization, in the true sense, — is impossible.
Stran 67 - They include shame, vanity, pride, envy, love of liberty, of power, and of glory. The type of this class is ambition.
Stran 278 - Classification Paris Berlin Vienna London Very poor quarters 108 157 200 147 Poor quarters 95 129 164 140 Comfortable quarters 72 114 155 107 Very comfortable quarters 65 96 153 107...
Stran 58 - This impulse causes the creature to seek the good and shun the evil. All this is readily accounted for on the leading principle of modern biology, natural selection, or, as I prefer to call it, the principle of advantage. In short, desire, taken in its widest sense, both positive and negative, is the real force in the sentient world. It is the dynamic agent in the animal world including the human sphere, and therefore constitutes the social force.
Stran 382 - Barring paupers, invalids, and those suffering from want of food and shelter due to conditions beyond their personal control, and referring to all others living in the same community at the same time, the ultimate achievement of any given individual is due to his original ability, probably to the extent of 60 to 90%, and to actual differences in opportunity or external circumstances only to the extent of 10 to 40%. The...
Stran 399 - Fertility is not uniformly distributed among all individuals, but for stable races there is a strong tendency for the character of maximum fertility to become one with the character which is the type.

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