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Legend of Arrowhead Mountain, 11-12; story of the “woman

of San Nicolas," 43-45.
Names of islands, 53; names of villages, 50, 51, 53; grammar of,

prepared by Father Arroyo, 93.
Intermarriages, of Californians and Englishmen, 164; of Russians and

Spanish, 164.
Inyo County, name and origin of, 312.
Iron rails, cost of, for Central Pacific Railroad, 288.
Irrigation, area of irrigated territory in California, 297; yearly expend-

iture on, 298; Imperial Valley and, 298; effect on citrus industry,

Iturbe, Augustin de, empire of, 117; Sola surrenders California to,

Jacksonville, mining camp, 224.
Jayme, Father Luis, killed by Indians, 123.
Jesuits, missions in Baja California; 56; expulsion of, from Mexico, 56,

120, 331-332; in Mexico and Lower California, 323-332; Fathers
Kino and Salvatierra's mission, 330-331; missions in California

transferred to Franciscans, 332.
Johnson, Captain, at battle of San Pasqual, 258; his death, 258.
Juan Rodriguez Island, 53.
Judah, Theodore, engineer, his part in organization of Central Pacific

Railroad Company, 283-285, 293.
Junta directiva, 333.
Kansas City, trade between, and Santa Fé, 294.
Kearney, General Stephen W., message to Stockton, 252-253; instructions

to) 253-254; in California, 254-256; battle of San Pasqual and his
defeat, 257-262; at battle on San Gabriel River, 262-264; in Los
Angeles, 265; relations with Commodore Stockton, 267-268; his re-

lations with General Frémont, 268-271.
Kelsey, mining camp, 224, 230.
Kern County, name and origin of, 312.
Kings County, name and origin of, 313.
King's Highway. See El Camino Real.
Kino, Father E. F., authority given to, to undertake the conversion of

California, 324, 330-331.
Kofkoff, Alexander. See Koskoff, Alexander.
Koskoff, Alexander, at Fort Ross, 146.
Kuner, Albrecht, engraver of original state seal, 360.
Kyburz, Samuel, 214.
"La Favorita.'' See Herrera, Isabel.
La Frambeau, Michel, 310, 320.
La Paz, 100.
“La Penetentia,” 125.
La Purisima mission, foundation of, 89; attack on, by Indians, 165-166.
La Vittoria. See Santa Catalina Island.
Laguna San Antonio, skirmish at, 200.
Lake County, name and origin of, 313.
Land grants, Bucareli's instructions as to, 121; first in California, 121;

first in San José pueblo, 126; Mexican grants, 158-159, 161-162;

Spanish, 158, 161.
Larkin, Thomas O., at Monterey, 190; advice to Stockton and to Pio

Pico 244; with' Stockton, 245, 246, 10.

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Las Sergas de Esplandian,' name “California” first mention in, 23.
Las Vegas and Tonopah Railroad, branch of Salt Lake Railroad, 297.
Lassen, Peter, 313.
Lassen County, name and origin of, 313.
Lasuen, Father Fermin Francisco de, at San Juan Capistrano mission,

82; at Santa Barbara mission, 85; Father president of missions,
89; character of, 89; at La Purisima mission, 89; at San José, 90;

at San Miguel mission, 91.
Law, early mining and other, 229; in San Francisco in 1849, 233-234;

Vigilance committee, 235-237.
Legends, of Arrowhead Mountain, 10-11; of “Woman of San Nicolas,''

43-45; of “Pearls of Loreto," 106-108.
Legislative Council, 269.
Legislature, first, of California, 273; election of United States Senators

and Statehood granted, 273.
Lelia Byrd, affair of, and result, 139-140.
Levant, U. S. Ship, at Monterey, 205.
Lohman, Alexander, 341.
Loma, Point, formerly Point Guijarros, 140.
Lopez, Father Baldomero, 319.
Loreto, legend of the Pearls of Loreto," 106-108.
Los Angeles, pueblo of, 14, 79, 118, 124, 126-127, 302; population in

1800, 138, in 1905, 302; condition of, during Mexican rule, 155-156;
attempt to move capital to, 178; occupied by Stockton, 245-246;

revolt of Californians at, 246-251.
Los Angeles Aqueduct. See Owens River Aqueduct.
Los Angeles County, name and origin of, 313; Spanish grant given in,

Los Angeles River, 126.
Los Angeles Terminal Railway, purchase of, 296.
Los Flores, surrender of Carrillo's troops at, 179-180.
Los Robles, San Antonio de Padua mission founded at, 76-77.
Lugo, Antonio Maria, sketch of life, 159-161; his Spanish grant, 159-160.
Lyon, Caleb, design for state seal presented by, 355; repudiation of, as

designer of seal, 357-358; offices held by, 360.

