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Aberdeen, Brown & Co. Chelmsford, Guy.

Harrowgate, Blackburn. Long Sulton, Swaine. Sandbach, Lindop.
Alnwick, Smith.
Cheltenham. Lovesy.
Hartlepool, Shields.
Lynn, Smith.

Scarborough, Theakston.
Appleby, Briggs.
Chertsey, Wetton.
Haslingdon, Read,

Macclesfield, Swinnerton. Settle, Gibbins.
Ashford, Jennings; Elliott. Chester, Seacome; Ilarding; Herrford, Chili.

Manchester, Baucks & Co., Sheffield, Ridge.
Ashton-under. Line and Staley Poole & Boult.

Hertford, Simpson.

Webb and Sims,

Sherborne, Penny.
Bridge, Canningham. Chichester, Glover.

Hoddesdon, Tuffs.
March, Sarjant.

Shrewsbury, Eddowes.'
Bunbury, J. G. Rusher.
Clitheroe, Whalley.

Horncastle, Babington. Market Raisin, Walter. Sittingbourn, Coulter.
Bangor, Shone.
Cockermouth, Baily.
Huddersfield, Lancashire. Maryport, Adair.

Skipton, Tasker.
Barnel, Cowing,

Colchester, Swinborne & Co. Hull, Wilson ; Goddard and Mold and Holywell, J. & E. Southampton, T. Skelton.
Barnstaple, Brightwell.
Colne, Earnshaw.



Staffordshire Putteries, Watts,
Bath, George.
Coventry, Merridew.
Huntingdon, Edis.
Monmouth, Heath.

Lane End.
Birmingham, Langbriilge. Derby, Wilkins & Son,

Hythe, Tiffen.

Nantuich, Butterworth. Stamford, Mortlock; Rooe.
Blackburn, Morrice.
Devizes, Randle.
Ipswich, Deck.
Neath, Hayward.

Stockport, Clayo.
Bolton, Heaton & Sons.
Devonport, Byers.
Jersey. Le Ber.
Newark, Ridge.

Stockton, Robinson.
Boston, Noble.

Doncaster, Brooke & Co. Kendal, Hudson & Co. Newcastle-on-Tyne, Finlay & Tavistock, Helins.
Bourn, Daniells,
Dover, Batchellor.
Kettering, Dash.

Co.; Currie & Bowman, Ulverstone, Tyson.
Bradford, Inkersley & Co. Dublin, Curry, Jun. & Co. Kidderminster, Pennell. Northampton, Birdsall. Wakefield, Stanfield.
Braintree, Joscelyne.
Dundee, Shaw.
Kimboiton, Ibbs.

Norwich, Muskett; Smith, Ware, Batty.
Bristol, Vickery Westley. Durham, Andrews.
Kirby Lonsdale, Foster. Nottingham, Wright.

Warwick. Nierridew ; Soden.
Burnley, Sutcliffe.
Edinburgh, Oliver & Boyd. Lancaster, Milner.

Orford, Slatter.

Weymouth, Commins,
Bury, Lankester; Thompson. Ereter, Gain.
Leamington, Merridew, Penrith, Allison.

Whitby, Rodgers.
Bury. (Lanc.) Crompton. Falmouth, Philp

Leeds, Robinson.

Peterborough, Cliftons. Whiteharen, Robinson.
Cambridge, Stevenson.
Farersham, Thiselton.
Leicester, Combe.
Plymouth, Nettleton.

Wiglon, Ismay
Canterbury, Barnes.
Glasgow, M Phun.
Lewes, Baxter.

Portsmouth, Comerford. Winchester, Jacob & Co.
Cardiff, Bird.
Gloucester, Jew.
Lincoin, Brooke & Sons. Retford, Turvey.

Worcester, Deighton.
Carlisle, Thrnam.
Greenock, Neill & Frazer. Liverpool, Hughes.

Richmond, Bowman & Co. Workington, Kirkconel.
Carnarron, Potier & Co, Guernsey, Moss.

