Slike strani

iii. 344

Lake Erie, described, i. 183

Ontario, described, i. 184

Champlain, described, ib.
Hagar's town, described, iii. 40

George, described, i. 185
Halifax, town of, described, iji, 204

Rainy, or Long lake, described, i.
Harrisburgh, town of, described, ii. 437

Hartford, city of, described, ii. 260 Lancaster, town of, described, ii. 432
Heli-Gate, straits so called, i. 194

Lands, new, method of cultivating and
Hemp, the culiure of, iii. 440

clearing, iii. 415
Hillsborough, town of, described, iii. 204 Lanisburgh, town of, described, ii. 322
Hispaniola, island of, described, iv. 320- Letters, postage of, in the United States,

See St. Domingo
Houf.tonick river, described, ii, 256 Lexington, in Kentucky, account of, iii.
Hudson's river, described, ii. 298
city of, described, ii. 322

Lees, town of, described, iii. 141
Lewis, town of, described, ii. 464

Lima, a province of Peru, described, iv.


Litiz, town of, described, ij. 436
Im'ay, Mr. his account of Kentucky, iii. Little Comp:vn, town of, described, ii, 230

Logan, an Indian chief, his eloqueat
Indiana, described, iii. 123.

Speech to Lord Dunmore, i. 134
Indians. See the cities of the respetive Long-Island, deferihed, ii. 311

Louisville, town of, in Kentucky, de-
Indigo, on the culture of, iii. 432

scribed, iii. 141
Insects of America, account of, iv. 413

in Georgia, described,
Ipswich, town described, ii, 144

, found in New-Hampshire,ii.89 Lystra, town of, described, iii. 141
Iron ore, found in New-Hampshire, ii. 90



jji. 272

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Jamaica, inand of, described, iv. 233—

Exports from, 23
James river, described, iii. 79
Jersey. See New Jersey
Jews, account of, i. 394

Maine, district of, situation, extent and

boundaries, ii. 211-Air and climate,
212-Face of the country, ib.-Soil
and productions, 214-Civil divisions
and chief towns, 216 — Popularion,
218-Religion and ch..racter, 221–
Trade and manufactures, ib.Learn-
ing and literature, 222-Conftitution,

ib. -Indians, ib.
Maple sugar, how made, iii. 496
Marblchead, town of, described, ii. 142
Martha's vineyard, isand of, described,


ji. 137

Kanhawa, great, river, described, iii. 83

little, river, described, ib.
Kennebeck river, described, ij. 8
Kentucky, State of, its fituation, extent

and boundaries, iii. 123–Climate, ib.
-Face of the country, soil and pro-
ductions, 126--Curiofities, 136~Civil
divisions and chief towns, 140—Popu-
Jation, 148—Religion and character,
149 - Commerce, 150 - Literature,
155-Rights of land, 156_Constiru-

tion, 157

river, described, iii. 127
Kingston, town of, described, ii. 324

Mufachusetts, State of, its situation, ex-

tent and boundaries, ii. 124–Face of
the country, sea coasts and inlands, 131
-Soil and productions, 139--Civil
divisions and chief towns, 140--Popu-
lacion, 147--Military trength, I 1584
Commerce and manufactues, 160-
Exports, ib.--- Banks, 168_Public im-
provements, 169-Natural curiosities,
172— Public societies, 173-Contti-

tution, 182
Marigalante, island of, described, iv. 320
Martinico, island of, described, iv. 309
Maryland, State of, its situation, extent

and boundaries, iii. 34—Air and cli-
mate, ib.-Face of the counrry, ib.-
Soil and productions, 37-Civil divi-
fions and chief towns, 38-Population,
40 - Religion and character, 41




Lake, superior, described, i. 159

of the woods, described, ib.
Huron, described, i. 181
Michigan, described, i. 182
St. Clare, described, ib.

of, jii. 90

Trade and manufactores, 43-Serni- New-Grenads, province of, described, iv.
naries of learning, 44-Constitution,


New-Hampshire, State of, its fituation,
Medicinal springs, at Saratoga, deferibed, extent and boundarics, ii. 57-Fxce of
ii. 307—Experiments on, 308

the country, fes coast and mountains,
springs at New-Lebanon, Dr. 61 — Sojl and productions, 81–Ca..
Mitchell's experiments' on, ii. 309

verns, stones, fofils aud minerals, 87
springs, in Virginia, account -Civil divisions and chief towns, 91

