Journal of the Chemical Society, Količina 57

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"Titles of chemical papers in British and foreign journals" included in Quarterly journal, v. 1-12.

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Stran 179 - This correction is a comparatively small one, and admits of determination with sufficient accuracy if it is assumed that the thiosulphate solution normally contains as much dissolved oxygen as distilled water saturated at the same temperature. Complete a determination as above described, then remove the stoppered tube, and insert a tube similar to that attached to the burette, and drop in from it 10 or 20 cc of saturated distilled water exactly as the thiosulphate is dropped in. Allow to stand a...
Stran 864 - When any substance is undergoing a chemical change, of which no condition varies, excepting the diminution of the changing substance, the amount of change occurring at any moment is directly proportional to the quantity of the substance.
Stran 712 - On allowing the substance to cool in a current of carbon monoxide, it was noticed that the flame of a bunsen burner into which the escaping gas was introduced became luminous, and when the tube through which the gas passed was heated, a deposit of nickel, mixed with a small quantity of carbon, was obtained.
Stran 395 - ... of the French chemists, may exercise important influences on the solids or liquids within which they are retained. Dynamical pressure, especially when it results in differential movements in a mass, can certainly do all that is effected by statical pressure, and perhaps something more. That such motion is converted into heat there can be no doubt ; and some geologists, like the late R. Mallet and Prof. Prestwich, have argued that the heat so produced must have played an important part in the...
Stran 249 - ... in the air and under water: This cement is much used in the manufacture of drainage and -water pipes. There are several factories of these articles in California. Miles of such pipe are laid down in San Francisco. Other places in...
Stran 485 - We cannot avoid the conclusion," these authors say, "that transformed starch is absorbed from the endosperm by the columnar epithelium of the embryo, in the form of maltose, and that this maltose, by the more or less complicated metabolic processes of the living cells of the embryo, is rapidly converted into cane-sugar.
Stran 179 - O05 to Ol cc of thiosulphate must be added to effect the final discharge. The amount of volumetric solution used must now be noted. This will represent a, the oxygen dissolved in the water examined, + b, the nitrite in the 1 cc of solution used, and the oxygen in the acid and starch solution + c, a portion of the dissolved oxvgen in the volumetric solution.
Stran 410 - Scrutators, a ballot was taken, and as result the following were declared elected as Officers and Council for the ensuing session. President: WJ Russell, Ph.D., FRS Vice-Presidmts who have filled the office of President : Sir FA Abel, CB, DCL, FRS ; W".
Stran 390 - ... lose their stability. III. In all those cases where solution is attended by contraction, the solvent action of water and other liquids is increased by pressure.
Stran 392 - XI. n'hen, as the result of dynamical pressures, the crystalline constituents of rocks are brought into close contact, chemical affinity comes into play between them, and new mineral species result from the reactions that take place. This operation is facilitated, when, as a consequence of internal strains, differential movements are set up within the rock-mass, and nibbing or sliding contacts between its particles are brought about.

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