Life of the Most Reverend John Hughes, D.D.: First Archbishop of New York. With Extracts from His Private Correspondence

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D. Appleton, 1866 - 519 strani

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Stran 225 - York for the education of such poor children as do not belong to, or are not provided for by, any religious society...
Stran 445 - Sir: I am sure you will pardon me if in my ignorance I do not address you with technical correctness. I find no law authorizing the appointment of chaplains for our hospitals; and yet the services of chaplains are more needed, perhaps, in the hospitals than with the healthy soldiers in the field.
Stran 508 - The above instrument, consisting of one sheet, was at the date thereof signed, sealed, published and declared by the said 0 ohn Forsythe, as and for his last will and testament, in presence of us, who at his request, and in his presence, and in the presence of each other, have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto.
Stran 449 - My mission was, and is, a mission of peace between France and England on the one side, and the United States on the other.
Stran 451 - The more I reflect upon the subject, the more I am convinced that positive instruction, even of a religious character, is much over-rated. The education of man, and above all of a Christian, is the education of duty, which is most forcibly taught by the business and concerns of life, of which, even for children, especially the children of the poor, book-learning...
Stran 125 - I was walking with him last night, he asked me how I liked the good man whom. I have just now mentioned? and without staying for my answer told me, that he was afraid of being insulted with Latin and Greek at his own table; for which reason he desired a particular friend of his at the university to find him out a clergyman rather of plain sense than much learning, of a good aspect, a clear voice, a sociable temper, and, if possible, a man that understood a little of backgammon. 'My friend...
Stran 481 - Woe to you lawyers! for you have taken away the key of knowledge; you did not enter yourselves, and you hindered those who were entering.
Stran 231 - This we have done to the number of some thousands for several years past, during all of which time we have been obliged to pay taxes; and we feel it unjust and oppressive .that whilst we educate our children, as well we contend as they would be at the public schools, we are denied our portion of the school fund, simply because we at the same time endeavor to train them up in principles of virtue and religion. This we feel to be unjust and unequal. For we pay taxes in proportion to our numbers, as...
Stran 507 - Hubbard as and for his last will and testament, in the presence of us, who at his request, and in his presence, and in presence of each other, have subscribed our names as witnesses hereto: Abner McFerson, Josiah Ricks, Jay C.
Stran 499 - There is abundant space for the meeting around my house. I can address you from the corner of the balcony. If I should be unable to stand during its delivery, you will permit me to address you sitting; my voice is much stronger than my limbs.

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