Llandovery, Rees.
Royston, Warren.

Worthing, Carter.
Chatham, Burrill.
Guildford, Russells,
London, Orr & Smith; Ber. Rugeley, Leonard.

Yarmouth, Alexander.
Halifax, Whitley & Booth.


Salisbury, Brodie & Co. York, Bellerby.

Amsterdam, Nayler & Co.Berlin, A. Asher.— Hamburg, Perthes & Besser.—Leipsic, Black, Young, and Young (of London).

Paris, Bennis. -Roterdam, T. Marshall. ---St. Petersburg, A. Asher,





san, 64

Acknowledgment of Errors, Seed on, 55 Content, lines to, 20

Herbarlum, Hints for the Formation Modesty and Arrogance, 207
Addison extract from, 47
Cornwall, the Copper-mines of, 43

of, 107

Mohurrum, Ceremonies of, 53
Affecting Incident, 12

Coverdale, Miles, remark by, 159 Herbert, aphorism of, 107 ;-Lines Money, remarks on its origin, 91
Aix-la-Chapelle, anecdote of a Bell at, Coulncanara Snake and Daddy Quashi, by, 207

Monitory Lines, 95


Hermit, reply of, to a Profligate, 67 Monkey Trick, 231
Alceste, Shipwreck of the, 218

Cow-tree of South America, 131 Herne's Oak, in Windsor Park, 181 Moon, the Idol of, 15
Alexandria, the Pestilence at, 95 reator, works of, Remarks on their Herrius, John, remark by, 27

More, Sir Thomas, and his Residences,
Alison, extract from, 248

immensity, 140
Herring-fishery, at Tarbert, 256

all Foois' Day, Notice of, 111
Croker, Mr., anecdote by, 231
Hieroglyphics, Egyptian, 155

Moore, remark by, 173
Almanack, lines presented with one, Curiosity, right employment of, 233 Highlander, anecdote of, 48

Moths and Butterflies, 248
on New Year's Day, 32

House Sparrow, Notice of, 26

Mummies, Egyptian, 186
Americao Chief and Scotch Highlander, Date-tree and the Arabs, 102

Horne, Bishop, Remarks by, 32, 107, 237 Mummy, an Egyptian, address to, by
affecting anecdote of, 132
Dead, treatment of, in Thibet, 46% Hull, in Yorkshire, 146

Horace Smith, Esq., 72
American Steam-vessel, 231
Death, Lines on, by Sir Walter Scott, Human Voice, on the variety of tonos

answer to the
account of, 34 110

in, 54

address, 155
Public Buildings, 35 -- Births, De la Bruyère, remark by, 20

Humble Lise, a Tale of, 94

used as a Drug, 237
Marriages, and Burials in, 38— Dew, Illustration of, 117

Humility, lines on, by Beattie, 115
Charitalile Institutions, 39-Dress Dick, extract from, 23

Hymu, paraphrastic of the Lord's National Statues, 114, 178
of Inhabitants, 39-Government, Difficulty of making a Will, 181

Prayer, 102

Natural Phenomena, Familiar Illus
39- Dykes, 40
Dijon, the Church of Notre Dame at, 42

trations of,
Amusement, Diversion, Recreation, and Discontent, remark on, by Izaak Wal. Indestructibility of Matter, 246

VII. The Trade Winds, 6
Relaxation, definition of, by Jones

ton, 23

Industry another word for Happiness, VIII. Changes in the Atmosphere, 11
of Nayland, 107
remarks on its absurdity, 24

IX. On the Use of the Baroncler,63
Anchory Fishery. 226

remarkable instance of, 114

X. Dew, 117
Angelo, Michael, Anecdote of, 173 Dispensaries, Self-supporting, their bo. Inscription to the Memory of ship. XI. Lightning, 198
Animals, on the Structure of, 32

neficial effects, 87

wrecked Seamen, 93

Naral Power of England, progress of,
Aphorisms, 115, 132, 157, 159, 179, 230, Domestic Peace, remark on, 132

on a Bell, 131

from Alfred to Henry VII., 73, 74;
Dorado (or Dolphin) and Flying-Osh, Irish Medical Manuscripts, 143

