Kings Handbook of New York City, Količina 1

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Moses King
Moses King, 1893 - 1008 strani

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Stran 633 - The Philadelphia Contributionship for the Insurance of Houses from Loss by Fire.
Stran 389 - The Trustees of the Roman Catholic Church in the City of New York.
Stran 448 - Asyium. made by the Colored Orphan Asylum and Association for the Benefit of ^Colored Children in the City of New York.
Stran 790 - ... as may be voluntarily submitted to said Committee for arbitration ; and such members and persons may, by an instrument in writing, signed by them and attested by a subscribing witness, agree to submit to the decision of such Committee any such controversy which might be the subject of an action at law, or in equity, except claims of title to real estate...
Stran 172 - It is too probable that no plan we propose will be adopted. Perhaps another dreadful conflict is to be sustained. If, to please the people, we offer what we ourselves disapprove, how can we afterward defend our work ? Let us raise a standard to which the wise and the honest can repair ; the event is in the hand of God.
Stran 37 - The time will come when people will travel in stages moved by steam engines, from one city to another, almost as fast as birds fly, fifteen or twenty miles an hour.
Stran 16 - Such efforts would be worth while, it said, because it felt sure that when 'the Manhattans' were well established and prosperous, t . . . when the ships of New Netherland ride on every part of the ocean, then numbers now looking to that coast with eager eyes will be allured to embark for your island.
Stran 455 - The health department shall consist of the president of the board of police, the health officer of the port, and two officers to be called ' commissioners of health,' one of whom shall have been a practicing physician for not less than five years preceding his appointment.
Stran 254 - One bureau shall be charged with the duty of preventing and extinguishing fires and of protecting property from water used at fires, the principal officer of which shall be called the "chief of department.
Stran 550 - Intercourse between the representative members of the dramatic profession, and of the kindred professions of literature, paintIng, sculpture and music, and the patrons of the arts ; the creation of a library relating especially to the history of the American stage, and the preservation of pictures, bills of the play, photographs and curiosities connected with such, history.

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