The History of Don Francisco de Miranda's Attempt to Effect a Revolution in South America: In a Series of Letters

Sprednja platnica
Oliver and Munroe, 1809 - 300 strani

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Stran 57 - I'm thinking, Pierre, how that damned starving quality Called Honesty got footing in the world. Pierr. Why, powerful Villainy first set it up, For its own ease and safety: honest men Are the soft easy cushions on which knaves Repose and fatten...
Stran 43 - I swear to be true and faithful to the free people of South America, independent of Spain, and to serve them honestly and faithfully against all their enemies or opposers whatsoever, and to observe and obey the orders of the supreme government of that country legally appointed ; and the orders of the general and officers set over me by them.
Stran 252 - Let me exemplify this observation, by remarking, that here within the United States, which scarcely thirty years ago were colonies engaged in a bloody struggle, for the purpose of shaking off their dependence on the parent state, the attempt to free a colony from the oppressive yoke of its mother country, is called «audacious, novel and dangerous.
Stran 280 - He was educated like other young men of the better families in Caraccas, at the schools and university of that city. He never mentioned his teachers, nor his school." He said that he learned Greek after he was forty. Depons observes, that at present, the Spanish youth, sensible of the insufficiency of their education, apply with avidity to the reading of foreign books. It is said Miranda began his travels in the provinces, in early manhood. He entered the army, and was Captain in the regular troops...
Stran 10 - The strange vessel turus out to be a large vessel in pursuit of us. Captain Lewis has shortened sail to let her come up. If she is French or Spanish, she will probably speak to us in harsh language, and we shall be obliged to fight. God -knows what our fate would be if captured, for I believe we must appear to them a suspicious set, who are on the high seas in a very questionable shape. If she is English, perhaps "all may be well." I must conclude, as we are going to pre[636] pare * for action. Our...
Stran 289 - His eyes are hazel colored, but not of the darkest hue. They are piercing, quick and intelligent, expressing more of the severe than the mild feelings. He has good teeth, which he takes much care to keep clean. His nose is large and handsome, rather of the English than Roman cast. His chest is square and prominent. His hair is gray and he wears it tied long behind with powder.
Stran 106 - ... hand bill, which has been circulated through the town and stuck up in all publick places. It purports to be an address from Miranda to the Spanish people here. " Friends and countrymen, " The glorious opportunity now presents itself, of relieving from oppression and arbitrary government, a people who are worthy of a better fate; who ought to enjoy the blessing of the finest country in the universe, which bountiful providence has given them ; but who are shackled by a despotism too cruel for human...
Stran 289 - Upon the whole without sayinghe is an elegant, we may pronounce him a handsome man. He has a constant habit of picking his teeth. When sitting he is never perfectly still ; his foot or hand must be moving to keep time with his mind which is always in exercise. He always sleeps a few moments after dinner, and then walks till bed time, which with him is about midnight. He is an eminent example of temperance. A scanty or bad meal is never regarded by him as a subject of complaint. He uses no ardent...

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