- from Henry VIII. to George 11.,
Appointments by Will, 227

a description of, 103
Islands of Ireland, notice of, 133

74, 76; - during the reizus of
Arab, ludicrous mistake of one respect. Douro, Passage of, by the British, 150

George III, and IV., 76, 80
ing the telescope, 149
Dwight, extracts from, 88, 150
'Jesse, extracts from, 5, 180, 203

Nary, Royal, of Great Britain, some
Arabian Proverbs, 27, 56

Jews, modern, description of their account of, 73
Arabs, on the abundance of metaphors Eccentricity of Genius, 191

Funeral Ceremonies, 22

Neff, Felix, Biographical Notice of, 69
in their language, 181

Erlinburgh, Trade and Manners of, Job, Book of, Remarks on, by Town. Negroes, their thirst for learning, 54
Assaye, Battle of, its cause and con- seventy years ago, 250

son, 142

New Dye, 197
sequences, 100

Edward the Confessor's Chapel, 212 Johnson, Dr., Anecdotes of, 46, 136 Newspaper, the first English, 231
Atmosphere, its changes illustrated, 11 Egglestone Priory, its Ruins described,

Selections from, 26, 54, 62, New Zealanders, account of their re.
Aralanches in Switzerland, 118


64, 67, 94, 107, 135, 149, 153, 159, ception of a British Resident, 134
Augustine, St., 237
Egyptian Antiquities, I. 154;-11. 185. 207, 230, 231, 238, 243, 247

Notes from a Traveller's Scrap Book,
Augustus, the Roman Emperor, anec- Electrical Eels, curions mode of fishing Johnston, Sir Alexander, his Evidence No. 1., 183; No. 11., 244
dote of, 179
for, with horses, 144

relative to Colonel Mackenzie's
Elmo, St., Castle of, at Naples, 106

Oriental collections, 242

Oaths, reflections on, by Tyler, 174
Ball Example, effects of, 150
Eminence from humble life, 5

Jones of Nayland, selections from, 56, Obelisks, remarkable, near Borongh-
Bacon, extract from, 237
Emulation, its effect, 91

69, 95

bridge, Yorkshire, 141
Bailajoz, Assault anıl Capture of, 188 Enfield, extract from, 8

Sir William, lines by, 207

Oriental Apologue. 173
Barometer, on the Use of, 63
Epictetus, quotation from, 69
Jonson, Ben, extract from, 248

O spare my Flower, 231
Barrow, selections from, 232, 233
Epitaph, old, 207

Juvenile Vagrancy, Success of Experi. Ostend, the Bells of, 27
Basire, Isaac, aphorism of, 107

Eiawah, East India Station, described, ments for its Prevention, 7
Bath, the Serpeuts', a Legend of Nas. 28

Painting, curious Anecdote of a, 197
Evening Thought, 47

Keate, lines on Westminster Abbey, Palazzo Pita, description of, 2
Bees, Superstitions relating to, 203 Experimental Science, Familiar Illus.

by, 216

Papyrus Plant, 208
Bells, their origin and use, 147

trations of, 246

Keith, remark on Religion, by, 230 Patna, description of, 52
Berkeley, Bishop, remarks by, 91, 159

King. Mrs. on the blessing of Family Persian Story, 206
Birds, maternal care and intelligence Fame, Remark on, by Fuller, 58

Affection, 110

Personal Property, who may make
of, 224
Female Virtues, Remarks on, by Mrs.

on Female Tenderness, 135, 159 Wills of, 226
Birds' Nests, Pensile, notice of, 116
King, 55, 135, 159

remark by, 173

Peterborough Cathedral, 130
Birmingham, some account of, 10 Ferguson the Astronomer, account of, 5 Kioum, Birmese, or Royal Convent, 58 Plane-tree, remarkable, 51
Biair, extracts from, 55, 200
Fidelity and Sagacity of a Dog, 199 Knaresborough Castle, 25

