The International Year Book

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Dodd, Mead, 1900
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Stran 403 - Congress, all the military, civil, and judicial powers exercised by the officers of the existing government of the same shall be vested in such person or persons and shall be exercised in such manner as the President of the United States shall direct for maintaining and protecting the inhabitants of Louisiana in the free enjoyment of their liberty, property, and religion.
Stran 24 - ... degree of west longitude shall prove to be at the distance of more than ten marine leagues from the ocean, the limit between the British possessions and the line of coast which is to belong to Russia, as above mentioned...
Stran 24 - ... point the line of demarcation shall follow the summit of the mountains situated parallel to the coast, as far as the point of intersection of the...
Stran 26 - Island, which point lies in the parallel of 54 degrees 40 minutes north latitude, and between the 131st and 133d degree of west longitude, (meridian of Greenwich,) the said line shall ascend to the north along the channel called Portland Channel, as far as the point of the continent where it strikes the 56th degree of north latitude...
Stran 24 - The line of demarcation between the possessions of the high contracting parties, upon the coast of the continent, and the islands of America to the northwest, shall be drawn in the manner following : Commencing from the southernmost point of the island called Prince of Wales...
Stran 23 - It is understood, as formerly set forth in communications of the Department of State of the United States, that the citizens or subjects of either Power, found by this arrangement within the temporary jurisdiction of the other, shall suffer no diminution of the rights and privileges which they now enjoy.
Stran 87 - During a period of ten years after the establishment of the Commonwealth and thereafter until The Parliament otherwise provides, The Parliament may grant financial assistance to any State on such terms and conditions as The Parliament thinks fit.
Stran 23 - December 31, 1895. with the number 6500; thence running to the Klehini (or Klaheela) River in the direction of the peak north of that river marked 5020 on the aforesaid United States map and 5025 on the aforesaid British map ; thence following the high or right bank of the said Klehini River to the junction thereof with the...
Stran 24 - ... longitude, (of the same meridian); and finally, from the said point of intersection, the said meridian line of the 141st degree, in its prolongation as far as the Frozen Ocean.
Stran 104 - To maintain the honor and dignity of the profession of the law; to increase its usefulness in promoting the due administration of justice; and to cultivate social intercourse among its members.

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