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are taken in other departments of the University. At the same time students in other colleges may elect such subjects in the agricultural department as they are qualified to pursue.

The requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in the Col. lege of Agriculture are four years of residence and 130 units of study. Ordinarily 72 units will be completed during the freshman and sopho. more years, 6 units during the six weeks summer practice course, and 52 units during the junior and senior years.

Subject A, English Expression, is required without unit credit (see p. 41).

High school physics is a prerequisite for Physics 2a in the University. Students in the College of Agriculture without credit for matriculation physics must plan to take the equivalent course in the summer session.

The following programme illustrates the order in which the first two years' work may be taken:

First Half-year
Second Half-year

Units Bot. 2, General Botany

Bot. 3, General Botany

3 Chem. 1A, Inorganic and Qual.

Chem. 1B, Inorganic and Qual. Analysis


5 Hyg. 1, General Hygiene

*Drawing CD, Mechanical

2 † Math. C, Trigonometry

Mil 2A, Mil. Art, Practical.

1 Mil. 1A, Mil. Art, Practical.


Mil. 2B, Mil. Art, Theoretical. 1 Mil. 1B, Mil. Art, Theoretical. 1

Phys. Ed. 1B, Gymnasium Phys. Ed. 1A, Gymnasium 4 Bacteriology 1

4 Optional



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First Half-year
Second Half-year

Units Agr. Chem. 1 and 2, Chemistry

*C. E. lE, Surveying Theory and of Agriculture

Field Work

3 *C. E. lE, Surveying Theory and

Genetics 1, Principles of Breeding Field Work

Plants and Animals

4 Geology 1A, Gen. Geology


Landscape Gard. 1, Plant PropaMil. 1A, Mil, Art, Practical


4 Mil. 1B, Mil. Art, Theoretical 1

Mil. 2A, Mil Art, Practical

1 Phys. Ed. 10, Gymnasium

Mil. 2B, Mil. Art, Theoretical

1 Zoology 1A, Gen. Zoology


Phys. Ed. ID, Gymnasium * Optional

2 or 5
Soil Tech. 1, Origin, etc.

4 *Optional

2 or 5 191


† Students with matriculation credit in these subjects need not register for them

* C. E. LE may be taken either half year, hence optional mits vary depending on half year this subject is taken. Forestry students take C. E. 1A-1B throughout the year, instead of IE.

(1) Including matriculation units, all students must complete as soon as possible, and before graduation, English, 12 units, and pass an examination in Subject A (see p. 41), mathematics, including trigonometry, 12 units; foreign language, 12 units, and pass an examination in Subject B; history or economics, 9 units; mechanical drawing and surveying. If the student enters with a minimum matriculation requirement of 6 units in English, 6 in mathematics, 6 in foreign language, and 3 in history, he must complete in the University 6 units in English, 6 in mathematics, 6 in foreign language, 3 in economics, and 3 additional in economics or history. These subjects he will ordinarily take during his freshman and sophomore years. For students who in any half-year complete a five-unit lower division course in mathematics, the prescription in mathematics is reduced by one (1) unit for each five-unit course so taken. For students who in any half-year complete a five-unit lower division course in foreign language, the prescription in foreign language is reduced by one (1) unit for each five-unit course so taken.

(2) Summer class in special work connected with proposed major subject must be taken before beginning the junior year. This course is six weeks in length. Work is carried on as far as possible, just as in actual practice; 6 units credit. The courses usually begin immediately following Commencement. Prerequisite: completion of two years of study in a university or college course in agriculture. Women may offer in lieu of the summer practice six units of approved work in the summer session.

(3) Courses of instruction should be chosen primarily with reference to the major subjects. Beginning with his sophomore year, the student will indicate on his study-list card, each half-year, the number (as given helow) of the major subject or subjects which he proposes to study. For a clear understanding of what studies the major subjects include, the student should consult the courses of study outlined for the various major subjects in the Prospectus of the College of Agriculture and in the Announcement of Courses. The major subjects in agriculture and their respective specific requirements are as follows:

1. Agricultural Chemistry. Chemistry 64-6B. II, Agricultural Education. Botany 116 and Economics la or 126. III. Agronomy.

Botany 116 and Economics la or 126. IV. Animal Husbandry. Physiology 1. V. Citriculture.

Botany 116 and Economics la or 126. VI. Dairy Industry.

Physiology 1 or Chemistry 5. VII. Entomology.

Entomology 1, 2 and 3. VIII. Forestry.

C. E. 1a, 1B, 3; Botany 104A; five units

of economics.