Poet, the Duty of, Waller's opinion
Blind, power of the Senses of Hearing Filial Respect, 159

Knots, various kinds of, remarks on, concerning, 56
and Feeling in the, 206
Finding a Guinea, 159


Poet's Corner, 215
Blood, on the quantity or, in Animals, 23 Floods, great, in the North of Scot- Knowledge, remark on, by Dwight, 88 Poetry, on the beacficial effects result-
Boat and Ass, a strange case, 91
land, 59

thirst of the Irish for, 149 ing from, 20
Bootan, Rajah of, his mode of tea- Florence, Ducal Palace of, 2

Koordistan and its inhabitants, 68 Polypi, description of, 84
drinking, 171
Flowera, remarks on the love of, 102;

Porteus, Bishop, on Christianity, 159
Bowles, Rev. W. L., Verses by, 27

-on their Cultivation, 132
Labour, its division, 14

on Patriotism, 237
British India, its importance to the Flying-fish and Dolphin, 103

Lady Jane Grey, anecdote of, 191 Pratt, extract from, 243
Merchants and Manufacturers of Foreigners encouraged by Henry the La Méduse (French frigate), account Prejudice, anecdote concerning, 143
Great Britain, 242
Eighth, 202

of the wreck of, 138

Preservation, extraordinary instance
British O Nicer, his wife, and baggage- Forest Scenery of South America, 173 Larch, Cultivation of, in Scotland, 251 of, 238
Freshwaier Bay and Cavern, 160 Leeds, 196

Property, its division, 14
Britons, ancient, and Saxons, their Freya, or Friga, the Saxon Idol, do. Light, illustrations of, 148

- explanation of the difference
Ships described, 73

scribed, 135
Lightning, illustration of, 198

between personal and real, 182
Brock, village of, 39

Lime Kiln, accident at a, 143

Proverbs, alphabetical Collection of,
Bruce and the Spider, 158
Gigantic Trees, 248

Lines to a friend on his Birth-day, 207 31, 83, 199
Budgell, selection from, 237
Gilpin, interesting story from, 30 Llanthony Abbey, 228

Providence, Divine, remark o:), 30
Burial, Mode of, in different ages and Gloucester Cathedral, account of, 66 Loan-funds, Remarks on, 98

Punctuality, amusing anecdotc of, 87
countries, 21

Verses on the

Locke, Remarks by, 173
Burke, extracts from, 23, 32, 243

Chimes of, 67

London, the Port of, some account of, Quarles, extract from, 47
Burleigh, Lord, remark by, 16
Glow-worm, the, 220

161;-its Docks, 166;—its Steam Quiet Rebuko from a Superior, 136
Goat, singular Dexterity of, 133

Navigation, 167
Carisbrooke Castle, description of, 191 Golden Example, 99

Lotus-tree, description of, 157

Rafies, Sir Stamford, extracts from his
Lines on, 192 Good Wives, three things which they Luther, Martin, 194

Life and Correspoadence, 85
Carlyle, Mr., lines by, 207
should and should not resemble, 200

Rainbow, double, 88
Carrier Pigeons, 200
Gossip, Description of, by Mrs. Opie, Mackenzie, Colonel, his Oriental col.

