Jewett's Manual for Election Officers and Voters in the State of New York: Containing the General Election Law, Town Meeting Law, Provisions Relating to School Meetings and the Primary Law of 1899. Complete with Amendments to Date

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M. Bender, 1899 - 454 strani

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Stran 271 - of 1893.) Form of official oaths.— " Members of the legislature, and all officers, executive and judicial, except such inferior officers as shall be by law exempted shall, before they enter on the duties of their respective offices, take and subscribe the following oath or
Stran 388 - Chap. 594. AN ACT to provide for the holding of town meetings and elections in counties of the state having a certain population. Became a law April 28, 1898, with the approval of the Governor. Passed, three-fifths being present. The People of tlie State of New York, represented in Senate
Stran 232 - Chap. 676. AN ACT to create a metropolitan elections district; provide for the appointment of a state superintendent therein, and to prescribe his powers and duties. Became a law July 16, 1898, with the approval of the Governor. Passed, threefifths being present. The People of the
Stran 328 - be entitled to vote at such election in the election district of which he shall at the time be a resident, and not elsewhere, for all officers that now are or hereafter may be elected by the people, and upon all questions which may be submitted to the vote of the people, provided
Stran 343 - of March, eighteen hundred and sixty-five, are deemed to have voluntarily relinquished and forfeited their rights of citizenship, as well as their right to become citizens; and such deserters shall be forever incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under the United States, or of exercising any right of citizens thereof.
Stran 45 - election? Have you paid, offered or promised to pay, contributed, offered or promised to contribute, to another, to be paid or used, any money or other valuable thing, or made any promise, to influence the giving or withholding of any vote at the next ensuing election?
Stran 78 - of State : which, at the last preceding general election, at which a governor was elected, cast ten thousand votes in the state for such officer, the following named persons were placed in nomination for offices to be filled at the next ensuing general election
Stran 177 - Ballots voted for any person whose name does not appear on the machine as a nominated candidate for office, are herein referred to as independent ballots. Where two or more persons are to be elected to the same office, and the machine requires that all independent ballots voted for that office be deposited
Stran 344 - States, or who, being duly enrolled, departs the jurisdiction of the district in which he is enrolled, or goes beyond the limits of the United States, with intent to avoid any draft into the military or naval service, lawfully ordered, shall be liable to all the penalties and forfeitures of section nineteen hundred and ninety-six.
Stran 346 - prince, potentate, state or sovereignty, and, particularly, by name, to the prince, potentate, state or sovereignty of which the alien may be at the time a citizen or subject. " 2. He shall at the time of his application to be admitted, declare, on oath,

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