McDougall, John, Lieutenant-governor, 273.
McEnerney, Garret, argument before the Hague, 341-342.
Malibu Hills, 40.
Madera County, name and origin of, 313.
Marcos de Niza, journey to the Seven cities of Cibola, 26-30.
Marin County, name and origin of, 314.
Mariposa County, name and origin of, 314.
Marsh, John, Pio Pico's contract with, 184.
Marshall, James W., gold discovered by, 212-218; sketch of, 218-219; with

Frémont at San Rafael, 200.
Martinez, Father Luis Antonio, assistance against Buenos Ayres in.

surgents, 147-148.
Maslin, Prentiss, data concerning names and origin of counties of Cali-

fornia prepared by, 309-322.
Mason, Colonel Richard B., governor of California, 269; arrival at Los

Angeles and quarrel with Frémont, 270; succeeded by Bennet Riley,

Matzer, 341.
Meadow Valley, 296.

Mendocino, Cape, 34; Cabrillo at, 100.
Mendocino County, name and origin of, 314-315.
Merced County, name and origin of, 315.
Merritt, Ezekiel, 192; his part in the Bear Flag Revolution, 192, 194.
Mervine, Captain William, 205; defeated by Americans and his retreat,

Mexican Empire, recognized in California, 148-149; proclamation of

Augustin I, 148-149.
Mexican flag, 192.
Mexican governors. See Governors of California, Mexican.
Mexican land grants. See land grants.
Mexico, Governor Sola's transfer of California to, 148-149; California

under, 151-186; war declared between United States and, 206.
Micheltorena, M., governor of California, 182-183.
Military affairs, condition of presidios and Governor Arrillaga's improve-

ments, 138.
Military garrison, at Sonoma, 191.
Military organizations, California battalion of mounted riflemen, 204.
Mines, miners and mining laws, names of camps, 224; condition of Cali-

fórnia six months after discovery of gold, 225; pan mining, 227;
typical mining expressions, 227-228; mining appliances, 228; mining
laws, 229; production of early mines, 230, 231; songs sung in camp,

Miravalles, Conde de, gift to Pious Fund, 325.
Missions, selection of first three sites, 59; names of, of Upper California

and dates of their foundation, 332-333; building of, 275; plan of
buildings, 353-354; La Purisima, 89, 165-166; San Antonio de Padua,
76-77; San Buenaventura mission, 59, 84, 350; San Carlos, 59, 72-75,
101, 103, 87, 121; San Diego, 59, 68-71; San Fernando, 92; San
Francisco, 80-81; San Francisco Solano, 93-94; 146; San Gabriel,
77-78; San José, 90; San Juan Bautista, 91; San Juan Capistrano,
82; San Luis Obispo, 79-80; San Luis Rey, 92-93; San Miguel, 91;
San Rafael, 145; Santa Barbara, 84-86; Santa Clara, 83-84; Santa
Cruz, 89; Santa Ynez, 93; Sierra Gorda, 61-62; Soledad, 90.
Palou succeeds Serra as president of, 89; life at, 94-96; progress

of, 96; secularization planned by Spain, 96-97; state of,
when United States came into possession of California,
97-98; Galvez' idea for protection of, 121; Governor Borica's
relation with, 131-132; products of, 162-279; advances money
for Cooper's trip to China, 163-164; Serra's statement to
Bucareli in regard to state of missions in California, 351;

f'ather Palou's report, 353.
Franciscans' work with Indians, 55; Indians love of, 96; effect

of, on Indians, 98; Indian uprising of 1824, attack upon

Santa Ynez and La Purisima missions, 165-166.
Missions in Lower California, names and founders of, 326; Dominicans

in, 332.
Modoc County, name and origin of, 315.
Mono County, name and origin of, 315.
Monterey, Conde de, viceroy of New Spain, 100, 315.
Monterey, named, 38-39, 100; Portola's expedition in search of, 65-67;

Portola's second expedition and arrival at, 71-72; official statement
of discovery of, 101; Juan Perez at, 101; arrival of Ship San An-
tonio at, 101; “Serra tree” at, 102; capital of California, 103, 269;
life at, 104-116; first newspaper established at, 111; Commodore
Sloat's arrival at and raising of American flag, 110; Robert Louis
Stevenson in, 112-114; trail blazed by Anza from Sonora to, 123;
Governor de Neve's arrival at, 124; council held at, to appoint
Arrillaga, 129; Peter Puget at, 132; Buenos Ayres insurgents at-
tack upon, 147; Mexican flag over, 148; Dana's description of,
156-157; attempt to move capital, 178; American flag raised over,
185; Kearney at, 269; Fremont's return to, 251; convention held for

framing of Constitution, 272-273.
Monterey County, name and origin of, 315.
Monterey Mission. See San Carlos mission.
Monterey Presidio, foundation of, 72, 101.
Montgomery, Captain, in command of U. S. Portsmouth, 203; at Yerba

Buena, 203, 205.
Moraga, José Joaquin, at foundation of San José, 125-126; 310, 316, 321.
Mormon Trail, 295-296.
Mormons, 269.
Moscow, U. S. brig, 202, 203.
Mountains, Arrowhead and legend, 10-12; Rubidoux, 13.
Muir, John, greeting from, on Mt. Rubidoux, 13.
Mulholland, William, his connection with Owens River Aqueduct, 301.

