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History: Stephens, 30 W; Bolton, 130 L;

Teggart, McCormac, Paetow, secretary, dept. (graduate students; honor students); Scholz, Morris (teachers' recommendations), Leebrick (undergraduate students), 30

W; Chapman, Priestley, BL. W, 7:30 p.m.-January 16, 30, Febru

ary 13, 27, March 13, 27, April 10,

24, May 8, Faculty Club. Home Economics: Patterson, 300

HE; Morgan, 206 HE; Davis, 210 HE;

Taylor, 300 HE; Percival, 305 HE. All students in household art consult

Miss Taylor; in household science,

Mrs. Morgan. Tu, 5 p.m.- January 22, February 26,

March 26, April 23, 206 HE. Hygiene: Legge, Inf; Force, Hoyt, HP;

3Meads, Mrs. Meads, Mrs. Storer, Misses Cunningham, Sherman, Gompertz, Cairns, Steeves, Inf; Miss

Lichthardt, HP. All students, graduate and undergradu.

ate, consult Dr. Force. M, 7:30 p.m.--February 11, April 8,


Irrigation : Etcheverry, Harding, 307 AH. All students, graduate and undergradu

ate, consult Mr. Etcheverry. Meets with the Department of Civil En

gineering. Jurisprudence: Jones, 212 Boalt (graduate

students; teachers' recommendations); McMurray, 213 Boalt; Gilmore, Kidd, 214 Boalt; Philbrick, Wright (undergraduate students), Harrison, 216 Boalt; Elliott, 432 W; Matthew, 105. Boalt; Tasheira, 104 Boalt; Lynch, secretary, dept., 215 Boalt (undergraduate students); Ferrier, Dobrzensky, 215 Boalt; Colby, 107 Boalt;

Griffiths, 107 Boalt. Th. 2:10 p.m.-January 10, 24. Febru.

ary 14, 28, March 14, 28, April 11,

25, May 9, 212 Boalt. Latin: Merrill, 436 W (graduate students;

honor students); Richardson, 114 Cal (teachers' recommendations); Petersson. 476

W: Nutting (secretary), Deutsch, 477 W (undergraduate stu

dents); Price, Washburn, 478 W. 4:30 p.m.--Th, February 7, March 7,

April 4; Tu, May 7, 476 W. Mathematics : Haskell, 421 W (undergrad.

uate students—upper division; honor students): Noble, 455 W (teachers' recommendations); Bernstein, 455 W;

Edwards, 456 W; McDonald, 431 W
(graduate students); Lehmer, 417 W;
Putnam, 207 Cal (undergraduate stu-
dents—lower division); Buck (under.
graduate students-engineering), Ir-
win, 416 W; Woods, 2014 Cal; Mor-
ris, Wolfe, 420 W; Miss Sperry, Mrs.

Andrews, 415 W.
Tu, 2:10 p.m.-January 22, February

19, March 19, April 16, 420 W. A echanics: Cory, 33 M; Raber, Dickie,

28 M; LeConte, Martin, Vanleer, 27
M; Woods, 2014 Cal; Pernot, Robin.
son, Greves, 40 M; 3Langille, Tour;

Cox, 23 M; George, 24 M.
All students, graduate and undergradu-

ate, consult Mr. Cory.
Th, 4:10 p.m.-January 24, February

21, March 28, April 25, May 9, 33 M. Military Science and Tactics: Welch,

2Parker, Armory. All students, graduate and undergradu.

ate, consult Captain Welch. Mining: Probert, 132 HM (graduate stu.

dents); Hersam (secretary), 204 HM;
Uren, 222 HM (undergraduate stu-
dents); Lawson, 221 HM; Weeks, 101

HM; Morley, 108 HM.
F, 11:10 a.m.--January 25, February 8,

March 8, 22, April 5, 19, May 3, 132

HM. Music: Seeger, 6 Music; Stricklen, 5 Mu.