IX. Irrigation.

Physics 2A; Math. 1; and C. E. 1A, 1B;

Soils 99 or C. E. 3. X. Landscape Gardening (a) Botany 116; Drawing CD; Graphic and Floriculture. Art A-B; (b) Economics la or 126 ;

Botany 116. XI. Nutrition.

Chemistry 5. XII. Parasitology.

Physiology 107; Hygiene 3; Entomology

1 and 4; Zoology 1A; Bacteriology 1. XIII. Plant Pathology.

Botany 105A. XIV. Pomology.

Botany 116 and Economics la or 126. XV, Poultry Husbandry. Physiology 1. XVI. Soils and Fertilizers. Chemistry 5. XVII. Viticulture and Enology. (a) Botany 116 and Economics la or 126.

(b) Chemistry 5. (4) All students before graduation must complete the following:

Bacteriology 1, one half-year.
Botany 2 and 3, two half-years.
Chemistry 1A, 1B, two half-years.
Civil Engineering lE, one half-year.
† Drawing CD, one half-year.

Geology la, one half-year.
† Mathematics C, one half-year.
Zoology 1a, one half-year.
Agricultural Chemistry 1 and 2, one half-year.
Genetics 1, one half-year.
Landscape Gardening 1 (Plant Propagation), one half-year.
Soil Technology 1, one half-year.



Among the fifty-two units of work normally taken in the junior and senior years there must be thirty-six units in major courses, as follows: Major subject

Thesis in the major subject............

Courses correlated with major subject..
Agriculture (any sub-departments)....

12 The work must be carried on under the direction of the head of the division in which the major subject is taken and all junior and senior study-lists must be approved by him before presentation for signature by the Dean or Secretary.

Thesis work will be arranged with an instructor in the major subject. The student will submit his plan of thesis work to the Dean of the College

† These subjects may be offered for matriculation.

at the beginning of the senior year and upon approval by the Dean shall file his thesis card with the secretary of the department. For further procedure follow the rules governing theses as stated on a later page of this circular. One hundred and thirty units and four years of residence are required for graduation.




3 3 2

3 2




Matriculation RequirementGroup II
Freshman Year

Sophomore Year
Subject A

Math. 4A-4B, Int. Calculus.... 3 Math. 3A-3B, Diff. Calculus.. 3 3

Phys. 20-2D, General

3 Phys. 1A-1B, General

3 3

Draw. 3D, Descrip. Geom. 3
C. E. 1A-1B, Surveying

3 3
Mech. 8A, Shop

2 Chem. 1A-1B

5 5
Mech. 1A, Steam Eng.

3 Military 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B

2 2

Mech. 1B, Elec. Eng. Hygiene 1


Econ. 14A-14B, Accounting .. 3
Phys. Educ. 1A-1B, Gym....... 1 1 *Hyg. 6, Indus. Hygiene
C. E. 3 (S. S.), Surveying.. (3)

For. 110, Protection
Military 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B

Phys. Ed. 1CD, Gymnasium .
181 161

Junior Year
Mech. 102A-102B, Eng. Mech. 3 3

Senior Year C. E. 102, Ry. Surv.


For. 118, For. Improv. For. 101, Mensuration

For. 115, Logging Mech. 9a, Shop


*Juris. 184-18B, Com. Law 2 * Econ. 161, Cost Accounting.. 2

*C. E. 116, Eng. Contracts *Econ. 121, Ind. Efficiency.... 2

For. 122, For. Admin. * Econ. 120, Business Org. 2

For. 120, For. Finance
For. 104, Silviculture

For. 108, Timber Trees

3 C. E. 108A-108B, Strength of

* Geology 1A

3 Materials

3 2

*For. 106, Artif. Reprod. 2 For. 114, Wood Tech.

*C. E. 1080, Testing Lab.

2 Elective

For, 112, For. Util.

3 Silviculture, Management,

Elective Logging, Mensuration (For. 99, S. S.) (6)

18 1

18 18

3 3

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2 1 4 5

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Study-lists of students in Forest Utilization must be approved by the Head of the Division of Forestry before presentation for signature by the Dean or Secretary.

* Recommended, but not required for graduation; if not taken, approved electives to be substituted.

† Due to the establishment at the University of a unit of the Students' Army Training Corps, the curricula announced in this Circular of Information (and in par. ticular the statements concerning prescribed work in military science and tactics) are subject to revision for the year 1918-19.


The curricula in the Colleges of Mechanics, Mining, Civil Engineering, and Chemistry lead to the degree of Bachelor of Science.

In the tabulations in the following pages the courses are designated by their numbers. For further description see the annual Announce. ment of Courses. The Roman numerals indieate the years of university residence. The numbers in the double column for each year show the credit value in units of the several courses.

* Recommended, but not required for graduation; if not taken, approved electives to be substituted.

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