Slike strani
[blocks in formation]

SENIOR CLASS (1918) President, Olin Wellborn, III

Secretary, James B. Robinson 2600 Etna st

Bkly 78

552 Montclair av, O Vice-President, Gladys M. Windham

Treasurer, Edward M. Jaffa 2421 LeConte av

Bkly 3062

2637 Virginia st

Mer 3696

Bkly 949

JUNIOR CLASS (1919) President, Carolyn Steel

Secretary, Robert P. Casey Head of Buena Vista way

Bkly 8973W

2200 Piedmont av Vice-President. Eugene H. Pratt

Treasurer, Victor N. Christopher 2601 Channing way

Bkly 5904

2332 College av

Bkly 6760

Bkly 1134

SOPHOMORE CLASS (1920) President, George A. Walters

Secretary, Genevieve Grady 1640 Euclid av

Bkly 4748

2809 Kelsey st Vice-President, Grace N. Willson

Treasurer, Douglas G. Montell 2625 Hearst av

Bkly 7614

2520 Virginia st

Bkly 4426J

Bkly 2608

FRESHMAN CLASS (1921) President, William Wylie Brown

Secretary, Beatrice E. Lee 2538 Durant av

Bkly 8361 W

2416 Durant av Vice-President, Margaret A. Priddle

Treasurer, Donald M. Leidig 2441 Haste st

Bkly 7050W

1730 La Loma av

Bkly 8716

[blocks in formation]

102 California Hall James T. Allen, Secretary-Treasurer

37 Mosswood rd Miss Lucy W. Stebbins

205 California Hall Thomas M. Putnam

207 California Hall Wm. Carey Jones

212 Boalt Hall George C. Edwards

2546 Dana st Dr. Mary B. Ritter

La Jolla

Miss Jessica B. Peixotto

Cloyne court
Mrs. Benj. Ide Wheeler

President's House, University Grounds Mrs. L. J. Richardson

2415 College av Miss Harriet E. Whirlow

2526 Hilgard av Mrs. A. P. Black

2915 Fillmore st, San Francisco Mrs. R. S. Holway

2577 Buena Vista way


Bkly 8668W

Bkly 2043

† Abbott, R. B., Instr. in Physics

207 S
1803 Cedar st

Bkly 2084 † Adams, F., Prof. of Irrigation Investiga

220 Berkeley Federal bldg
1811 Oakland av, P

Pied 7057W † Adams, G. P., Assoc. Prof. of Philosophy

and Dean of the College of Letters

and Science 207 Cal-daily exc. S, 11-12; M W, 2-3 Southdown av and Montrose st

Bkly 7012W † Adams, R. L., Assoc. Prof. of Agronomy

309 Hilgard
6220 Hillegass av, O

Pied 5379 W Adriance, J. W., Asst, in Agr. Extension

Chamber of Commerce, Stockton † Aitken, R. G., Astronomer (LO)

Mt. Hamilton † Albright, Mrs. G. P.. Assoc. Prof. of

Painting and Drawing (A) 737 Buena Vista av, SF Park 7986 † Albro, F. W., Asst. in Nutrition

107 Budd-M Tu W Th F, 9-12, 2-5

1343 Francisco st Alford, R., Military Instr. (SMA) 2647 Durant av

Bkly 102 Aljets, J. W., Asst. to

the Supt.

of Grounds and Buildings 822 Thirty-third st, O Pied 5059W Allen, Miss A, H., Instr. in Public Speak.

452 W-M, 10

2237 Ellsworth st † Allen, H. W., Asst. Clinical Prof. of Medi.

cine (M)
240 Stockton st. SF

Dgls 3600 # Allen, J. T., Assoc. Prof. of Greek

435 W-M W F, 9-10; Tu Th, 10-10:15 37 Mosswood rd

Bkly 1209W 11 Allinson, F, G., Sather Prof. of Classical

Literature (to Dec. 31, 1917)
Alter, Miss M., Nurse

Local 15 Alvarez, A. C., Asst. Prof. of Civil Engi.

306 CE--Tu Th, 10-11
1909 Dwight way

Bkly 5356W

† Alvarez, W. C., Instr. in Research Medi

cine (HF) (M) 126 Stockton st, SF

Sutr 3428 Ames, Miss A. U., Asst. in Agr. Extension

2219 Channing way Amesbury, Miss R., Laboratory Technician,

Dept. Agriculture University Farm, Davis †Amundsen, E. O., Instr. in Agr. Exten

sion East Auburn † Anderson, A. E., Instr, in English

412 W-M W F, 11-12

2322 Cedar st Anderson, Miss F. E., Stenographer in

President's Office 441 Sixty-third st, O

Pied 5086.J Anderson, Miss V., Stenographer in Presi

dent's Office
441 Sixty-third st, O

Pied 5086) † Andrews, Mrs. A. D. B., Asst. in Mathe

matics 415 W-M W F, 3:30-4; Tu Th S, 11.

