A Briefer History of Time: From the Big Bang to the Big Mac

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W.H. Freeman, 1999 - 171 strani
From the Big Bang to the evolution of humans and the resignation of Richard Nixon, A Brief History of Time is a highly irreverent, historically entertaining, and scientifically correct overview of the most important cosmic milestones since the beginning of time.

From learning how to make a star with Martha Stewart ("I love stars because they provide an opportunity to be so wonderfully creative with such simple ingredients") to a classic potboiler account of the first instance of molecular reproduction ("It was a dark and stormy tide pool"), to the unhappily-ever-after fairy tale of Shelly Shrew and her dinosaur friends ("Once upon a time, on a warm June day about 65 million years ago, while Shelley Shrew was sleeping under a big green leaf on an island near the Yucatan Peninsula in what is now Mexico, a comet hit her on the head and killed her instantly"), Eric Schulman offers readers a whizbang collection of the universe's greatest hits.

Unique, funny, and educational, A Brief(er) History of Time is the perfect book for readers who want to know what's been going on for the past 15 billion years, but don't have a lot of time.


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