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PRESCOTT—Town site selected and named by Governor Goodwin,

31, 32; surveyed by Van C. Smith and R. W. Groom, 31; re-
ceives first mail from La Paz; "Parson" Williams first post-
master, 36; selected as Capital by Governor Goodwin, 188; de-
scription and early days of, 189 et seq.; naming of, 192; names
of streets in, 193; sale of lots in, 193; first hotel and restau-
rant, 195, 196; first store, 196; first well-regulated saloon, 196;
first Sunday-school, 196; first day school, 197; first Alcalde or
Justice of the Peace, 197; first Legislature convened at, 198;
first election, 199; first public building, 199; first marriage in,
211; first child born in, 212; first clergyman, 212; first ball,
212; first boarding-house, 212; description of by Genl. Rusling,
214; description of by Joseph Fish, 214, 215; first saloon
opened by J. T. Alsap and John Roundtree, 215; first sawmill

in vicinity of established by George Lount and C. Clark, 216.
PRICES_Of provisions, etc., 223, 228.
PRINTING PRESS-Brought to Territory by Secretary McCor.

mick and used for printing “Arizona Miner,” 31, 46, 93.
PROCLAMATIONS—By Governor Goodwin organizing Territory,

70; organizing municipality of Tucson, 71; organizing Judicial
Districts and assigning Judges thereto, 72 et seq., ordering
election for Delegate to Congress and members of Legislative

Assembly, and specifying election districts, 75 et seq.
PULTENEY, ELY-Mention of, 34.

RAILROADS—Mentioned by Governor Goodwin in message, 109;

Arizona Railway Company incorporated by First Territorial

Legislature, 138, 139.
RALSTIN, CLAYTON M.-Assistant Clerk of House of Repre-

sentatives of First Legislature, 94.
READ, REV. H. W.--Organizes first Sunday-school in Prescott, 196.
REDONDO, JOSE M.-ělected to First Legislative Assembly, 89;

resigns account not being citizen, 117.
REVENUE_Mention by Governor Goodwin in message, 102.
RICE, CAPT. DANIEL-Officer with escort of Gubernatorial

Party, 68.
RICE, WILLARD—Killing of by Indians, 329.
RICHARDSON, STEVE-Builder of home of "Arizona Miner,"

RICHMOND, JONATHAN–Member of Gubernatorial Party; his

letters describing journey of party, 47 et seq.; his letters de-
scribing conditions in the Territory, 218 et seq.; his estimate

of cost of opening a mine, 238; returns East, 246.
RIGG, COLONEL EDWIN A.-Instructions to from Genl. Carleton

in relation to expedition into Arizona to investigate gold dis-

coveries, 10, 11; mention of in King Woolsey's report, 265.
ROUNDTREE, JOHN–With John T. Alsap opens first saloon in

Prescott, 215.
ROWELL, C. W. C.-Mention of, 80.
RUSLING, GENL.—Describes Prescott in early days, 214.
RYKMAN-Killed by Indians, 256.

ST. JAMES—Mention of, 219.
SANDERS, JULIUS-First family to arrive in Prescott, 211.
SAN XAVIER DEL BAC—Mention of by C. D. Poston in speech

in Congress, 162; return of Jesuits to, 162.
SCOL, WILLIAM F.-One of three appointed to appraise lots in

Prescott, 193.
SCHOOLS (see, also, "EDUCATION”)—Existing, 93; mentioned by

Governor Goodwin in message, 104; appropriations for made

by First Territorial Legislature, 135, 136.
SEAL OF TERRITORY-Created by First Territorial Legislature,

137; temporary seal designed and brought to Territory by Sec-

retary McCormick, 198.
SEELEY, DR. T. P.-Mention of, 79.
SHAW, CAPT. JULIUS C.-In fight with Indians, 283.
SHELDON, JAMES G.-Mention of, 80.
SHELDON, SMITH & FORBES -Early residents of Prescott, 192.
SHERMAN, GENL. W. T.-His opinion of Arizona, 1.
SIMMONS, JOHN-Early arrival in Prescott, 211.
SIMMONS, MOLLY–First child born in Prescott, 212.
SMILEY, DAVE and SAM–Mention of, 34.
SMITH, CARLOS—Sergeant-at-arms of Council of First Legis-

lature, 94.
SMITH, MAJ. JOSEPH-Mentioned in report of King S. Woolsey,

SMITH, JOS. H.-Mention of, 80.
SMITH, VAN C.-Selected as Commissioner to lay out, appraise

and dispose of lots in Prescott, 192; with R. W. Groom lays
out and surveys town site, 207; first Sheriff of Yavapai County,

SMITH-Early resident of Prescott, 192.
SNIVELY, J.-Mention of, 80.
STAPLES, MAJOR—Mention of, 38, 39.
STEVENS, DANIEL-With family, early arrival in Prescott, 211.
STEVENS, LIEUT. HENRY H.-In fight with Indians, 282.
STEVENS, LEWIS A.-Early arrival in Prescott, 211.
STEVENS, V. A.-Mention of, 213.
STEWART, T. SCOTT—Mention of, 79.
STICKNEY, DANIEL H.-Member of First Legislative Assembly,

SUGAR-FOOT JACK-His record and fight with Indians, 32.
SUMNER, COL.--Advises Government to turn Arizona over to

Indians, 1.
SWEETNER, CLARK—Mention of, 79.
SWILLING, JACK-Mentioned by General Carleton in corre-

spondence, 12.