Reading and Writing, remarks on, 53
Cellini's, Bearennto, amusing history 132

lections, 242

Religious Duties, remark on, 71
of his cast of Perseus, 179
Gratitude, pleasing instance of, 69 Madagascar, the Island of, 203

Remark on Friendship, by Dr. Joha.
Ceylon Leeches, 159
Gray's Eleky, supplement tu, 5

Madjid, Charitable Institutions in, 173
Chaetodon Rostratus, 56
Guernsey, the Island of, 234

Malayan Forests, grandeur of their Rinkenfoss Waterfall, 88
Characle, by W. M. Praed, Esq., 48 Gymnotus, or Electrical Eel of South

vegetation, 118

Rokeby, in Yorkshire, Account of, 89
Chatham, His Majesty's Dock-yard at, America, 144

Manners, their infuenco on Society, 23

Mason, extract from, 54

Sabbath Bell, Ines on, 148
Childhood, Recollections of, 173 Hall, Bishop, selections from, 27, 48, Maternal Affection, remarks on, 150 Sacred Poetry, on the difficulty of, 55
Christian Parents, duty of, 195

110, 112, 207, 243, 247
Maternal Courage, 46

Salt, its properties and uses, 223
Christiau Pilgrimage, the, 208

Hall, visit to the Sult Mines of, 156 May Day, verses on, by Bishop Ho- Lake at Loonar, account of, 226
Christiauity and False Philosophy con. Hackluyt, extract from, 173

ber, 159

Sanderson, Dr., humility or, 191
trasted, 195
Halystone, account of our Lady's
Maxims, 190

Saturday Night, lines on, by a Jcurvey.
Cleanliness, remarks on, 95

Well at, 20

Meerschaum Pipes, Manufacture of, 47 man Mechanic, 136
Ciift Waggon, 92

Hand and Eye, Illustrations of, 56 Metal, the Art of casting Figures in Savings Banks, their advantages, Il!
Clothing Clubs, 58
Hatton, Viscount, wonderful preser- 178

Saxon Idols, 8, 15, 24, 47, 71, 135, 239
Conita, or Spider-Monkey, 56

vation of, 54
Mines of Grent Britain, 43

Scotlaud, great Floods in the North of,
Coleridge, extract from, 143

Heber, Bishop, apologue by, 174;- | Mirage of the East, optical illusions 59
Conscience, Remark on, by South, 107 Lines by, 148, 158

produced by, 143

Sketches of the Tighlands
Lines on, 20
Henry the Seventh's Chapel, 213 Misery and Happiness, 191

and Islands of, 250

ass, 19

kon, 54

Trade Winds, Illustration of, 6

Wandipore, in Thibet, its Bridge and
Travelling in Switzerland, 214

Castle, 89
Trees characterized, 58

Wellington, Duke of, anecdote of, 158
remarks on their Renewal, 189

Shield, description of, 81,
Trinity House, the, 167

100, 118, 150, 174, 188
True-friend, description of, 6

Westminster Anney, account of, 210
Truth, Divine, remark on, 62

new Choir-screen
adherence to, renark on, 94

in, 98
Tuisco, the Saxon Idol, 24

Hospital, history and de.
Turkey-cock and Hen, ludicrous ance- scription of, 170
dote of, 112

Whittington and his Cat, 201
Turkish Martyr, affecting story of, 42 Wight, the Isle of, No. I., 160; No. II.,
Tynemouth Priory, 3


Wilberforce, remark on Religion by,
Via Mala, Alpine Road of, Account of

a visit to, 244

Wilson, Bishop, remark by, 58
Victories, great Naval, 77, 80

William III, Statue of in St. James's-
Vienna, some account of, 122 ;-occu-

patioa i by the French, 123; William Rufus, his favourite Onth, 157
Public Buildings of, 124; — its Wills, Directions for making, 181, 226
Churcpes, 125 ;-Trade and Manu- Wisdom and Integrity, 132
factures of, 126;- Filgrimages of

Witchcraft, Punishment of, 231
its lubabitants to Mariazell, 128

Woden, the Saxon Idol, account of, 47
Vimiera, Repulse of the French at, 118 Wonders out of Nothing, 54
Virtue and Vice, 150

Wotton, Sir Ilenry, lis dying remarks,


square, 114

Scott, Sir Walter, aphorism of, 182 Spider, remarks on, 56
Screen, new, at Westminster Abbey, 99 Si. Bernard's, a Night at, 183
Sculpture, Egyptian, remarks o!, 155 Steam-vessel, American, 231
Sea, Signs of the, verses on, 107

