The dictionary of daily wants by the editor of Enquire within upon everything [Robert Kemp Philp?].

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Houlston and Wright, 1861 - 1135 strani

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Stran 447 - ... every person playing or betting in any street, road, highway, or other open and public place, at or with any table or instrument of gaming, at any game or pretended game of chance...
Stran 424 - ... whosoever shall unlawfully and wilfully take or destroy, or attempt to take or destroy, any fish in any water not being such as hereinbefore mentioned, but which shall be private property, or in which there shall be any private right of fishery...
Stran 330 - Or if with any part of his person he stop the ball, which, in the opinion of the Umpire at the Bowler's wicket, shall have been pitched in a straight line from it to the Striker's wicket, and would have hit it.
Stran 66 - riot' is described to be a tumultuous disturbance of the peace by three persons or more, assembling together of their own authority, with an intent mutually to assist one another against any who shall oppose them in the execution of some enterprise of a private nature, and afterwards actually executing the same in a violent and turbulent manner, to the terror of the people, whether the act intended were of itself lawful or unlawful.
Stran 431 - ... be placed upright in a cellar till Michaelmas ; when, with the addition of fresh earth, they are to be put into proper tubs or vessels, and placed in a stove or hothouse, where they must every morning be moistened or refreshed with a solution of half an ounce of sal-ammoniac in a pint of rain water.
Stran 264 - ... and company," or any abbreviation thereof, snch crossing shall be deemed a material part of the cheque or draft, and shall not be obliterated or added to or altered by any person whomsoever after the issuing thereof; and the banker upon whom such cheque or draft shall be drawn shall not pay such cheque or draft to any other than the banker with whose name such cheque or draft shall be so crossed, or if the same be crossed as aforesaid, without a banker's name, to any other than a banker.
Stran 253 - ... or ammoniacum, which must be rubbed or ground till they are dissolved. Then mix the whole with a sufficient heat. Keep the glue in a phial closely stopped, and when it is used set the phial in boiling water.
Stran 232 - Candles. — Candles improve by keeping a few months. Those made in winter are the best. The most economical, as well as the most convenient plan, is to purchase them by the box, keeping them always in a cool, dry place. If wax candles become discoloured or soiled, they may be restored by rubbing them over with a clean flannel slightly dipped in spirits of wine. Candles are sometimes difficult to light. They will ignite instantly, if, when preparing them for the evening, you dip the top in spirits...
Stran 424 - Peace, shall forfeit and pay, over and above the Value of the Fish taken or destroyed (if any), such Sum of Money, not exceeding Five Pounds, as to the Justice shall seem meet...
Stran 351 - They are now unalterable by the sun's light. The same plate may be employed for many successive trials, provided the silver be not polished through to the copper. It is very important, after each trial, that the mercury be removed immediately by polishing with pumice powder and oil.

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