- Population, 93-Religion, character
Mennorišts, account of, i. 386

and genius, 100-Trade and many-
Merrimack river, described, ii. 9. 152

faétures, 105–Beuk, 11.- Education
Methodifs, account of, i. 382

and literature, ib.-Conftitution, 123
Merco elogical inquiries, suggested, iij. 524 Now-Haven, town of, described, ii. 200
Mexican morality, specimen of, i. 123 New-Ferley, State of, its (xuation, extent
Mexico, or New-Spain, described, iv. 78 and boundaries, ii. 362-Face of the

-Government, commerce, &c. 111 country, sea coaft, &c. ib.--Soil mod
Mexica, Old, deicribed, iv. 78

productions, 366--Civil divisions and
Middle States, their situation, extent and chics towns, 370-Population, 373

boundaries, ji. 282–Rivers and bays, Religion and character, 379--Manu-
ib, --Climate, ib.

factures, trade, &c. 380-Literature,
Middleton, town of, described, ii. 261

improvements, &c. 383-Coaftitution,
Millijippiriver, described, i. 85

385-Courts of justice, laws, &c. 395
Mohawk river, described, ii. 300

Military strength, 392
Monopgabeko river, described, i. 191-i. New-London, rown of, described, ii. 261

New-York, State of, its situation, extent
Monoh rrat, island of, described, iv, 282 and boundaries, ii. 297–Face of the
Moravians, account of, i. 383

country, sea coaft, &c. ib.-Soil and
Mountains of America. See America productions, 304-Roads and bridges,
and the different States

306-Medicinal springs, 307-Jilands,
Mount Vernon, defcribed, iii. 97

311 Civil divilions, 313— Chief
Alount Wafiyingtar, described, ii. 67

towns, 314-Population, 325-Curi.
ofities, 331-Religion and character,

333- Agriculture, manufactures and

trade, 336_Societies, 339—Literature,

341 - Constitution., 343— Finances,
Nanesmond river, described, iii. 79

356--Military strength, 357—Indians
Nantucket, island of, described, ii. 131
Nashville, town of, described, iii. 232 New-York, city of, deferibed, it: 314
Narcies, an Indian nation, their plot for Niagara, falls of, described, i. 183

massacring the French in Louisiana, i, North-Carolina, State of, its situation,cx.

tent and boundaries, iii. 192–Climate,
Natural History, inquiries in, fuggested, iü. 193--Face of the country, fea coast,

&c. 194–Soil and productions, 199-
Nevis, illand of, described, iv. 279

Civil divifions, 201-Chief towns, 203
Nazareth, town of, described, ii. 436

- Population, 205-Religion and cha-
Neut river, described, iii. 194

racter, 210—Trade and manufactures,
Newark, town of, described, ii. 373

213-Colleges and academies, il
Non-Britain, described, iv. 17 - Cli. Constitution, 214

mate, ib.--Face of the country, soil, Norwich, town of, described, ii. 261
&c. 18-Inhabitants, customs, &c. 21 Nova Scotia, province of, its fituzdion
-Animals, 25-Discovery and com- and boundaries, iv. 39--Soil and pro-
merce, 26

ductions, 40-Rivers and bays, i).-
Nowburv-port, town of, described, ii. 144 Civil divifions, 41 —Principal towns,
Newcastic, town of, described, ii. 463

forts and trade, 43
New-England, or northern, or eastern

States, their divisions, ii. 1- Their
situation, extent and boundaries, 2-

Face of the country, mountains, &c.
4-Soil and productions, 5-Rivers, 8 Observations on the goveriment, trade,
---Population, character and diversions, &c. of the Spanish colonies, iv, 172
13--History, 17

Ogrcchee river, described, iii. 264
Newfound'ard, island of, described, iv. 45 Ohio river, described, iii. 126


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Ohiopibningo, town of, described, iii. 147 Prince-town, described, ii. 375
Okiopyle, fall, described, ii. 39

Productions of the United States. Sæt
mendugo river, described, ii. 300

the different States

Protestant cpiscopal church, account ol, i.


Prospets and advantages of an European
Pamlics, or Tar river, described, iii. 194 lettler in the United Stares pointed out,
Paraguiy, or La Plata, province of, de-
scribed, iv. 168

Providence, in Rhode-I and, town of, de-
Paria, province of, described, iv, 134 fcribed, ii. 229
Pafratagua, port of, exports from, ii. 107 Provisions, prices of, in the United States,
- Imports into, 108 --Entries and

ii. 360
clearances, 109--Prices current at, 110 Parysburgh, town of, described, iii. 249
Palaick river, described, ii. 364

Puinam, General, his remarkable advert-
Paragonia, country of, described, iv. 225 ture in a cave, ij. 262
Paterfon, Mr. his great but unfortunate

atiempt to establish a colony on the

isthmus of Daiiei, related, iv. 120
Pasuxent river, described, ini. 35
Paukatuck river, described, ji: 257 Quadrupeds of America, described, iv. 333
Beta river, iii. 241