Strawberries, the mode by which
Soater, the Saxon Idol, described, 239 London is supplied with, 222
Secrecy, remark on, 200

Sumatra, Superstition of the natives
Setting Sun, lines on, 51

of, 118
Shea, or Butter Tree, of Africa, 156 Sun, the Idol of, 8
Ship-launch, description of, 51

Sunday Thought, 47
Shipwreck of the Medusa, 138

Superstitions relating to Bees, 203
Alceste, 218
Shipwreck, Preservation from, by the Talbot, Miss, extract from, 243
Cliff Waggon, 92

Tale, Arabian, 113
Shrew Mouse, the, 247

Taylor, Jeremy, selections from, 27, 102,
Silent Monitors, 246

136, 159, 246
Sin, Bishop Wilson on its first Begin- Temple, Sir W., remark by, 64
nings, 58

Tertullian, selection from, 174
Skelton, selections from, 143, 171, 182, Thales of Miletus, Sentences of, 12
191, 192, 193, 247

Thebes, ancient, aud its Temples, 154
Snake, South American, 96

Theories, Cuvier's opiniou of, 51
Snow-storms on the Andes, 96

Thibet, treatment of the Dead in, 46
Society IV., on the various states of, 14 Thor, the Saxou Idol, 72

V., Origin of Money; Effect of Thoughts on a well-spent Life, 30
Emulation, 91

Tiberias, Sea of, description of, 171
VI., Desire of Gain; Employ- Tiger, providential escape from, 13
ment of Gain; Capital, 187

Time, Remarks on, 142
South, remark by, 207

Titus, memorable exclamation of, 247
Southey, Selections from, 32, 55, 62, 94, Tivoli, Town and Cascade of, 18
102, 191, 207

Toobow, king of, anecdote of, 118
South-sea Islanders, their mode of se- Torres Vedras, the Lines of, 174
pulture, 21

Tourists, Scottish, 252

Wykeham, William of, biographical
Uninterrupted Happiness, 207

notice of, 115
Walton, Izaak, selections from, 14, 54, ! York, Duke of, Statue of, iu Carltou.
95, 120, 174

garviens, 178

Page 2, col. 1, line 14 from bottom, for Palazzo Pitti, rend Palazzo Vecchio.
2, 2, line 19 from bottom, for It is, &c. read The Palazzo Vecchio;

and line 13 from bottom, for the palace, read Palazzo Pitti.
72, 2, line 11, for Mr. Roscoe, read Mr. Ilorace Smith,
--- 167, - 2, Article STEAM NAVIGATION, We have received a pamphlet,

eutitled A Brief Narrative, proving the Right of the late WILLIAM

noton, Civil Engineer, to be cons re Inventor of Steam Land
Carriage Locomotion, and also of Steam Navigation. From the state-
ments of the author, Mr. ROBERT Bowie, and the documents he has pro.
duced, it is evident that HENRY BELL availed himself of his kuowledge

of Mr. Symington's plins, and of an unauthorized inspection of the
models of his apparatus, in constructing the boats upon which his
unfair claims to the invention were founded.

Mr. John Kay, of Rochdale, has also written, under the impres-
sion that Mr. Bell was present when he, Mr. Kay, suggested the idea
of working small boats by hand-machinery, and larger vessels by
steam-engines. Mr. Kiy is, hower , evidently mistaken, as he sta
the conversation to which he alludes to have taken place at Liverpool,
in 1796 or 1797, and Mr. Symington had actually worked a boat by
steam-machinery in 1788,



Elephant, support of the head of, 32
Elk, Head and Neck of, 32
Elmo, St., Castle of at Naples, 105
Etawah, Ghaut or Landing place of, 28

Kerr's House during the food. 61

alter the ileod, 61
King William the Third, statue of, 113
Knareslorough Castle, 25
Knots, 236, 237
Koords, 68

