The Cambrian Plutarch: Comprising Memoirs of Some of the Most Eminent Welshmen, from the Earliest Times to the Present

Sprednja platnica
W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, 1824 - 385 strani

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Stran 22 - On his fleet and thick-maned steed. As his buckler, beaming wide, Decks the courser's slender side, With his steel of spotless mould, Ermined vest and spurs of gold. Think not, youth, that e'er from me Hate or spleen shall flow to thee : Nobler meed thy virtues claim, Eulogy and tuneful fame. Ah ! much sooner comes thy bier Than thy nuptial feast, I fear ; Ere thou makes the foeman bleed, Ravens on thy corse shall feed.
Stran 227 - Richard persisted m the exaction of this stipulation, and which he, perhaps, considered the less necessary, in consequence of the solemn protestations of loyalty conveyed by Rhys's letter, in which the writer declared, with reference to the apprehended invasion by the Earl of Richmond, that " whoever, ill affected to the state, should dare to land in those parts of Wales, where he had any employment under his Majesty, must resolve with himself to make his entrance and irruption over his body"*. The...
Stran 13 - The three primary requisites of poetical Genius; an eye that can see Nature, a heart that can feel Nature, and a resolution that dares follow nature.
Stran 165 - Hibernian, vol. iv. cap. vp 548, where are the " constitutions and canons ecclesiastical treated upon by the archbishops of Canterbury and York, and the rest of the bishops and clergy, in their several synods.
Stran 191 - Cynvyn, Prince of Powys, head of one of the five royal tribes of Wales, and reckoned among his ancestors, in the female line, the founders of two other tribes, Rhys ab Tewdwr and Gruffydd ab Cynan§. Thus nobly dea MS. written by the Rev. Thomas Ellis, formerly Rector of Dolgellan, in Merionethshire. I have not been able to meet with a copy of this work; and it does not appear, that the author of the " Memoirs" was more fortunate, or that he was even aware of its existence.
Stran 45 - Merioneth. But, wherever the evening of his days was consumed, it is certain that it was pregnant with sorrows, which he bewails in the most affecting strains in the elegy last mentioned, written after his connexion with Cynddylan was at an end, as is evident from the following passage, which also bears testimony to the infirmity under which he then laboured. Before I went on crutches, I was bold, I was admitted into the congress-house Of Powys, the Paradise of the Cymry. The bard farther appears...
Stran 68 - a mirror and pattern to all, instructing both by word and example, excellent in his preaching, but still more so in his works. He was a doctrine to all, a guide to the religious, a life to the poor, a support to orphans, a protection to widows, a father to the fatherless, a rule to monks, and a model to teachers ; becoming all to all, that so he might gain all to God.
Stran 268 - I should prove myself an unhonest, unconscionable and irreligious man ; yea, a sacrilegious robber of my church, a perfidious spoiler of my diocese, and an unnatural hinderer of preachers and good scholars...
Stran 3 - To rescue truth from the embraces of fiction, and to erect on the ruins of fable the fair edifice of genuine history, must be, at all times, a work of no little hazard. And the task acquires a peculiar difficulty, when it concerns those legendary productions, in which our infancy has been wont to delight, and which are accordingly associated with our earliest .prepossessions. The visions of childhood are not easily dissipated ; for, whatever may be the influence of a maturer experience, it is not...
Stran 35 - Short their trinmph, short their sway, Born and ended with the day. * * * * * * * * Havoc, havoc raged around, Many a carcase strew'd the ground ; Ravens drank the purple flood, Raven-plumes were dyed with blood : Frighted crowds from place to place, Eager, hurrying, breathless, pale, Spread the news of their disgrace, Trembling as they told the tale. The following extracts from

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