United States Congressional Serial Set

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1909
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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With this being an election year, I'm drawn more than usual to history and events that shaped our nation. Having read this, I'm interested to read other farewell addresses. Celotno mnenje

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To require lifepreservers on motor vessels 1859 Consolidation of and evidence in actions for libel
Circuit and district courts for eastern and middle districts of Tennessee 1861 Appropriations for PostOffice Department 1910
Appropriations to supply urgent deficiencies 1909
To prohibit importation of opium for other than medicinal purposes 1880 Conference report on bill to provide for 13th decennial census 1881 To es...
Duplicate gold certificates in lieu of ones lost or destroyed 1990 Loan of tents to North American Gymnastic Union 1892 To amend act rel to partici...
Permits to committee on inaugural ceremonies
Appropriations for Indian Department 1910
Appropriations for Department of Agriculture 1910
Conference report on bill relating to affairs in Territories 1922 To permit flooding of certain lands near Redlands Cal 1923 Appropriations for fortifi...
Providing for payment of cost of drainage of Omaha Indian allotted lands
Making 100th anniversary of birth of Abraham Lincoln legal holiday in D C etc 1935 Bridge across Indian River North
To extend time for Burlington Iowa to bridge Mississippi River 1938 Condemned cannon for Bedford Ind 1939 Condemned cannon for Robinson Il...
Right of way to Montana Wyoming and Southern Ry across Ft Keogh res 1947 Relief of certain officers of Signal Corps Army 1961 Conf rp on bill ...
To create Bellefourche land district in South Dakota 1966 Boundary line between Tennessee and Arkansas
1967 Circuit and district courts of northern dist of Ohio at Youngstown 1968 Payment of friar claims in Philippine Islands 1970 Monument to Pocah...
Government of Canal Zone Isthmus of Panama etc 1976 To extend time for disposal of certain lands on ceded Crow Reservation 1979 Corry Pa to b...
Conf rp on bill authorizing sale of land at head of Cordova Bay Alaska 1986 Providing for additional term of V S courts at Superior Wis 1987 Bridg...
Lifepreservers on motor vessels
Deduction of hatchway space etc from gross tonnage of vessels 1993 Contest of Warmoth v Estopinal 1996 Amending act to widen Bladensburg roa...
Amending act relating to grade crossings in District of Columbia 1999 Extending time for payments on certain homestead entries in Okla 2000 To pr...
Appropriations for diplomatic and consular service 1910
Extending time for bridge across Monongahela River at Brownsville Pa 2017 Harbor lines in Kansas River at Kansas City Kans
Sale of timber on allotted Indian lands
Protection of surface rights of entrymen 2020 Extending time for Valdez Marshall Pass and Northern Railroad 2021 Relief of Alaska Pacific Railway ...
Immediate transportation of dutiable merchandise
Acquiring land for protection of watersheds of navigable streams 2022 Parole of juvenile offenders committed to Nat Training School for Boys 2030...
Widening and extension of Minnesota avenue to Sheriff road D C
Relief of William Boldenweck assistant treasurer at Chicago III
Conference report on bill amending naturalization law 2037 Conference report on bill for new immigration station at Boston Mass 2041 Extending ti...
Participation of U S in universal and internat exhibition at Brussels 2049 Relief of Madison County
Reports of Washington Hospital for Foundlings to be made to comrs of D C
Change of highway plan east of Mills avenue D C
Amendment of D C code relative to building associations 2006 To permit flooding of certain lands near Redlands Cal 2067 Amending act of Aug 18...
Substitute for wood in manufacture of paper pulp
Increasing membership of Interstate Commerce Commission 2144 Establishment of childrens bureau in Interior Department 2145 Establishing court ...
Amending act to authorize construction of bridges across navigable waters
Amending act to regulate commerce etc 2149 Monument to Charles V Gridley at Erie Pa 2150 To provide for publishing additional cotton statistics 2...
Title to land in Dona Ana County N Mex 2153 Restoration of unpaid annuities of certain Santee Sioux Indians 2154 To divide judicial district of Ind...
Regulating examinations for promotion in Medical Corps Army 2158 Disposal of certain bronze or brass cannon
Condemned cannon for Moores Creek Battle Ground Association 2160 Sale of certain public lands in Nebraska
2161 Accounting of certain Indian trust funds
Manuscript of proceedings at unveiling of statue of George B McClellan 2166 Conference report on bill to accept gift of Constitution Island N Y 216...
Tercentenary celebration of discovery of Lake Champlain
Ranier Minn to be port of immediate transportation 2180 Grant of certain lands in Minnesota to Minnesota and Manitoba R R 2181 Homestead desig...
Fishcultural station in Tucker county W Va 2187 Fishcultural station in New Jersey 2188 To amend law incorporating American National Red Cross ...
Appropriations for rivers and harbors 1910
Professor of mathematics in Navy
Amending R S rel to boilerplate and space between flues on steam vessels 2204 To amend act permitting Washington Spa Spring Gretta R R to enter ...
Extension of street from 19th street nw near U st to Columbia road D C
Amending act relating to Alsea and other Indians Siletz Reservation
Amending act for widening of Benning road D C
To amend and consolidate acts respecting copyright
Relief of certain homestead settlers in Alabama
Site and pedestal for memorial to Alexander Hamilton in D C
Retirement of employees in classified civil service 2229 Disposition of condemned cannon for ornamental purposes 2230 Admitting Demetrio Castill...
Bridge across Missouri River at Council Bluffs Iowa
Shreveport la to bridge Red River 2241 Conference report on bill making appropriations for naval service 1910
Appropriations for deficiencies 1909 and prior years 2275 Conf rp on bill to remove restrictions from lands under Quapaw Agency 2276 Conf tp on...
To promote cause of international peace and arbitration 2283 Travel of officers and employees of PostOffice Department
Building for Geological Survey
Fishcultural station in Pennsylvania
Acquisition and improvement of Chesapeake and Delaware Canal 2292 Conference report on bill for protection of surface rights of entrymen 2293 ...
2302 Conf rp on bill making appropriations for Department of Agriculture 1910
Special peace officers in Alaska
Conf rp on bill making appropriations for legislative etc expenses 1910
Payment of money advanced by Maryland and Virginia 2319 Conference report on bill to codify revise and amend penal laws of U S 22 Conf rp on ...

