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and errors in punctuation is a stenographer allowed to make in each letter?

7. Consult Dwyer's The Business Letter, published by Houghton Mifflin Company, for complete and invaluable assistance in composing business letters of every sort.

IV. Review

1. Explain what is wrong about each of the following sentences, and rewrite it in such a way as to eliminate the error:

(a) Detroit is larger than any city in Michigan.
(b) Each one washed their face.

2. Why do we capitalize this sentence thus: "The Detroit Central High School is the largest high school in Michigan?"

3. (a) When is it proper to use a semicolon in a simple sentence? In a complex sentence? In a compound sentence?

(b) When is it proper to use two commas between the subject and the verb? Between the verb and the object? Why?

(c) When is it proper to use one comma between the subject and the verb? Between the verb and the object? Why?

4. Use each of the following pairs of words together

in a sentence:

(a) In and into.
(b) There and their.

(c) Two and couple.

(d) Middle and center.

5. Write a sentence containing "to," "too," and "two."

V. Spelling Contest

For material use the words that, up to date, have been misspelled in the class.

VI. Composition

Order for the school an invoice of goods covering one of the following items:

(a) The twenty-five volumes most needed in the library. (b) The equipment needed for the football, basketball, or baseball team for a season.

(c) Supplies to last the domestic science department one week.

(d) Two hundred dollars' worth of equipment for the physical geography laboratory.

(e) Two hundred dollars' worth of pictures for the school. (f) Fifty dollars' worth of lantern slides for the history department.

(g) Fifty dollars' worth of books for the Latin, French, or German department.

(h) Fifty dollars' worth of maps for the history depart


(i) Two thousand dollars' worth of equipment for the gymnasium.

In order to do this intelligently and accurately, you will need to do some careful thinking, to consult various catalogues, to arrange your list on some definite plan, and to say in your letter exactly what you mean. Above all, you will find it advantageous to consult your teacher of science, history, drawing, cooking, or gymnastics, as your choice of subject may require.

VII. Oral Discussion

A discussion in class of the items included in these lists will be useful, the question always being: "Would it not be better to omit this article and substitute another?"

VIII. Suggested Time Schedule

Monday may be devoted to the gathering of material; Tuesday, to its arrangement; Wednesday, to oral discussion; Thursday, to writing, preferably in class under the teacher's eye; Friday, to the oral presentation of lessons in other subjects or to reports on home reading.

IX. Memorize


Hats off!

Along the street there comes

A blare of bugles, a ruffle of drums,
A flash of color beneath the sky:
Hats off!

The flag is passing by!

Blue and crimson and white it shines,
Over the steel-tipped, ordered lines.
Hats off!

The colors before us fly;

But more than the flag is passing by.

Sea-fights and land-fights, grim and great,
Fought to make and to save the State:
Weary marches and sinking ships;
Cheers of victory on dying lips;

Days of plenty and years of peace;
March of a strong land's swift increase;
Equal justice, right, and law,
Stately honor and reverend awe;

Sign of a nation, great and strong
To ward her people from foreign wrong:
Pride and glory and honor, all
Live in the colors to stand or fall.

[ocr errors]

Hats off!

Along the street there comes

A blare of bugles, a ruffle of drums;
And loyal hearts are beating high:
Hats off!

The flag is passing by!




"Keep the golden mean between saying too much and too little."

I. Problem

WRITE a letter applying for a position.

II. In Explanation

The first business letter written by most young men is a letter of application for a position. To be successful, it must get the position. In order to get the position, it must be better than the letter of any other applicant.

The composition of such letters therefore requires extreme care. A mistake in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, form, or grammar is usually fatal to the writer's chances. The quality of the stationery is important. The character of the handwriting is still more so; if you write carelessly, you write for the wastebasket.

Care in these technical matters is not, however, all that is required. The contents must be concise, clear, correct, and courteous. Tell all the essential facts, but only the essential facts. The essential facts are those which concern your fitness for the position sought. Avoid joking, frivolity, and slang - if you really want your application considered.

The man who employs help wishes to know two things: (1) Is the applicant reliable? (2) Is the appli

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