TAYLOR, LIEUT. GRIFF-Sent to relieve expedition sent to

establish Fort Whipple, 44.
TAYLOR, JAMES W.-With J. Ross Browne reports on mineral

resources of Arizona and California, 2.

THAYER, CAPT. JOHN S.-In fight with Indians, 284, 285.

et seq.

THOMAS, LIEUT. E. D.-Mentioned by Mike Burns, 289.

Genl. Carleton in relation to gold discoveries in Arizona, 11
THOMPSON, CAPT. JOHN-In fight with Indians, 285.
THOMPSON, WM.-Came to Territory as Deputy Postmaster, 218.
TIDBALL, CAPT. T. T.-In fight with Indians, 283.
TITUS, JUDGE JOHN-Appointed to succeed Chief Justice Tur-

ner, resigned, 246.
TOLL ROADS–Several incorporated by First Territorial Legis-

lature, 132 et seq.; charges on, 133, 134.
TONTO APACHES—Members of Gubernatorial Party fight with,

TUCSON—Organization of municipality of by Governor Goodwin

by proclamation, 71, 188.

Judges of Territory, assigned to Third Judicial District, 74;

resigns, 246.
TUTTLE, EDWARD D.-Mention of, 80; member of First Legis-

lative Assembly, 90.

VETO—Only measure of first Territorial Legislature vetoed by

Governor Goodwin, 124 et seq.
“VIRGIN MARY"-Owner of restaurant at Gimletville, 35; runs

first boarding house for miners in Prescott, 212; named “Old
Fort Misery," 212.

WALDEMAR, A. F.—Makes report on Colorado River Indian Res-

ervation, 168.
WALKER, CAPT. JOSEPH-Letter to from Genl. Carleton on

subject of gold discoveries in Arizona, 4 et seq.; story of by

A. F. Banta, 26 et seq.; mention of, 40; mention of, 206.
WALKER, J. D.-Mention of, 80.
WALKER PARTY–Mention of, 3, 26 et seq; according to A. F.

Banta, composed of Southern sympathizers, 29, 30; according
to D. E. Conner, about equally divided between North and

South, 39; mention of, 40.
WALTER, WILLIAM–Member of First Legislative Assembly, 90.
WAR DEPARTMENT—Opposes efforts of C. D. Poston to secure

military post and Indian Reservation, 184, 185.
WARNER, SOLOMON-Has wagon train attacked, 237.
WASHBURN, CHARLEY-Mention of, 34.
WEATHERBEE, A.-Mention of, 80.
WEAVER, PAULINE-Mention of, 29; death of, 30; mentioned

by Delegate Poston in speech in Congress, 179; mention of by

Mike Burns, 298.
WELLS, EDMUND W.-Assistant Secretary of Council of First

Legislature, 94; address on early days of Prescott, 191 et seq.
WERRINGER, 'W. A.—Mention of, '80.
WHITE, A. M.—Mention of, 78.
WHITE, DAN–Mention of, 34.
WHITLOCK, CAPT. JAMES H.-In fight with Indians, 281.
WILLIAMS, “PARSON”—First postmaster at Prescott, 36.

WILLIS, MAJOR EDWARD B.-In command of expedition sent

into Arizona to establish post at gold diggings, 31; in fight

with Indians, 281.
WOOLSEY, KING 8.-Writes Genl. Carleton in relation to gold

discoveries in Arizona, 14; mention of, 29; membe of First
Legislative Assembly, 89; mention of activities against In-
dians by C. D. Poston in speech in Congress, 159; appointed
colonel of militia by Governor Goodwin, 189; official report of
first expedition against Apaches, 258 et seq.; appointed Aide
on Governor's staff, 258; report of second expedition against
Apaches, 273 et seq.; first Territorial Legislature passes reso-
lution thanking for services, 277, 278; his contempt for the

military, 278 et seq.
WORMSER, MICHAEL—Erects first building on plaza at Pres-

cott, 213.
WRIGHT, GENL.—Mention of, 146.
WRIGHTSON, WILLIAM–Mining man, mention of, 233, 234,

YAVAPAI COUNTY-Established by First Legislature, 93.
YERKES, THOS. M.—Mention of, 80.
YESERA, MANUEL_Opened first store in Prescott, 196.
YUMA-Description of, 251, 252.
YUMA COUNTY—Established by First Legislature, 93.

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