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Stran 7 - The general principle announced in numerous cases is that a right, question or fact distinctly put in issue and directly determined by a court of competent jurisdiction, as a ground of recovery, cannot be disputed in a subsequent suit between the same parties or their privies; and even if the second suit is for a different cause of action, the right, question or fact once so determined must, as between the same parties or their privies, be taken as conclusively established, so long as the judgment...
Stran 8 - But no such damages shall be adjusted and paid until thoroughly examined and passed upon by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs and the Secretary of the Interior...
Stran 15 - An Act temporarily to provide for the administration of the affairs of civil government in the Philippine Islands, and for other purposes...
Stran 1 - Where nonmineral land not contiguous to the vein or lode is used or occupied by the proprietor of such vein or lode for mining or milling purposes, such nonadjacent surface ground may be embraced and included in an application for a patent for such vein or lode, and the same may be patented therewith, subject to the same preliminary requirements as to survey and notice as are applicable to veins or lodes...
Stran 4 - States, which, although prohibiting states from passing laws impairing the obligation of contracts, allows congress "to establish . . . uniform laws on the subject of bankruptcy throughout the United States.
Stran 15 - ... material object copyrighted, and the sale or conveyance, by gift or otherwise, of the material object shall not of itself constitute a transfer of the copyright, nor shall the assignment of the copyright constitute a transfer of the title to the material object; but nothing in this Act shall be deemed to forbid, prevent, or restrict the transfer of any copy of a copyrighted work the possession of which has been lawfully obtained.
Stran 1 - ... same may be patented therewith, subject to the same preliminary requirements as to survey and notice as are applicable to veins or lodes ; but no location hereafter made of such nonadjacent land shall exceed five acres, and payment for the same must be made at the same rate as fixed by this chapter for the superficies of the lode. The owner of a quartz mill or reduction works, not owning a mine in connection therewith, may also receive a patent for his mill site, as provided in this section.

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