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18. Request. Write a letter requesting a favor. See "Robert Burns to the Earl of Glencairn,” 1787 (F. 36).

19. Sight of a Personage. Describe in a letter to a friend a glimpse of a great man or woman. Model: "Amelia Opie to Dr. Alderson," 1802 (A. 37).

20. Thanks. Write a letter of thanks for a favor or a gift. Models: "Samuel Johnson to Mrs ames Boswell," July 22, 1777 (A. 18), (C. B. 27); "Joseph Addison to Chamberlain Dashwood," July 1702 (F. 8), (C. B. 1); "Thomas Bailey Aldrich to William Dean Howells," December 13, 1875 (F. 93).

21. Toothache. Describe a cold, a toothache, or some other ill. Model: "Lafcadio Hearn to Mitchell McDonald," July, 1898 (F. 101).

22. Train. Write a letter from a train telling what impressions you received while on board. Model: "Robert Louis Stevenson to W. E. Henley," 1879 (A. 121), (C. B. 114).

23. Umbrella. Write a letter imploring a delinquent friend to restore a book, umbrella, or other missing article. See "Thomas Huxley to Matthew Arnold," June 9 1869 (A. 116), (C. B. 104).

24. Visits from People. Describe a visit that a friend of relative has paid you. Models: "Cicero to Atticus,' B.C. 45 (A. 1); “William Cowper to the Reverend John Newton," March 29, 1784 (A. 23).

25. Visits to People. Tell of a visit you have paid to & friend or relative. Models: "Charles Lamb to Thoma Manning," September 24, 1802 (A. 55); "Thomas B Macaulay to his Father," July 26, 1826 (F. 62).

26. Voyage. Describe a voyage. Model: "Robert Louis Stevenson to Henry James," 1887 (A. 124).

27. Warning. Write a letter warning a friend against some fault or danger. Model: "Sidney Smith to Lord Murray," September 29, 1843 (A. 76).

IV. Memorize


There's trampling of hoofs in the busy street,

There's clanking of sabers on floor and stair, There's sound of restless, hurrying feet,

Of voices that whisper, of lips that entreat,

Will they live, will they die, will they strive, will they dare?
The houses are garlanded, flags flutter gay,
For a Troop of the Guard rides forth to-day.

Oh, the troopers will ride and their hearts will leap,
When it's shoulder to shoulder and friend to friend
But it's some to the pinnacle, some to the deep,
And some in the glow of their strength to sleep,

And for all it's a fight to the tale's far end.
And it's each to his goal, nor turn nor sway,
When the Troop of the Guard rides forth to-day.

The portals are open, the white road leads

Through thicket and garden, o'er stone and sod.
On, up! Boot and saddle! Give spurs to your
There's a city beleaguered that cries for men's deeds,
For the faith that is strength and the love that is God!
On through the dawning! Humanity calls!
Life's not a dream in the clover!

On to the walls, on to the walls,

On to the walls, and over!


1 Read before the Graduating Class of Harvard University, June 21, 1907.

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