sic; Steindorff. All students, graduate and undergradu

ate, consult Mr. Seeger. Tu, January 15, 12 m., Faculty Club. Oriental Languages : Forke, 336 W (grad.

uate students; teachers' recommenda-
tions; honor students); Kuno, 415 L
(undergraduate students); Kiang, 425

M, 12:10 p.m.- February 4, March 4,

April 8, 336 W.
Palaeontology: Merriam, 204 Bacon (grad.

uate students; teachers' recommenda-
tions; honor students); Clark, 202

Bacon (undergraduate students).
W, 5 p.m.--February 13, May 1, 204

Pathology and Bacteriology: Gay, 2 HP

(graduate students); Rusk, 1 HP: Hall, 5 HP (undergraduate students; teachers' recommendations; honor students); Barnes, 8 HP; Miss Bradley,

6 HP. W, 1:10 p.m.--January 23, February

27, March 27, April 24, 1 HP.

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Whaler, White,

Philosophy: Rieber, 4 P; Stratton, Ad

ams (secretary), 207 Cal; Lewis, Loe. wenberg, 2 P; Brown, 12 P; Miss

Bridgman, 7 P; 'Pope; Perry, 414 W. All students, graduate and undergradu

ate, consult Mr. Adams. W, 12 m.-January 23, February 20,

March 20, April 17, Faculty Club. Physical Education for Men: Kleeberger

(graduate students; undergraduate students; teachers' recommendations); Magee, Cozens

(honor students), Wight, HG. Thursdays, 12 m.-Faculty Club. Physical Education for Women : * Cleve.

land, Elliott, 1 H; Hagelthorn, Roof, Woodford, 2 H; Eisenhardt, Lemon,

Whittlesey, Ollsen, Van Hagen, 3 H. All students, graduate and undergradu

ate, consult Miss Elliott. Fridays, 1 p.m.—1 H Physics: Slate, 115 S (graduate students);

Lewis, 307 S; Raymond, 117 S; Minor, 201 S; Hall, secretary, dept., 121 S (undergraduate students; teachers' recommendations; honor students); Abbott, King, 3Roop, 3Jones,

204 S. Physiology: Maxwell, 202 PL (teachers'

recommendations ; honor students); Burnett, 114 PL (undergraduate stu. dents); Miss Moore, 205 PL; Miss Wulzen, 204 PL; Larson, May, 110

PL. Political Science : Elliott, 432 W; Ehrlich,

475 W; 3Douglas, MacDonald, 456

W; 3Barrows, *Reed. All students, graduate and undergradu

ate, consult Mr. Elliott. W, 11 a.m.-January 16, February 13,

March 13, April 10, May 8, 432 W.

Public Speaking: Flaherty, 422 W; von

Neumayer, 423
424 W; Miss Allen, 452 W; Miss
Eberts, Miss

Sutherland, 462 3Boas. Romanic Languages; Scherill, Chinard,

426 W (French-graduate students;
teachers' recommendations); Morley
(Spanish-graduate students; teach-
ers' recommendations); Jaén, 427 W
Faucheux, Turner, Clark, 463 W;
Fay (undergraduate students; honor
students), Solomon, 425 W; Magoi,
Barnier, 472 W; Graham (undergrad-
uate students),

430 W: Bransby, Girard, 473 W; Joralemon, Ronchi, 430 W; Mrs. Cornish, Miss McGuire, Miss Singleton, Miss Tays, 464 W;

Miss Livingstone, 303 L.
M, 11:10 a.m. - January 21, Februari

4, 18, March 4, 18, April 1, 15, May

6, 430 W. Sanskrit: Ryder, 334 W. Semitic Languages: Popper, 421 L; Verer,

332 L. All students, graduate and undergradu.

ate, consult Mr. Popper. Slavic Languages: Noyes, Kaun, Krunich

Miss Buben, 419 L.
All students, graduate and undergradu-

ate, consult Mr. Noyes. Zoology: Kofoid, 208 E; Holmes, 214 E

(graduate students; honor students; teachers'

recommendations); Ritter. La Jolla; Daniel, secretary, dept, 105 E (undergraduate students): Long 321 E: Barrows, ?Michael, 321 E; Grinnell, 11 MVZ.

