A History of the medical profession of Southern California

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Press of the Times-Mirror Printing and Binding House, 1910 - 209 strani

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Stran 1 - Know that on the right hand of the Indies there is an island called California, very close to the side of the Terrestrial Paradise; and it was peopled by black, women, without any man among them, for they lived in the fashion of Amazons.
Stran 50 - Second, we will not render medical or surgical services to the members of the above mentioned bodies for less compensation than we charge the general public for similar services.
Stran 50 - We mutually, jointly, and individually, pledge our word of honor not to enter into any contract or agreement, or renew any existing contract or agreement, either written, . verbal or implied, to render medical or surgical services to any lodge, society, association or organization.
Stran 79 - In the Colleges of Letters, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Commerce, Agriculture, Mechanics, Mining, Civil Engineering, and Chemistry, these privileges are offered without charge for tuition, to all residents of California who are qualified for admission. Non-residents of California are charged a tuition fee of ten dollars each half-year.
Stran 39 - This rule is intended to apply to cases in which the services of the accoucheur have been previously engaged, and in which the delay does not arise from his fault. If, in any case of labor, a second physician is called in consultation, and subsequently detained in joint attendance, both attending and consulting physicians shall be entitled to the full fee for attendance, and also to such additional amount as may be deemed proper in view of the importance of the case, the unseasonableness of the hour,...
Stran 79 - The University of California is an integral part of the public educational system of the State. As such it completes the work begun in the public schools. Through aid from the State and the United States, and by private gifts, it furnishes instruction in literature and in science, and in the professions of engineering, art, law, medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy.
Stran 9 - 50s, when an election was on for a State senator, and San Bernardino was a part of Los Angeles county, he was exceedingly anxious to carry the precinct of Agua Mansa. which was mostly settled by Mexicans, who knew very little or no English. So he went to the Padre who had more influence in his parish than any other person, and used his most suave methods of electioneering with the Dominie in behalf of his candidate; and then to clinch the matter, he asked the Padre to pray for the repose of the soul...
Stran 19 - Section 2-a. An inspector of meats shall be appointed by the Board of Health, subject to the approval of the Common Council, with such maximum salary as may be prescribed by the Common Council, provided that the salary actually paid shall in no case exceed the total amount of fees collected under this ordinance. There shall be provided and maintained by the Common Council a suitable and reasonably convenient...
Stran 9 - ... Angeles grapes, which were exhibited and commanded admiration at a meeting of the business committee of the New York Agricultural Society at Albany. And it is worthy of mention in this connection, that as late as November, 1856, when Matthew Keller sent a like specimen, it was almost doubted at the US Patent Office, "if such products were common in California." Henry Osbourn, a son of the doctor by his first wife, was for years and until recently, an interpreter in our local courts. He lost his...
Stran 1 - Amazons. They were of strong and hardened bodies, of ardent courage, and of great force. The island was the strongest in the world, from its steep rocks and great cliffs. Their arms were all of gold ; and so were the caparisons of the wild beasts which they rode, after having tamed them: for in all the island there is no other metal.

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