The Holy State and the Profane State

Sprednja platnica
William Pickering, 1840 - 400 strani

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Stran 253 - Christ was the word that spake it; He took the bread and brake it; And what the word did make it, That I believe, and take it.
Stran 85 - He studies his scholars' natures as carefully as they their books; and ranks their dispositions into several forms. And though it may seem difficult for him in a great school to descend to all particulars, yet experienced schoolmasters may quickly make a grammar of boys...
Stran 91 - Is a gentleman in ore, whom the next age may see refined.
Stran 87 - From Paul's I went, to Eton sent, To learn straightways the Latin phrase, Where fifty-three stripes given to me At once I had. For fault but small, or none at all, It came to pass thus beat I was ; See * Udal, see the mercy of thee To me poor lad," Such an Orbilius mars more scholars than he makes : their tyranny hath caused many tongues * Nich.
Stran 143 - Will are kept, as it were, in libera custodia to their objects of verum et bonum, the Fancy is free from all engagements: it digs without spade, sails without ship, flies without wings, builds without charges, fights without bloodshed: in a moment striding from the centre to the circumference of the world; by a kind of omnipotency creating and annihilating things in an instant; and things divorced in Nature are married in Fancy as in a lawless place.
Stran 85 - Lexicon" [30 are chained to the desk therein; and though great scholars, and skilful in other arts, are bunglers in this: but God of His goodness hath fitted several men for several callings, that the necessity of Church and State in all conditions may be provided for. So that he who beholds...
Stran 86 - He is able, diligent, and methodical in his teaching; not leading them rather in a circle than forwards. He minces his precepts for children to swallow, hanging clogs on the nimbleness of his own soul, that his scholars may go along with him.
Stran 86 - Those that arc ingenious and idle. These think with the hare in the fable, that running with snails (so they count the rest of their schoolfellows,) they shall come soon enough to the post, though sleeping a good while before their starting.
Stran 125 - Let not thy jests, like mummy, be made of dead men's flesh. Abuse not any that are departed, for to wrong their memories is to rob their ghosts of their winding-sheets. Scoff not at the natural defects of any which are not in their power to amend. Oh ! it is cruelty to beat a cripple with his own crutches.
Stran 163 - ... of all truly religious. But what do I, speaking against multiplicity of books in this age, who trespass in this nature myself? What was a learned man's * compliment, may serve for my confession and conclusion : — Multi mei similes hoc morbo laborant, ut cum scribere nesciant, tamen a scribendo temperare non possint.

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