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On the 25th of September, (1863) the Governor, Secretary, Judges Howell and Allyn, District Attorney Gage and Surveyor General Bashford, and their party left Leavenworth. Chief Justice Turner overtook the company at Fort Larned.

From Leavenworth to Fort Union, New Mexico, the officials were attended by three companies of Missouri troops. Companies A. and H. of the Volunteer Cavalry, and Company I. of the 4th Militia Cavalry of that State, respectively commanded by Lieut. Peter F. Clark, Captain John H. Butcher, and Captain Daniel Rice, and all under the command of Major James A. Philips of Kansas.

From Fort Union, Company A of the Cavalry and the Militia Company returned to Kansas, under Major Philips. Company H of the Cavalry, Captain Butcher, accompanied the Governor and party to Santa Fe. At Albuquerque thirty men of Company E of the First New Mexican Volunteers, under Captain Chacon, were added to the escort, and the entire command was given to Lieut. Colonel Francisco Chaves, of that regiment. At Fort Wingate, nine men of Company C, First California Infantry Volunteers, under Sergeant McCormick, desirous of joining their company at Fort Whipple, were added to the command. All came through without accident, although some suffered from the cold, the weather being very severe, and portions of the road obstructed with


The party travelled via Forts Riley, Larned, Lyon and Union, making brief stoppages at each of those points, and reached Santa Fe on the

14th of November. They left Santa Fe on the 26th of that month, and arrived at Albuquerque on the 28th. They left Albuquerque on the 8th of December and reached Fort Wingate on the 13th of that month. Leaving there on the 20th, they reached Fort Whipple, via the 35th parallel, or Whipple route, to the San Francisco Mountains, and the Pishon road from that point, at noon on the 22nd of January. Secretary McCormick and Judge Allyn, with a squad of California Volunteers, left the main party at Volunteer Springs, near the San Francisco Mountains, on the morning of the 16th and arrived at Fort Whipple on the 17th of that month.

The officers entered the Territory on the 27th of December, and the government was formally inaugurated at Navajo Springs, 40 miles west of Zuni, on Tuesday the 29th of December. At 4 o'clock p. m. the escort and citizens were assembled, and Secretary McCormick spoke as follows:

"Gentlemen:-As the properly qualified officer, it becomes my duty to inaugurate the proceedings of the day. After a long and trying journey, we have arrived within the limits of the Territory of Arizona. These broad plains and hills form a part of the district over which, as the representatives of the United States, we are to establish a civil government. Happily, although claimed by those now in hostility to the Federal arms, we take possession of the Territory without resort to military force. The flag, which I hoist in token of our authority, is no new and untried banner. For nearly a century it has been the recognized, the honored, the loved emblem of law and liberty. From Can

ada to Mexico, from the Atlantic to the Pacific millions of strong arms are raised in its defense, and above the efforts of all foreign or domestic foes, it is destined to live untarnished and transcendent."

At the conclusion of these remarks, Mr. McCormick hoisted the "Stars and Stripes" and called for cheers for them, which were given with a will. Prayer was then offered by the Rev. H. W. Read. The oath of office was administered to Chief Justice Turner, and to Associate Justices Howell, and Allyn, by Mr. McCormick. Governor Goodwin and District Attorney Gage qualified before Chief Justice Turner.

A proclamation by the Governor, which is here reproduced, was read in English by Mr. McCormick, and in Spanish by Mr. Read.

Fort Whipple had been established a month previous to the arrival of the Territorial officers, by Major E. B. Willis, of the First California Infantry, under the order of BrigadierGeneral James H. Carleton, commanding the Military Department of New Mexico.

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