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Nole. - The Roman Numerals refer to the Volume, and the Figures to the Page.


ABINGDON, town of, described, iii.

Aboriginal America, described, iv. 222
Academies, Colleges and Univerfities :

American Academy of Arts and Sci-
ences, ii. 173.-Dunmore Academy,
178.—Phillips's Academy, ib.-Lei-
ccfter academy, 179--Havard miver-
sity, 180–Rhode-Itland college, 237
-Yale college, in Conneticut, 272---
King's or Columbia college, New-
York, 341-Clinton academy, 343–
College at Princeton, New- Jersey, 383
Queen's college, at Brunswick, New-
Jersey, 384-Univesity of Pennsyl-
vania, 443—College and Academy of
Philadelphia, ib.---Dickinson's college
in Pennsylvania, ib.-Franklin's col-
lege at Lancaster, in Pennsylvania, 444
-Washington college in Maryland, iii.
44-St. John's college at Annapolis, ib.
Cokelbury college, Maryland, 45
College of William and Mary, in Vir-
ginia, 113—University of North-Ca-
rolina, 213—College at Charleston,
256-College at Winsborough, it.-
College at Cambridge, ib. University

of Georgia, 277
Advantages which the United States porn

sess over Europe pointed out, iii. 281
Agamenticus, a mountain in N¢w-Hamp-

Thire, defcribed, ii. 63
Alatamaha river, described, iii. 264

Albany, city of, described, ii. 320
Alexandria, town of, described, iii. 97
dllgonquin woma, anecdote of, i. 107
Allegany niountains, described, i. 200

river, described, i. 191
Allum, found in New-Hampshire, ii. go
Amazonia, country of, described, iv. 222
America, continent of, supposed to be im-

perfectly known to the ancients, i. Ime

Pretensions of the Welch to the first
discovery of examined, ib. - First
discovered by Christopher Columbus,
55.-General description of, 79.
Boundaries and extent, divided into
North and South continent, ib. Cli-
mate, ib. --- why so materially different
from that of the old continent ac-
counted for, 80.-Extreme malignity
of, inferred by de Paw and Buffon, 83
- The contrary demonstrated by Cla-
vigero, ib. & feq.-Aborigines of, de-
scribed by Ulloa, 89, & feq. — Ex-
tremely fond of painting their bodies,

_Their insensibility to bodily pain
instances, 92--Their dress, 93--Sin.
gular manner of trying the fortitude of
their young chiefs, ib.Manners and
customs, 94-Government, 75-Man-
ner of cor.ducting their public bufiness,
96--Belts of Wampum, use of, ib.
War and hunting their principal em-
ployment, 9 —Their wars, how con.
ducted, ib. Their military enligns,
drofs, &c. 98--Their extraordinary vi-
gilance in war, 99--Discover astonish.
ing acuteness in tracing an enemy, ib,
--The ferocity with which they con-
duct their battles, ib. — Their trong
passion for liberty, 105--Their con:
troversies, how decided, ib.--Murder,
how punished, ib.-Their longevity,
106-Reflections caft upon them by
de Paw and others, examined and rem
futed, 107, & feq.—How first peopled,
144—Productions of, 156-Animals
of, cnumcrated, 124-Compared with

those of the old continent, 125, & leg.
America, North, when firit discovered, i.

157--And settled, ib. & seq.---Its
boundaries, extent, bays, sounds, Itraits,

and itlands, 172-Divisions, 174
America, South, view of, iv. 118
America, UNITED STATES of, their


of, i. 204

iv. 285

situation, extent and boundaries, i. 175 ington chosen President of the United
Grand divisions, ii. 1-Lakes and ri- States, 588
vers, i. 178—Bays, 194_Face of the Americans, Federal, character and manners
country, 198—Mountains, 199—Soil
and vegetable productions, 201—Po- Amerigo Vespucci publishes the forft writ-
pulation, 202--Character and manners ten account of the new world, and
of its inhabitants, 204-Government, hence gave name to America, i, 61
209--Conftitution, 210-Public ex. Androcozgin river, described, ii. 9
penditure, 239--Finances, 252--So- Animals of America, compared with those
ciety of the Cincinnati, 260-Agri- of Europe, i. 25
culture, 263-Commerce, 266—Ex- Annapolis, city of, ii. 38
ports, 270 - Duties, 276-Manufac- Antigua, island of, described, iv. 252
tures, 293 — Bank, 363 — Military Appamatiox river, described, iii. 79
Atrength, 364-Naval strength, 365 Augufta, town of, described, iii, 271
Religion, 366-Revolution, history of Azores, those illands first discovered by the
its rise, progress and establishment, 395 Portuguese, i. 5