Alceste, shipwrecked Crew of the, 217
Amsterdam, City of, 33

Royal l'alace at, 36

Exchange at, 37
Anchovies, method of curing, 225
Balgownie, Brig of, 61
Barometer, Illustrations of, 11, 12, 63
Beaufort-Hlouse, Chelsea, 221
Betsy Cains ashore, 168
Birmese kioum, or Royal Convent, 57
Birmingham, Bull-ring at, 9

new Town Hall at, 16
Butter-tree, leaf and fruit of, 156

Florence, Old Ducal Palace at, 1
Fowey Consuls Copper-mine, Corn-

wall, 44
Freeburn, Rridge of, 61
Fresluwater Carern, Isle of Wight, 160
Fumns and bis family in the flood, 60

Launch of His Majesty's ship Water-

loo, 49
Leeds, Corn Exchange at, 196
Light, illustrations of, fig. 1, 148

fig. 2, 149
Ling, Common Heath, 108
Llanthony Abbey, distant view of, 228

Ruins of, 229
Loch Tarbert, 252
Luther's room, at Erfurt, 193

Saardam, House of Peter the Great at,

Salt Lake at Loonar, 224
Screen, new, in Westminster Abbey, 97
Sovereign of the Seas, 80
Statue in our Lady's Well at laly

stone, 20
Steam-vessel, American, 932
Sundew, Round-leared, 108
Tiberias, the Sea of, 172
Tiger retreating into the Jungle, 13
Tivoli, Marketplace of, 17
Trinity-house, 'lower hill, 165
Tynemouth Priory, Ruins of, 4

Gloucester Cathedral, 65
Glow-toim. Male and Female, 220
Goat, singular dexterity of, 133
Grosbeak, Peusile, Nests of, 116
Guernsey, view of, 233
Gymnotus, or Electric Eel, 144

Via Mala, view of the, 245
Vienna, leading thoroughfare in, 121

Imperial Palace at, 124

Church of St. Charles Borio.
mæus, 128

Hair-grass, Turfy, 108
Henry the Third, shipping of, 76
Herne's Vak, in Windsor Park, 181
Hospice on Mount St. Benuard, 184
Hull, in Yorkshire, 145

Mackenzie, Colonel, and the Brahmins,

Madagascar, Natives of, 205
Medusa, Crew of, on the Ratt, 137
Metallic Veins, Course of, 44

Carisbrooke Castle, Isle of Wight, 192
Chætodon Rostratus, 56
Cliff Waggon, 92

-- a Ship in distress as-
sisted by, 93
Coaita, or Spider Monkey, 56
Cotton-grass, broad-leaved, 109
Crushing-mill, section of, 45
Custom-house, London, (the old,) 161
Devil's Arrows, 141
Dijon, Church of Notre Dame at, 41
Dorado, or Dolphin, 103

pursuing the Fly.
ing-fish, 104
Dunolly Castle, 256
Edinburgh, view of, 249
Edward the Fourth, ships of, 77
Egglestone Abbey, Ruins of, 96
Egyptian Mummy and Case, 153

Mummies, 185

Old Oak, in its decayed state, 180

the renewed Tree, 180

Idol of the Sun, 8

Moon. 16
Thisco, 24
Woden, 48
Thor, 72
Friga, 136

Seater, 2-10
Iurerary Castle, 253

Papyrus plant. 208
Paiui, View in the City of, 52
Peterborough Cathedral, 129
Polype, the fresh-water, 81
lol: pouy, lubed, 109

Wandipore, Bridge and Castlo of, 89
Wellington Shiele, Centre of, 31

First compariment,

Second ditto, 190
Third ditto, 152
Fourth ditto, 176

Fifth diito, 189
Westminster Abbey, view of, 209

wave of, 216

Hospital, 169
Whittington and his Cat, 201
Williara the Conqueror, ships of, 73
York, Statue of the Duke uf, 177

Jigging Machine used in Copper.

inires, 45

Rhamnus Lotus, 137
Rukeby, Abbey Bridge at, 89


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