Cort. 213 E:




Credentials :
Noble, Minor, Moody, Woods, G. P. Ad.

ams, Linforth, Petersson, Kuno, the

Disqualified Students :
The Dean of the Faculties, the Dean of

the Lower Division, the Recorder, ex

Admissions :
Putnam, Thomas, Woods, Sutton (secre-

tary), Athletics:

Lynch, Crawford, Putnam. Barbara Teinstock Lecture :

Plehn, Daggett, G. P. Adams. Board of Research : The Dean of the Graduate Division, the

Dean of the Faculties, the Chairman of

Editorial Committee, Bolton, Evans. Classification and Graduation (College of

Commerce): Hatfield, Daggett, Plehn, Haskell, Brown. Commencement and Other Public

Celebrations : Richardson, Allen, Alvarez, Hyde, Neu

haus, Popper, von Neumayer. Commencement Speakers :

Gayley, Flaherty, ?Kidd, Linforth, Peters

Editorial Committee:
Merriam, Bolton, Noyes, veuschner, Lip-

man, Daggett, Evans, Holmes, the
Manager of the University Press (sec-

Entrance Examinations :
Washburn, McDonald, Linforth, Putnam,



Council of Agriculture :

ex officio: the President of the University; Vice-chairman, Dean Hunt; all members of the Department of Agriculture of professorial rank, one representative from each of the departments of the University which give required courses of instruction

in the College of Agriculture. Council of Engineering and Applied

Chairman, ex officio: the President of the

University; Vice-chairman: Professor
A. C. Lawson; the heads of depart-
ments which give prescribed courses in
the Colleges of Mechanics, Mining.
Civil Engineering, and Chemistry, to-
gether with the several professors and
instructors actually engaged in giving

such prescribed courses. Courses of Instruction : The Dean of the Faculties, the Dean of

the College of Letters and Science, Jones, Leuschner, Lawson, Hart. Lange, Stephens, Schilling, Maxwell, E. P. Lewis, Haskell, Merrill, Chinard, R. E. Smith, Putnam, Daniel, Flaherty.

Faculty Elections :

McCormac, Nutting.
Frank J. Walton Memorial Loan Fund :

The President, Putnam, Lynch.
Graduate Council:
Ex officio members: The President of the

University (chairman), the Dean of the Graduate Division (vice-chairman), the Recorder of the Faculties (secre. tary), the Dean of the Faculties, the

Dean of the Summer Session. Appointed members: G. P. Adams, Lange,

Jones, Merrill, Chinard, Slate, Merriam, Lipman, Jepson, Lawson, Evans, Rusk, Paetow, Holmes, Schilling,

Pernot, Haskell, Noyes. Graduation Matters, including Medal: The Dean of the College of Agriculture,

the Dean of the College of Mechanics, the Dean of the College of Mining, the Dean of the College of Civil Engineer. ing, the Dean of the College of Chemistry, the Dean of the Faculties, the Dean of Women, the Dean of the Lower Division, the Dean of the College of Commerce, the Chairman of the Study-lists Committee of the College of Letters and Science, Haskell, Lynch,

Stephens, Louderback. Health :

Legge, Rusk, Mrs. Meads, Hyde.

Library :
Lawson, G. P. Adams, Stephens, Rich-

ardson, Rowell, McMurray, W. M.

