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Following is the Academic Senate as of October 1, 1918, together with the names of those who were members July 1, 1917-September 30, 1918, but who ceased to be members at any time during that period. Where membership has expired the fact is stated in the list. The titles and other information have been corrected to October 1, 1918, or to the date when membership expired.

Officers of colleges or departments situated elsewhere than in Berkeley are designated by an abbreviation following the title, viz.: (D) College of Dentistry, (A) California School of Fine Arts, (H) Hastings College of the Law, (LO) Lick Observatory, (M) Medical School, (Ph) California College of Pharmacy, (HF) The George Williams Hooper Foundation for Medical Research, (R) Citrus Experiment Station and Graduate School of Tropical Agriculture.

The dagger (†) marks the names of members who are married. Addresses given are in Berkeley unless stated to be elsewhere. The following abbreviations are used: S F, for San Francisco; O, for Oakland. The word "Local" used with telephone numbers denotes telephones on the University's private exchange; Bkly, Berkeley; Oakd, Oakland; Pied, Piedmont; Mer, Merritt; Mrkt, Market; Dgls, Douglas; Frkn, Franklin; Krny, Kearney; Pac, Pacific; Snst, Sunset; Grfld, Garfield; Valen, Valencia.

Raymond Barrington Abbott, M.S., In-
structor in Physics-B.S. University of
California 1908, M.S. ibid. 1912-1803
Cedar st: Bkly 2084.

Frank Adams, M.A., Professor of Irri-
gation Investigations-A.B. Stanford
University 1901, M.A. University of
Nebraska 1906-1811 Oakland av, P:
Pied 7057W.

George Plimpton Adams, Ph.D., Associate
Professor of Philosophy-A.B. Harvard
University 1903, M.A. ibid. 1907,
Ph.D. ibid. 1912-Southdown av and
Montrose st: Bkly 7012 W.

Richard Laban Adams, M.S., Associate
Professor of Agronomy-B.S. Massa-
chusetts Agricultural College 1905, B.S.
Boston University 1905, M.S. Univer-
sity of California 1910-350 Alcatraz
av, 0: Pied 5794W.

Robert Grant Aitken, M.A., Sc.D., Astronomer (LO)-A.B. Williams College 1887, M.A. ibid. 1892, Sc.D. (Honorary) University of the Pacific 1903, Williams College 1917-Mt. Hamilton.

Gertrude Partington Albright, Associate Professor of Painting and Drawing (A) -737 Buena Vista av, S F: Park 7986.

Annie Harriet Allen, M.A., Instructor in
Public Speaking-A.B. University of
California 1901, M.A. ibid. 1903-2237
Ellsworth st.

Herbert Williams Allen, B.S., M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine (M)-B.S. University of California 1896, M.D., Johns Hopkins University 1900-240 Stockton st, S F: Dgls 3600.

James Turney Allen, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Greek-A.B., Pomona College 1895, M.A. University of California 1896, Ph.D. Yale University 189837 Mosswood rd: Bkly 1209W.

Francis Greenleaf Allinson, Ph.D., Sather Professor of Classical Literature (to Dec. 31, 1917)-A.B. Haverford College 1876, M.A. ibid. 1879, A.B. Har vard University 1877, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University 1880.

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