The Professional Preparation and Certification of White Elementary and Secondary Public School Teachers in South Carolina

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Extension Division, University of South Carolina, 1926 - 270 strani
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Stran 174 - The golden age of English oratory, which extends over the last quarter of the eighteenth and the first quarter of the nineteenth centuries, produced no speaker, either in Parliament or at the Bar, superior in persuasive force and artistic finish to Thomas Lord Erskine.
Stran 11 - Constitution, it shall be the duty of the General Assembly to provide for the establishment and support of a State Normal School, which shall be open to all persons who may wish to become teachers.
Stran 7 - ... and women are without it, though to no person of average ability Is its acquisition impossible. It comes, however, only as other arts come ; by special training, by well-directed efforts, and by patient labor. By no means a secondary purpose in importance is that of furnishing to our city and Slate a corps of well-educated and intelligent young ladies, who will train, in their turn, the minds and hearts of the thousands who will be committed to their charge.
Stran 203 - The French adjective normal is derived from the Latin noun norma, which signifies a carpenter's square, a rule, a pattern, a model ; and the very general use of this term to designate institutions for the preparation1 of teachers, leads us at once to the idea of a model school for practice as an essential constituent part of a Teachers
Stran 204 - D. The minimum amount of student teaching required of every graduate of a teachers college shall be ninety hours of supervised teaching. E. For every eighteen college students to be given ninety hours of student teaching, there shall be a minimum group of thirty children, either in the campus training school or in affiliated urban or rural schools under the supervision of the college.
Stran xiii - The men who take charge of our public schools, and accept so miserable a pittance as the reward of their labors, are they who cannot get employment on any other terms. Necessity forces them to make the offer of their services, and necessity forces the commissioners to accept them. It is now in South Carolina a reproach to be a teacher of a free school, as it is regarded as prima facie evidence of a want of qualification.
Stran 171 - M. Victor Cousin, one of the most profound and popular writers of the age, in one department of literature, who was sent on this peaceful mission in the summer of 1831, submitted in the course of the year to his government, a " Report on the condition of Public Instruction in Germany, and particularly in Prussia.
Stran 204 - ... supervised teaching on the part of students. The use of an urban or rural school system, under sufficient control and supervision of the college to permit carrying out the educational policy of the college to a sufficient degree for the conduct of effective student teaching, will satisfy this requirement.
Stran x - Although the daily papers of that time contained very little matter of any sort, and oven less of a local nature, yet there is a complaint in the Charleston Courier of October 15, 1803, from a private correspondent, concerning the indifference to education shown by the editor of the paper. "We see great incomes made and great incomes wasted, great grandeur in equipage and household circumstances; » * * but we do not see the country studded up and down with those precious jewels of a state, Free...
Stran viii - That the person to be master of the said school shall be of the religion of the Church of England...

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