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UNITED States. Message to Congress.-Continued.

... Convention and Correspondence with Great

Britain. Slave Trade ....30th April, 1924, 827
Further Correspondence do... 21st May, 1824. 847

27th Dec, 1825. 853
Proceedings of the State of South Carolina.
Importation or ingress of Persons of Colour.

November, December, 1821, 638
Report of the Secretary of the Navy.... Ist Dec. 1824, 569

from the War Department .....3d Dec 1824, 552
of the Secretary of the Treasury; Finances,

31st Dec. 1824. 575
of do. Commerce and Navigation, 182 1.

16th Feb 1825, 679
Speech of John Quincy Adams, on being sworn into

Office as President ... 4th March, 1825.. 617
Treaties, &c. with Foreign Powers, viz.

Great Britain. Convention.

Slave Trade. [not ratified.]

London, 13th March, 1821. 838
Russia. Pacific Ocean, and N. W.

Coast of America.

St. Petersburgh, April, 1824. 595
Tunis. Convention. Alterations in
Treaty of 1797. ...... 24th Feb. 1824. 613
Colombia. Peace, Amity, Commerce,
and Navigation. Bogota, 3d Oct. 1824. 782
Sock and Fox Indians. Boundaries.

Washington, 4th Aug. 1824. 600
Ioway Indians. Boundaries, do. 602
Quapar Indians

Harrington's, 15th Nov. 1824. 607
Choctaw Indians. Boundaries.

Washington, 20th Jan. 1325, 604
Creek Indians. do. Indian Springs.

12th February, 1825. 610



Victoria, General. Manifesto of, on his Election as President of

Mexico...... 10th ct, 1824. 878

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