Life of George Washington, Količina 3

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P. F. Collier, 1901
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Stran 373 - I address myself well, is, that in any rigor policy may dictate, a decency of conduct towards me may mark, that, though unfortunate, I am branded with nothing dishonorable, as no motive could be mine but the service of my king, and as I was involuntarily an impostor.
Stran 166 - I am not worth purchasing; but such as I am, the King of Great Britain is not rich enough to do it.
Stran 153 - Nothing short of independence, it appears to me, can possibly do. A peace on other terms would, if I may be allowed the expression, be a peace of war. The injuries we have received from the British nation were so unprovoked, and have been so great and so many, that they can never be forgotten.
Stran 41 - The fortune of war, General Gates, has made me your prisoner," to which the conqueror, returning a courtly salute, promptly replied, "I shall always be ready to bear testimony, that it has not been through any fault of your excellency.
Stran 98 - ... of stocks or stones, and equally insensible of frost and snow ; and moreover, as if they conceived it easily practicable for an inferior army, under the disadvantages I have described ours to be, which are by no means exaggerated, to confine a superior one, in all respects well-appointed and provided for a winter's campaign, within the city of Philadelphia, and to cover from depredation and waste the States of Pennsylvania and Jersey.
Stran 597 - my situation now becomes very critical ; we dare not show a gun to their old batteries, and I expect that their new ones will open to-morrow morning. * * * The safety of the place is, therefore, so precarious, that I cannot recommend that the fleet and army should run great risk in endeavoring to save us," — a generous abnegation of self on the part of the beleaguered commander.
Stran 189 - Disrespect to the commander-in-chief in two letters, dated the 1st of July, and the 28th of June.
Stran 195 - I desire most earnestly that I may not be buried in any church or churchyard, or within a mile of any Presbyterian or Anabaptist meetinghouse, for since I have resided in this country I have kept so much bad company when living, that I do not choose to continue it when dead.
Stran 397 - Buoyed above the terror of death by the consciousness of a life devoted to honorable pursuits, and stained with no action that can give me remorse, I trust that the request I make to your Excellency at this serious period, and which is to soften my last moments, will not be rejected. Sympathy towards a soldier will surely induce your Excellency and a military tribunal to adapt the mode of my death to the feelings of a man of honor.
Stran 115 - The propriety of the objections suggested against submitting them to inspection may very well be questioned. "The various reports circulated concerning their contents/ were perhaps so many arguments for making them speak for themselves to place the matter upon the footing of certainty. Concealment in an affair which had made so much noise, though not by my means, will naturally lead men to conjecture the worst and it will be a subject of speculation even to candor itself. The anxiety and jealousy...

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