Sketch of events which preceded the
revolution, 395, & feq.-Stamp act,
428---Difturbance at Bolton and Rhode-

14.and, 435-Congress chosen, 438-
Stamp act repealed, 441— Тca seized Bahama islands, described, iv. 292
at Boston, 458—First meeting of Con- Baltimore, in Maryland, described, i. 38
gress, 463-Publith a declaration of Baprifs, account of, i. 373
rights, ió.-Boston neck fortihed by Barbardoes, island of, described, iv. 243
Gen. Gags, 469-Action at Lexing- Barbuda, island of, described, iv, 283
ton and Concord, 473-Battle of Bun- Beaufort, town of, iii. 247
ker's hill. 483-Washington appointed Belknap, Mr. his description of the White
commander in chief of the American mountains, ii. 66
army, 493– Expedition into Canada, Bermu.las, or Sommer's islands, described,
ib.-Americans defeat Gen. Carleton,
494-Unfuccessful attack on Quetec, Bethlehem, town of, ii. 436
496--Death of Montgomery, ib. Bestering-house, or Quaker's hospital, ac-
Boston cvacuated by the British, 500 count of, ii. 419
--Americans declare themselves inde- Birds of America, enumerated, iv. 382
pendent, 504-Declaration, ib.—Un- Black river, described, ii. 300
successful attack by the Britilh, 512- Bones, supposed to be those of the main-
Arrival of Commissioners from Eng- moth, found iii. 137
land, 5!3 — Anxericans defeated at Boquet river, described, fi. 300
Staten illand, 514-Battle of the White Bojlon, city of, described, ii. 140
plains, 517--Philadelphia taken by the Brandywine, corn mills at, deícribed, ii.
British, 523 --- Action at German- 466
town, 524-Capture of Burgoyne and Brasil, d:scribed, iv. 204
his army at Saratoga, 531—Treaty of Bridge, natural, a fingular one described,
alliance between France and the Ame-
ricans, 532

Philadelphia cvacuated Brifos, M. his account of the Betteringa
hy the British, 533--French feet ar- house at Philadelphia, ii. 425
rives on the coast of Virginia, 536 Bristol, town of, described, ii. 230
Charleston taken by the British, 548 British settlements in Aincrica, history of
-Reinforcements of thips and troops the, iv. I
arrive from Fraccr, 553--Arnold he- British Wef-Indies, described, iv. 233
trays and deserts the Americans, 556 Brunswick, city of, described, iii. 372
--Execution of Major André, ib. -

town ef, described, ib.
Americans wetented at Guildford, 563 Burlington, city of, described, is. 372

Action between the British and
French flcers, 570--Surrender of Corn-
Wallis and his army at York-own,

571-Treary of peace between Enge
land and the United States, 572_Ter- Cabot, John, fent on a voyage of dilom
mination of the war, 573— Transac- very by Henry VII. i. 157
tions after the peace, 574---Conftitution Sebastian, cxplores the coast of Bra-
of the United States ratified by a large fil, i. 158.
majority of the States, 587 - New Cabral, Alverez, a Portuguese commander,
Congress clected, ibon General Walha discovers thc coast of Brakl, i. 63


ii. 172

California, described, iv. 107.

of his erew, 21-His address in quiet.
Calvinifts, account, i. 383

ing their cabals, 22--Indications of
Cambridge, in Mafsachusetts, desai ibed, i. their approaching land, 23-An island

discovered, ib.--He lands, 24-His inc
Cambden, described, iii. 249

terview with the natives, ib.-Names
Canada, upper and lower provinces of, de- the island San Salvador, 25-Profeciites

scribed, iv. 2-Situation, extent and his discoveries southward, 26--Disco.
boundaries, ib.--Air and climate, 3- vers and lands on the illand of Cuba, ib.
History of its settlement, ib.-Face of --Discovers Hispaniola, 28 -Suffers
the country, produce, &c. 5— Princi- Shipwreck, but is saved hy the Indians,
pal towns, 7— Population, religion and 29-Builds a fort, 32--Returns to
trade, S-Government, 10

