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U.S. Federal Communications Commission, 1982

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Stran 286 - ... sufficiently far in advance of the broadcast to enable the candidate or candidates to have a reasonable opportunity to prepare a response and to present it in a timely fashion.
Stran 128 - ... and the extent of other competitive service to the areas in question. The Commission, however, will in any event consider that there would be such a concentration of control contrary to the public interest, convenience or necessity for any party or any of its stockholders, officers or directors to have a direct or indirect interest in, or be stockholders, officers, or directors of, more than seven television broadcast stations, no more than five of which may be in the VHF band.
Stran 134 - FM broadcast station. A station employing frequency modulation in the FM broadcast band and licensed primarily for the transmission of radiotelephone emissions intended to be received by the general public. Field strength. The electric field strength in the horizontal plane. Free space field strength. The field strength that would exist at a point in the absence of waves reflected from the earth or other reflecting objects.
Stran 188 - No license shall be granted to a network organization, or to any person directly or indirectly controlled by or under common control with a network organization, for more than one standard broadcast station where one of the stations covers substantially the service area of the other station, or for any standard broadcast station in any locality where the existing standard broadcast stations are so few or of such unequal desirability...
Stran 285 - Standards," 39 FR 26372. Copies may be obtained from the FCC upon request. [43 FR 45856, Oct. 4. 1978] §73.1920 Personal attacks. (a) When, during the presentation of views on a controversial issue of public importance, an attack is made upon the honesty, character, integrity or like personal qualities of an identified person or group, the licensee shall, within a reasonable time and In no event later than one week after the attack, transmit to the...
Stran 349 - Occupied bandwidth: The frequency bandwidth such that, below its lower and above its upper frequency limits, the mean powers radiated are each equal to 0.5 percent of the total mean power radiated by a given emission.
Stran 183 - No license for a television broadcast station shall be granted to any party (including all parties under common control) if such party directly or indirectly owns, operates, or controls: one or more television broadcast stations and the grant of such license will result in any overlap of the Grade B contours of the existing and proposed stations...
Stran 363 - The date and time of each frequency check, the frequency is measured, and a description or identification of the method employed shall be entered in the station log.
Stran 16 - III station. A Class III station is a station which operates on a regional channel and is designed to render service primarily to a principal center of population and the rural area contiguous thereto.
Stran 288 - Define the responsibility of each level of management to insure a positive application and vigorous enforcement of the policy of equal opportunity, and establish a procedure to review and control managerial and supervisory performance.

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