Quakers, account of, i. 378
t'ence, William, receives a grant of lands Quito, province of, described, iv. 139

in America from Charles II. ii. 290—
Publishes a form of government for
Pennsylvania, 291-Receives a grant

of Jands from the Duke of York, ib.
-Arives on the banks of th: Dela- Raritan river, described, ii. 365
ware, ib.-Departs for England, 293 Rat river, described, iii. 126
-Returns to America, 294

Repuiles of America, account of, iv. 409
Pennsylvania, State of, its situation and Residence in America, where and how to
boundaries, 394-Face of the country,

be chosen, ii. 309
ib. Soil, productions, trade and ma- Revenues of the separare States See [c-
nufactures, 403-Civil divisions, 410
-Clief towns, 411_Population, 437 Role-Island and Providence plantations
---Rcligion and character, 438-Lite- State of, Gtuation, extent and bounda-
Cary, humane and other societies, 440 ries, ii, 224Air and climate, ib.--.
Colleges, academies and schools, 443 Face of the country and sea coast, it.
-New inventions, 444-Conftitution, Suil and productions, 226--Civil di-

visions and chief towns, 227–Popu-
Penobscoli river, described, ii. 8

Jacion, 231---Trade and manufactures,
Perth Amboy, city of, described, ii. 372 233--Religion and character, 235
Perit, hiftory of, iv. 137

Learning and literature, 237--Societies
Petersburgh, town of, described, iij. 99 and improvements, 239-Conftitution
Philadelphia, city of, described, ii. 411

and charter, 240
Piankutane river, described, iii. 81

Rice, ou the culture of, iii. 434
Pifcataqua river, described, ii, 10

Richmond, town of, described, iii. 98
Pittfturgh, town of, described, ii. 433 Riranna river, described, ini. 80
Plants, medicinal, account of, iii. 397 Rivers of New-England, remarks on, ü.
foreign, list of, iii. 403.

poisonous, account of, iii. 395 Roanoke river, described, iii. 79
Plattsburgh, town of, described, ii. 324 Rock, remarkablc one in the State of New-
Polymetric table of distances between Piter- York, described, ii. 331
burgh and the mouth of the Ohio, ili. 280 Roman Catholics, account of, i. 382
of America, ib.

Rural economy, inquiries relative thereto,
Plymouth, town of, described, ii. 92

iii. 506
Portland, town of, described, ii. 217
Porto Rico, ibland of, descrited, iv, 303

Portsmouth, town of, described, ii. 92
Portuguese settlements in North-America, Sable river, described, ii. 299
described, iv. 214

Saro river, described, ii.9. 74
Potonack river, described, i.92-iii. 81 Salem, town of, described, ii, 142
Prcfbyterians, account of, i. 369

Salyftury, town of, described, ill. 204
Price current at Philadelphia, iii. 344 Sale river, described, iii, 127


parate States


Santa Cruz; inand of, described, iv. 430 Si. Euflatius, ihand of, described, iv.
Santee river, described, iii. 241

Saranac river, described, ii. 299

Sr. John, island of, described, iv. 44
Savannah river, described, iii. 264 St. Lucia, island of, described, iv. 318

town of, described, iii, 271 St. Lawrence, island of, described, i. 192
Schuy/kill river, described, ii. 395 St. Martha, province of, described, iv.
Seneca river, described, ii. 302

Shakers, account of, i. 392

St. Vincent, island of, described, iv. 373
Shenandoah river, described, iii. 82 Swetara river, described, ii. 396.
Sbetucket river, described, ii. 257

Sugar maple, on the culture of, iii. 492
Shrubs, enumerated, iii. 391

Sunbury, town of, described, ii, 271
Societies : Maflachusetts charitable society, Susquehannak river, described, ii. 301

ii. 174-Bolton episcopal charitable so- Surinam, or Dutch Guianas described, iv.
ciety, ib. Massachusetts medicinal fo. 216
ciety, i6.--Botton humane socicy,175
--Society for propagating the gospel,
ib. Massachusetts society for pro-
moting agriculture, 176--Mallachu.
fetts historical Society, ib.-Marime so. Table of duties, &c. iii. 350
ciety at Newport, Rhode Illand, 239 of the value of lilver currency of
--Society for promoting the abolition New-Hampthire, ii. III
of the slave trade, 239-Do. in New-