Europe, 33–His expedient to preserve
Cape Breton, island of, described, iv, 12 the memory of his discoveries during
Cape Cod, described, ii. 129

a storm, 34-Arrives at the Azores,
Carey, Dr. his account of the malignant 35–Arrives at Lisbon, 36-His se-
fever at Philadelphia, ii. 42;

ception in Spain, ib.--His audience
Carlisle, in Pennsylvania, described, ii. with Ferdinand and Ifabella, 37--His

equipment for a second voyage, 39–
Carthagena, province of, described, iv, 131 Discovers the Caribbee islands, 40-
Carolina, North and South. Sce' North Finds his colony on Hispaniola de-
and South Carolina.

Itroyed, 41--Builds a city, which he
Cavern, remarkable, in New Hampshire, calls Isabella, 42-Visits the interior
described, ii. 87

part of the country, 43--His men dis,
Cayenne, described, iv. 213

contented and factious, 44--Discovers
Charleston, in Massachusetts, deseribed, ii. the island of Jamaica, 45-Meets his

brother Bartholomew at Isabella, ib.--
South-Carolina, described, iji. The natives ill-uted by his meu, and

begin to be alarmcd, 46-He defeats
Chesapeak bay, description of, iii. 35-195 the Indians, 48-Exacts tribute from
Chickabee mountain, described, ii. 5

them, ib.-Returns to Spain to justify
Chili, history of, iv. 162

his conduct, 51-Is furnished with a
Chrystals, found in New-Hampshire, ii. more regular plan of colonization, 52

-His third voyage, 54-Discovers the
Cincinnati, society of, i. 260

iland of Trinidad, ib.-Discovers the
Clavigero, Abbé, his refutation of the

continent of America, 56 - State of
misrepresentations of de Paw concerning Hispaniola on his arrival, ib.--Com-
the Americans, i, 113, & feq.

poses the mutiny of Roldan and his ad-
Climate of America, i. 79

berents, 58-Is distressed by the factious
of the United States. See the behaviour of his men, 64--Complaints
different States

carried to Spain against him, ib. Is
Cod fishery, how carried on, ii, 116

sent home in irons, 66–Clears his
Columbia, territory of, iii. 67

conduct, but is not restored to his au.
town of, iii. 249

thority, 67–His solicitations neg-
Columbus, Christopher, birth and educa- lected, 69—Forms new schemes of dis.

tion of, i. 4–His carly vay: ges, ih.-- covery, 70-Engages in a fourth voyage,
marries and settles at Lisbon, ;-His 71-His treatment at Hispaniola, ib.-
geographical reflections, ib.Conceives Searches after a passage to the Indian
the idea of making discoveries to the ocean, 72--Is thipwrecked on the coast
westward, 7-Offers his services to the

of Jamaica, 73-His artisce to secure
Genocle senate, who reject them, 8 the friendship of the Indians, 75-Is
Cause of his overtures being re- delivered, 76—And arrives at Hispa-
jected in Portugal, 9 — Applies to paniola, 77–Returns to Spain, ib.
the courts of Castile and England, 10 His death, 78
--His proposal, how treated by the Columbus, Bartholomew, is sent by his
Spanish gengraphers, fl-Is patronised brother Christopher to negociate with
by Juan Perez, 13 — His proposals Henry VII. King of England, i. 10--
again rejected, 14--Is invited by Isa- the misfortunes of his voyage, 12--
bella, and engaged in the Spanish ser- Follows his brother to Hispaniola, 4,
vice, 15—Preparations for his voyage, -Is vefted with the administration or
16—The amount of his equipment, affairs there by his brother on
17--Sails froin Spain, 18--His vi- turn to Spain, 51-Founds the town of
gilant attention to all circumstances St. Domingo, 56
during his voyage, 19-Apprehenfi ni Commerce of the United States, i. 266