Hart, Chinard, the Associate Librarian, Membership:

Kower, Allen, E. P. Lewis. Military and Gymnasium : Putnam, Washburn, Kleeberger, Welch,

Setchell, Woods. Music and Drama :

Armes, O'Neill, Setchell, Kower. Non-Residents :

Philbrick, Wright. Outside Relations : Putnam, Washburn, Setchell, Miss Steb

bins, Buck, Mrs. Davidson, Prizes :

Flaherty, H. E. Cory, Chapman, Cross. Rhodes Scholarship:

Stephens, Merrill, Scholz, Rules and Regulations : Plehn, McMurray, Noyes, Haskell, Lange,

Lawson, Leuschner, Hyde, Burd, the

Recorder, the Dean of the Faculties. Schedule of Exercises : Crawford, Haskell, Plehn, Kower, Minor,


Students' English:
Kurtz, Merriam, Washburn, Paschall

Sanford, Anderson.
Study-lists--Public Health :
Legge, *Lucas, Force, Hyde, Samer,

F. W. Lynch. Subject A : Paschall, C. I. Lewis, H. M. II all, Gard

ner, Morris, Buck. Subject B: Richardson, Weber, Bray, Noyes, G. P.

Adams, Lipman, Chinard, McDonald,

Bolton, Fay. Teachers' Certificates (sub-committee of the

Faculty of the School of Education): Richardson, Holway, Rugh, E. E. Hall,

Kurtz. Undergraduate Scholarships : C. Price, Daniel, Miss Stebbins, Putnam,

Blasdale, Woods, Foote, Cross. University Council: President Wheeler, Curtis, Terry, Evans,

Suggett, Millberry, Green, Nish, Ran-
dolph, Macky,

Hatfield, Thomas
Leuschner, E. P.
lyde, LeConte, Richardson, the Re

corder of the Faculties (secretary). University Extension-Administratire

Board :
The Director of University Extension,

G. P. Adams, Bolton, Daggett, Hyde,

Merriam, Putnam. University Meetings:

Lynch, Scholz, Griffiths. University Welfare: Senger, Jones, Merrill. Bradley, Rieber.

Putnam, Allen.

Merriam, Forsyth Hunt Lewis, Haskell,

Thomas, Noble, Paschall, Holway, Mor-

ris, Hummel, Washburn, Kurtz, Hat

field, Seeger, Herms, Woods, Kemp. Special Students : Lipman, Miss Stebbins, Foote, Good

speed, Cross. Students' Affairs : C. L. Cory, Rieber, Jones, Crawford,



The Vice-chairman, Paetow, Holmes,

Noyes, Haskell.
Faculty Research Lecture:
Merriam, Bolton, Campbell, the Vice-

chairman. Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships :

Evans, Lipman, Holmes.

Hitchcock Lectures :
Evans, Lawson, Rieber, the Vice-chair

man, Preston School of Industry Fellox ships :

Hatfield, Brown, Lipman.
Willard Dawson Thompson Memorial

Scholarships :
Jones, Haskell, Schilling.

[blocks in formation]


Classification and Graduation in the Course

in Architecture : Hays, Eddy, Perry. Executive : G. P. Adams, Haskell, Merrill, E. P.

Lewis, Holmes, Hart, Putnam, Lin

forth, Daggett, Noyes, Miss Stebbins. Home Economics: Miss Peixotto, Miss Patterson, Miss

Stebbins, Mrs. Morgan, Hyde, Hays,
Jaffa, Neuhaus.

Honors at Graduation :

Linforth, Lehmer, Paetow.
Study-lists :
The Dean of the College of Letters and

Science, Lynch, Deutsch, Miss Steb-
bins, Putnam, Washburn, Paschall,
Crawford, Burnett, C. Price, Noble,
Daniel, Minor, Goodspeed, Perry,
Leebrick, Sutton (secretary).



Wigginton E, Creed, A.B. 1898, President

Balboa bldg, San Francisco *Dean G. Witter, B.S. 1909, First Vice

Merchants' Exchange, San Francisco
Walter K. Tuller, B.L. 1908, Second Vice-

Title Insurance bldg., Los Angeles

Robert G. Sproul, B.S. 1913, Treasurer

220 California Hall Homer Havermale, A.B. 1916, Secretary Harvey Roney, A.B. 1915

114 California Hall

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