304; sketch of his life, 303-304.

Name "California." See under California.
Native Sons of the Golden West, official song of organization of, 237-238.
Natividad, battle of, 262.
Nevada City, 224, 231, 235.
Nevada County, name and origin of, 316.
Nevada State, assistance of, in building Central Pacific railroad, 282.
Neve, Felipe de, at San Buenaventura mission, 84; foundation of Santa

Barbara presidio under, 85; governor, 121; arrival at Monterey,
124; founds pueblos of San José and Los Angeles, 79, 124-127; his
relations with Father Serra, 124; his famous Reglamento and its
provisions, 124; instructions from Mexico to, to erect pueblos, 125;

honored by Spain, 127; his death, 127.
New Helvetia, 254, 321.
Newspapers, 'Californian,' 111.
Nieto, Manuel, bis Spanish grant, 158.
Niza, Father Marcos de, expedition in search of Seven cities of Cibola,

North, John, president of Pioneer Society, 299; story of original orange

tree, 299.
Northwest Passage, Drake's search for, 36.

Oaks, at Monterey, 102.
Orange County, name and origin of, 316.
Orange industry, “original orange tree,” 299; how Washington navels

were brought to California, 299.
Orantes, Andreas de, 24.
Oregon, steamship, 280.
Orellana, Francis, his account of fictitious province in South America,

Ortega, José Francisco de, sergeant on expedition on search for Mon.

terey, 66; at discovery of Şan Francisco Bay, 67; at San Diego

mission, 71, 129.
Osbourne, Fanny, 112.

Otondo, Admiral Isidro, expedition to California under, 323-324.
Otter, Boston ship, 139.
Otters, trade in, 279, 162.
Ottinger, Captain, 312.
Owens River Aqueduct, story of, 301-304; William Mulholland, 301-304;

Fred Eaton's connection with, 304-303; cost of, 303; amount of
supply, 304.

Pacheco, Romualdo, marriage and wedding tour, 73; placed in command

of troops, unheeded advice to Victoria, his bravery and death, 176.
Palomares, Ignacio, 180.
Palou, Father Francisco, 61; at San Fernando college, 61-62; at San

Francisco mission, 80-81; succeeds Serra, 89; returns to San Fer-
nando college, 89; report on first four years in California, 353; his

official record of Serra's death, 364-365.
Pan, its use in mining, 227.
Parron, Father Fernando, on ship San Carlos, 63; at San Diego mis-

sion, 71.
Paterna, Father, 350.
"Pathfinder." See Frémont, John C.
Payeras, Father Mariano, contract with Hartnell for trade, 163.
Pearl fisheries, at Monterey, 106-107.
Pearls of Loreto,” legend of, 106-108.
Peña, Father, 350.
Pepper tree, original, at San Luis Rey mission, 93.
Perea, Juan, sails for California, 63; arrival at Monterey, 101.
Peyri, Father Antonio, at San Luis Rey mission, 93.
Phelps, William B., his account of Frémont's pursuit of de la Torre's

party, 202-204.
Piccolo, Father Francisco Maria, his association with Father Kino, 330;

joins Father Salvatierra, 330.
Pico family, Spanish grant given to, 158.
Pico, Andres, 179; taken prisoner by Castro, 180; in revolt against

Americans in Los Angeles, 247; at battle of San Pasqual, 256-262;
at battle of San Gabriel River, 264; in command at capitulation

of Cahuenga, 266.
Pico, Pio, his attempt to move capital to Los Angeles, 178; his attitude

toward Carrillo's conspiracy, 179, 174; his treatment of the Indians,
181; bis disloyalty to California during the Bear Flag Revolution,
185; quarrel between Castro and, 184-185, 189; Commodore Sloat's
letter to, 240; his orders, 243; Thomas Larkin's advice to, 244;
Stockton refuses to treat with delegation sent by, 244-245; his re-

treat to Mexico, 255.
Pilot Hill, mining camp, 224.
Pinos, Point, 33; Portola's second expedition at, 71.
Pioche, Nevada, 297.
Pioneer Society, John North, president of, 299.
Pious Fund, 323-342; gifts to, 324-330; seized by Spain and how man.

aged, 333; under Mexican government, 333-334; transferred to
Bishop Diego, 334; seized by Mexican government, 334; sale of prop-
erty and results, 334-338; efforts to recover, for the Church, 338-340;
decision of commission in regard to accrued interest, 340; payment
of interest by Mexico, 340; submit.ed to court of arbitration, 340-

3+1; Garret McEnerney's argument before the Hague Tribunal, 341.
Pirates, in California, 109; Buenos Ayres insurgents, 109-110.

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