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points on the southern boundary line as they may select and determine as the most suitable for connecting with a proposed railroad from Guaymas and other Pacific ports, and running northerly along the Santa Cruz Valley to or by the town of Tubac to the town of Tucson, thence westerly on the main road, known as the 'overland' to or near the Picacho, thence northwest over a route to be selected to the town of La Paz, or to a point that it may intersect with a road running east and west, or across the Territory and hereinafter provided for in this act; and said company shall have the exclusive right to determine, select, and locate a line of road, commencing at a point on the 109th meridian, the eastern boundary line of this Territory, and to extend westerly across the entire Territory, over such selected route to the Colorado or western boundary; and said company shall have the right to construct, use and maintain side tracks, tram roads, and branches to adjacent mines or towns, or to connect with other railways; and shall also have the power to connect their telegraph lines with any telegraph lines made or to be made in or through California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, or Mexico, or any adjoining State or Territory; and said company may unite and be consolidated with any other railroad companies now or hereafter established, for the purposes above named, in any of the States or Territories aforesaid, upon such terms as they may think just and proper.

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As a curiosity to those who believe in very liberal appropriations, and a matter of historical record, the act to provide for the civil expenses

of the Territory is here reproduced. It is as follows:

"An Act to Provide for the Civil Expenses of the Territorial Government.

"Be It Enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Arizona:

"Sec. 1. That the following sums be and they are hereby appropriated for the objects hereinafter expressed, viz:

"For the salary of the attorney-general for the past year and up to the tenth day of November, A. D. 1864, eleven hundred and sixty-six ($1,166) dollars.

"For the printing of the journals of the Legislature and other public printing, eleven hundred and twenty-one ($1,121) dollars.

"For the salary of the Territorial Treasurer, fifteen hundred ($1,500) dollars.

"For the salary of the attorney-general for the next year, ending November tenth, 1865, two thousand ($2,000) dollars.

"For the salary of the Adjutant General, five hundred ($500) dollars.

"For the necessary appropriations for school purposes, fifteen hundred ($1,500) dollars.

"For printing the laws of the Territory, three thousand ($3,000) dollars.

"For reading the proof and superintending the printing of the Code, two hundred and fifty ($250) dollars.

"For enrolling the Code of the Legislature, one thousand ($1,000) dollars.

"For the contingent expenses of the Territorial Government for the year ending December

thirty-first, 1865, fifteen hundred ($1,500) dollars.

"For the commissioner, the Honorable William T. Howell, for drafting a Code of Laws for the Territory, two thousand five hundred ($2,500) dollars.

"For Milton B. Hadley, for translating the Governor's message into the Spanish language, one hundred ($100) dollars.

"Sec. 2. That in case there shall not be sufficient money in the Territorial treasury, the treasurer is hereby authorized to pay such appropriation in bonds provided to be issued by an act entitled 'An Act to provide for the Contingent Expenses of the Territorial Government,' passed at the present session of the Legislature.

"Sec. 3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

All of these appropriations were payable in currency which, at that time, was worth somewhere about fifty cents on the dollar in gold.

Congress was memorialized, first to increase the per diem of the members of the Legislature from $3.00 per day in currency, to $8.00 per day, and that an addition to the salaries of the Governor, Secretary, and Superintendent of Indian Affairs of the Territory, of not more than fifteen hundred dollars be allowed, and an addition to the salaries of each of the three Territorial Judges of not more than fifteen hundred dollars be allowed, and that the salary of the United States District Attorney be increased to two thousand dollars, and that the salary of the United States Marshal be increased to fifteen hundred dollars, and that the pay of the United States District Clerks be increased to fifteen dol

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