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but ineffectual Opposition to that Bill in Congress.—Regret expressed

at the Disappearance from the public Scene of Mr. Clay, Mr. Webster,

and Mr. Calhoun.-Confident Opinion expressed as to what would have

been Mr. Calhoun's Course had he survived up to our Times. — Fearful

awakening of sectional Excitement both in the South and in the North

under the Influence of the Kansas-Nebraska Bill.— Multiplied Scenes

of Blood and Violence in the Territory of Kansas.—Mr. Pierce and his

Cabinet lose the Confidence of all Men of trne Nationality of Sentiment.

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Conspiracy of certain Senators to defeat the “Little Giant of the West”

in his supposed presidential Aspirations. —Signal Triumph of this Gen-

tleman as a Debater over all Opposition.-Opening of the senatorial

Contest between Mr. Douglas and Mr. Lincoln, of Illinois.-Extraordi-

nary Efforts of Mr. Buchanan and other Individuals of the Demotratic

Party to effect Mr. Douglas's Defeat and secure the Election of his Op-

ponent.—Eventual Triumph of Mr. Douglas, who returns to the Senate

to undergo Ostracism at the Hands of senatorial Democrats in Caucus

under the direction of Mr. Buchanan.-Deep Injury done to the South-

ern Cause by the unjust Course pursued toward Mr. Douglas, which

caused many of this Gentleman's political Supporters in the North to

grow lukewarm in the support of Southern Rights.-Special Causes

which now operated to produce sectional Excitement.-Indecent and

ruffianly Assault upon Mr. Sumner.—Dred Scott Decision.— The South

indiscreetly exultant over it, and the North indignant.-Attempt by

certain Persons in the South to bring about the reopening of the Afri-

can Slave-trade.--Important judicial Contest in Ohio touching the va-

lidity of the Fugitive Slave Law.-Ossawatomie Brown upon a Ram-

page in the Bosom of Virginia as a radical, political, and moral Re-

former, ready to shed Oceans of Blood in defense of universal Free-

dom.-Interesting Debate in the United States Senate on this Subject.

-Impolitic Execution of Brown, by which he was unnecessarily made

a Martyr....

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