Travels in Upper and Lower Egypt: During the Campaigns of General Bonaparte in that Country; and Published Under His Immediate Patronage, Količina 1

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Heard and Forman, 1803

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Stran lxxiii - ... of blood. Were it permitted for a soldier to regret any one who has fallen in the service of his country, I might be excused for lamenting him, more than any other person; but it is some consolation to those who tenderly loved him, that as his life was honourable, so was his death glorious. His memory will be recorded in the annals of his country — will be sacred to every British soldier, and. embalmed in the recollection of a grateful posterity.
Stran lxxii - We have sustained an irreparable loss, in the person of our never to be sufficiently lamented' commander in chief, sir Ralph Abercromby, who was mortally wounded in the action, and died on the 28th of March. I believe he was wounded early ; but he concealed his situation from those about him, and continued in the field giving his orders with that coolness and perspicuity which had ever marked his character, till long after the ' action was over, when he fainted through weakness and loss of blood....
Stran 164 - Saccarah, the plain of the monks, and the cuves of the ibis, all prove that this territory wa? the Necropolis to the south of Memphis, and that the village opposite to this, in which the pyramids of Gizeh are situated, was another Necropolis (or city of the dead) which formed the northern extremity of Memphis, and by these we may measure the extent of this ancient city.
Stran xxxix - Koran, and to the mosques, the same toleration which you showed to the synagogues, to the religion of Moses, and of Jesus Christ. The Roman legions protected all religions.
Stran 133 - ... the vast distance at which they are distinguishable, renders them almost transparent, and the blue tint of the sky causes their angles to appear sharp and well defined, though they have been rounded by the decay of years.
Stran 176 - ... then we take advantage of it, and pour in our fire, which again makes them halt and fall back. All that remain of the platoon enter the ranks, and we collect the wounded. We are again attacked in mass, not with the cries of victory, but of rage -, the courage is equal on both sides ; they...
Stran 140 - I had only time to view the sphinx, which deserves to be drawn with a more scrupulous attention than has ever yet been bestowed upon it. Though its proportions are colossal, the outline is pure and graceful; the expression of the head is mild, gracious, and tranquil; the character is African; but the mouth, the lips of which are thick, has a softness and delicacy of execution truly admirable; it seems real life and flesh.
Stran 138 - ... the solid mass composing the pyramid, " but this proving unsuccessful, they have returned some way, have passed round two blocks of stone, climbed over them, and thus discovered a second gallery, of so steep an ascent, that it has been necessary to hew steps in the ground in order to mount it. This gallery leads to a kind of landing-place, in which is a hole, usually called the well, which is the opening to an horizontal gallery, leading to a chamber, known by the name of the queen's chamber,...
Stran 188 - ... incrustations, — the depth of the lake, — its extent, — its bearing towards the north on a chain of hills which run east and west, and turn off...
Stran 131 - Rosetta up the Nile to Cairo— General face of the country — First view of the Pyramids — Cairo — Gardens of Murad-Bey — Journey to the Pyramids and description of them — Sphinx — Manners of the inhabitants of Cairo — Affray in the town and general rising of the inhabitants — Quelled — The house of the Institute pillaged — Cemetery of the Mamelukes — Death of General Dupuis and Sulcowsky — Kindness of the middle orders of the people at Cairo — Mummies of the Ibis in the...

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