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Concord, town of, in New Hampshire, ji. Elkton, town of, described, in. 4

Elkhorn river, described, iii. 127
town of, in Massachusetts, ii. 146 Emigration, motives to, iii. 299
Congregationalifs, account of, i. 367 Emigradors, what class of, likely to find
Connecticul, State of, its situation, extent it their interest to fix their residence in

and boundaries, ii. 235–Air and cli- the United States, iii. 327
mate, ib.-Face of the country, sea- Exports from Massachusetis. See Malfa-
coaits, &c. 256 - Soil and productions, chusetts
258 — Civil divisions, 259 — Chicf Exeter, town of, described, ij. 92
towns and curiosities, ib.- Population,
26;—Religion and character, 267–

Trade and manufactures, 270--Learn-
ing and literaiure, 271– Inventions Falls of St. Anthony, i. 188
and improvements, 274,-

4-Constitutions of Niagara, i. 183
and courts of justic:, 275-Practice of -- of Ohiopyk, ii. 397

law, 278---Mode of levying taxes, 279 Fayetteville, town of, described, iii. 204
Cornelicut river, described, ii, 11

Fever, malignant, at Philadelphia, account
Conftitution of the United States, i. 587

į. 134

of, ii. 425
Conftitutions of the different States. See Fijn of N. America, described, iv. 410
the different States

Flax, on the culture of, iii. 440
Convention between France and America, Florida, East and Weft, described, iv. 65
iv. Appendix

Flowering trees, enumerated, iii. 395
Copper mine at New-Brunswick, account Foreff trees, enumerated, iii. 380
of, ii. 368

Franklin, Dr. his anecdotes of the Indians,
Cuba, inand of, discovered by Columbus,
i. 26-Described, iv. 297

Fredericksburgh, town of, defcribed, iii. 98
Curafjor, island of, described, iv. 328 Frederick town, described, iii. 40

Frederica, town of, described, iii. 272

French postessions in South-America, dc-

scribed, iv, 213

Weft-Indies, described, iv. 309
Danish Wef-Indies, described, iv. 330 Fruits, exotic, enumerated, iii. 396
Darien, isthmus of, described, iv. 119-

nut, enumerated, iii, 396
atternpred to be settled by the Scotch

under Paterson, 120
Dartmouth college, ii. 121
Delarvore, State of, its situation, extent

and boundaries, ii. 461-Face of the George-town, in Maryland, described, iii.
country, soil and productions, ib. 39
Civil divisions, 463-Chief towns, ib.

--- in South-Carolina, described,
-Population, 465-Rcligion, ib. iii. 248
Trade and manufactures, 466-Public Georgia, State of, its situation, extent and

improvements, 468-Constitution, ib. boundaries, iij. 262–Climate, ib.-
Delaware river, described, ii. 301

Face of the country, 263-Soil, pro-
bay, described, i. 195

ductions, &c. 267–Remarkable spring,
Deseada, island of, described, iv. 320 270-Civil divisions, ib.-Chief towns,
Dick's river, described, iji. 127

271-- Population, 373—Religion and
Diseases prevalent in the United States, iii. character, 274–Trade and manufac.

tures, 276--S:ate of literature, 277–
Domingo See St. Domingo

Constitution, 278—Indians, ib.
Dominica, iland of, described, iv. 267 German Luthcrans, account of, i. 383
Dover, low nof, described, ii. 463

Grafas, cultivated, lift of, iii. 400
Drowned lands, described, ii. 304

native, list of, ib.
Dutch West-Indies, described, iv. 327 Grenada and the Grenadines, isands of,

Poffeffioas in South-America, de- described, iv, 255
Icribed, iv. 216

New. See New-Grenada
Reformed church, 1. 372

Greenland Well, described, iv. 47
Duties on goods imported into the United

- East, described, iv. 61
States enumerated, i. 276

Green river, described, iji. 127

Greenville, towu of, described, iji. 205

Grollos, three remarkable ones in Penn-

sylvania, described, ii. 402
Edenton, town of, described, iii. 302 Guadalupe, isand of, described, ix. 314

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