Political Thought in the United States: A Documentary History

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Lyman Tower Sargent
NYU Press, 1997 - 428 strani
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An innovative departure from traditional approaches to political thought, this groundbreaking anthology includes minority ideologies where they occurred historically. By interweaving minority voices with majority documents rather than grouping them together, Political Thought in the United States presents us with a uniquely organic portrait of American political life.
Beginning with the time of the explorers and early settlers, Lyman Tower Sargent presents the political beliefs and ideologies of religious minorities, women, North American Indians, and African Americans as fundamental components of American thought. Political Thought in the United States centers on two themes: the relationship between majority rule and minority rights, and the focus of power in the American system. Together with classic documents long heralded as cornerstones of American democracy, the book features writings of those opposed to the Constitution, slave petitions, Indian treaties, Emerson's Politics, works of conservatives like John Taylor and Herbert Hoover, documents from the feminist movements, labor manifestos, critiques of industrialization, and W. E. B. Du Bois's still-debated The Talented Tenth, and much more.


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I The Intellectual and Cultural Background
2 The Colonial Period 16201760
3 The Revolution 17631780
4 The Constitutional Debates 17801789
5 The New Nation 17901840
6 The Civil War Debates 1841186
7 Reconstruction 18651877
8 The Rise of Industrialism 18781900
9 The Progressive Era 19001928
10 The Depression and the New Deal 1929194
11 The Postwar Ears 1941965
12 The Sixties and Beyond
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O avtorju (1997)

Lyman Tower Sargent, Professor of Political Science at the University of Missouri, St. Louis, is author and editor of numerous books including Extremism in America and Political Thought in the United States.

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