of coins, iii. 340
York, 339
Do. at Philadelphia,

of the value of cuts, iji. 242
441-Sociсty for promoting useful of distances between Pittsburgh and
knowledge at New York, 339—So- the mouth of the Ohio, mi. 280
ciety for affitting emigrants at Newa of distances, ib.
York, ib. - American philosophical of West-India exports, &c. iv.295
fociety, 440-Sociсty for promoting Tarborough, town of, described, iii. 205
political inquiries, 441-College of Taunton river, described, ii. 126
physicians at Philadelphia, ib.-.-Phila- Taxes, see different States
delphia dispensary, ib.- South-Caro- Tennessee government. Sec Territory foute
lina society, iti. 257 Mount Sion of the Obia
library, and St. Cecilia societies, 257–

river described, iij. 226
Charitable and medicinal societies at Terra Firma, or Castile del Oro, de-
Charleston, ib.

scribed, iv.
South Carolina, state of, its fituation, ex- Territory north-west of the Ohio, its situa-

tent and boundaries, iii. 338--Climate, tion, extent and boundaries, ii. 479-
ib.--Face of the country, fca coaft, &c. Face of the country, soil and produc-
239_Soil and productions, 243– tions, 480—Civil divisions, 486–
Civil divisions, 245–Chief towns, Antiquities, curiosities, &c. ib.
247 Population, 249 — Military Population, 487-Government, 488
ftrengili, 252--Religion and character, - south of the Obio, or the Tennessee
ib.--Trade and manufactures, 255-- government, its situation, extent and
State of literaturc, 256-Charitable boundaries, iii. 225-Climate, ib.-
ad orher focicties, 257–Public reve- Face of the country, &c. 226_Soil
nyc and expenditurc, ib.-Conftitution, and productions, 229-Civil divisions
258 - Laws, 259-Practice of law, and chief towns, 232-Population,
courts of justice, 260~Damage by the 233--Religion and character, 234-
late war, 261--Indians, ib.

Commerce, 231-Learning and litera-
Southern States, description of, iii. 1-His- ture, 236—Indians, ib.
tory of, 2

Thames river, described, ii. 286
Spanish Welt-Indics, described, iv. 297 Thompson, Mr. C. his remarks on the

dominions in South-America, passage of the Potomack, ii. 400
described, iv. 119

Tobacco, on the culture of, iii. 427
Jominions in North-America, Tobago, island of, described, iv. 319
described -Hiftory of, iv. 65

Treaty betwoen France and America, iv.
Stalen illand, descrital, ii. 313

Appendix, No. 1, 2; 3.
St. Baitboronew, island of, described, iv. between the United States and Great-

Britain, iv. Appendix, No. 4.
St. Chrifiopher's, island of, described, iv. between the Dutch and the United

States, iv. Appendix, No. 5.
Sz. Dorning, ifand of, described, iv. between the United States and the

King of Prussia, iv, appendix, No. 6.


Trenton, town of, described, ii. 371 manufactures, 111~Colleges, acade.
Trent river, described, iii. 195

mies, and literature, 113-Conftitu-
Trinidad, island of, described, iv. 305 tion, 119-Laws, 122
Tunkers, account of, i. 388
Tyoga river, described, ii. 302



Unitarians, account of, i. 373
Universalifts, account of, i. 387


Warren, town of, described, ii. 230
Washington, George, appointed comman-

der in chief of the American army, i.
493–His various operations through-
out the war, i. 494, et. feq.-Elected
president of the United States
Washington, city of, described, iii. 67

town of, in Kentucky, den
scribed, iii. 141

town of, in North-Carolina,
described, iii. 205.

town of, in Pennsylvania, de-
scribed, ii. 437
Weft-India isands, described, iv. 228
Wethersfield, town of, described, ii. 267
White mountains, described, ji. 66
Williamsburgh, town of, described, iji.
Wilmington, town of, described, iii. 204
Worcester, town of, described, ii. 146

Vermont, State of, ils situation, extent,

air and climate, ii. 40-Face of the
country, 41-Soil, productions, &c.
42-Civil divisions, 43-Chief towns
and curiosities, ib.- Population, 45-
Religion and character, 52-Trade and
manufactures, ib.-Literature and in-
provements, 53---Constitution, 54
Vermes, lift of, iv. 415
Venezula, province of Terra Firma, de-

scribed, iv. 133
Vine, on the cultivation of the, iii. 453
Virginia, State of, its situation and ex-

tent, iii. 73-Climatc, 74--Face of
the country, mountains, rivers, foil
and productions, 76--Medicinal springs,
90-Caverns and curiofitics, 92-Ci-
vil divisions, 95--Chief towns, 96_
Population, 101-Militia, 104–Re-
ligion and character', 103-Trade and

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