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Seward, who had not yet taken his Seat as a Senator from New York.

-Mr. Seward at that Time opposed to all Compromise of the Slavery

Question.-Extract from a memorable Speech of his, delivered in the

United States Senate in the Year 1850, having Relation to this Subject.

-Mr. Seward's Cleveland Speech in 1848.-Important Extracts there-

from.-General Taylor's Administration. -Violent Excitement begin-

ning to rage both North and South upon the Slavery Question, and in

Connection with the Admission of California. -Unfortunate non-ac-

tion Policy of General Taylor's Administration.--Alarming Condition

of the Country.--Election of Messrs. Gwin and Fremont United States

Senators from California.-Attempt of Colonel Thomas H. Benton to

revive his decaying Popularity by becoming the Champion of Califor-

nian Admission.-Efforts of the Author to defeat this Scheme of self-

ish Ambition. — Retrospect of Colonel Benton's Attempt, about the

Close of Mr. Polk's Administration, to bring about the Rescission of

the Treaty with Mexico, by which all the territorial Domain recently

acquired would have been lost to the United States but for the Defeat

of that Attempt.-Signal Defeat of this unpatriotic Scheme, and re-

markable Particulars connected therewith not heretofore divulged. —

Colonel Benton deprived in Democratic Caucus of the Chairmanship

of the Committee of Foreign Affairs in the Senate on the Motion of the

Author, after a two-days' Struggle, by a Majority of one Vote only

Mr. Benton's extraordinary Attack on Mr. Calhoun and Others in his

public Speech delivered in Missouri' in the Summer of 1818, and Mr.

Calhoun's overwhelming Response thereto, drawn up at Author's earn-

est Instance. --Short Sketch of Colonel Benton's public Character, and

Delineation of his intellectual Qualities........

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