11:30 2537 Fulton st † Andrews, C. W., Special Asst. in Wrest

ling 105 HG

2240 McKinley av Annis, Miss R. L., Clerk, Office of the

President of the Academic Board

(SMA) 1147 Shattuck av † Ansell, P. L., Roentgenologist in Infirm

504 Thomson bldg, O

Oakd 2538 Appleton, Miss V. B., Instr. in Pediatries

(M) (absent on leave, Jan. 1-Mar. 31) 191 Frederick st, SF

Park 2060 ** Argo, W. L., Instr. in Chemistry Armes, W. D., Assoc. Prof. of American

Literature and Director of the Greek

411 W-M W F, 11

Faculty Club Local 48 or Bkls 2855 † Armstrong, J. E., Instr. in Stenography

and Typewriting 413 W - M Tu Th F, 5-5:30 6416 Regent st, O

Pied 6585J

Bkly 3055

Bkly 1412

Bkly 626


† Arntzen, V., Expert Mechanic in Civil

Engineering Lab. 2916 Telegraph av

Bkly 242 Ash, Miss R. L., Instr. in Pediatrics (M) 240 Stockton st, SF

Grid 341 Atkinson, Miss D., Clerk (M) 1278 Fourth av, SF

Snst 716 Augustine, D., Teaching Fellow in Zoology 2248 Bancroft way

Bkly 9011 i Baade, H. J., Instr. in Agr. Extension

Court House, Napa
Babbitt, Miss M. N. H., Reader in Mathe-

2406 Dana st

Bkly 7713 † Babcock, E. B., Prof. of Genetics

314 Hilgard-daily, 11.12
1540 La Loma av

Bkly 4519 Bachman, F. H., Instr. (SMA) 5207 Desmond st, O

Pied 6606J † Bachmann, H., Astronomical Instrument.

maker (LO) (resigned Jan. 19, 1918) Mt. Hamilton Bacon, J. B. F., Instr. (SMA) Berkeley Inn

Bkly 6370 37 Bacon, L., Instr. in English 2247 Piedmont av

Bkly 6398 * Bahmeier, H. F., Instr. in Agr. Exten

sion Chamber of Commerce, San Bernardino Bailey, Miss A., Clerk, Dept. Agriculture 1511 Edith St

Bkly 2270W Bailey, Miss M., Stenographer, Dept. Agri

culture University Farm, Davis Bair, W. H., Asst. in Physics 2248 Telegraph av

Bkly 9011 į Baird, H. S., Asst. Prof. of Dairy Indus

try University Farm, Davis Baird, Miss L. M., Index Clerk in Comp

troller's Office 2435 Woolsey st

Bkly 2373.J Balderson, G., Technician (M)

184 Grattan st, SF #Ball, J. F., Instr. (SMA) 2545 Dwight way

Bkly 4999W Ball, Miss K. M., Instr, in Normal Art

1790 Pine st, SF

Frkn 1180 Ballentine, J. A., Asst. Prof. of Law (H)

585 Monadnock bldg, SF Krny 621 † Ballou, F. H., Helper in Zoology 2238 Ellsworth st

Bkly 4230

Barnes, W. H., Instr. in Bacteriology (M)

8 HP-M Tu W F, 1-3, 4-5

2436 Channing way Barnett, J. W., Asst. to Purchasing Agent,

Comptroller's Office 1144 Clay st, SF

Frkn 6512 † Barney, Mrs. E. L., Asst. in Surgery (M) 1200 Third av, SF

Snst 2439 Barnhart, P. S., Collector and Curator,

Scripps Institution for Biological Re

search La Jolla Barnhill, W. J., Instr. (SMA) 2527 LeConte av

Bkly 3498 † Barnier, L., Instr. in French

472 W-daily, 2

2578 California st, SF Flmr 4260 † Barovetto, G., Field Asst. in Viticulture

University Farm, Davis † Barrère, R. B., Property Clerk, Comp

troller's Office 5494 College av, o

Pied 1218 Barrett, C. L., Reader in English 2318 Telegraph av

Bkly 5964 † Barrett, J. T., Prof. of Plant Pathology

in the Citrus Experiment Station and Graduate School of Tropical Agricul.

ture Citrus Experiment Station, Riverside 34 Barrows, A. L., Instr. in Zoology

Camp Lewis, American Lake, Wn. 34 Barrows, D. P., Prof. of Political Science

and Dean of the Faculties Manila, P. I. † Bartlett, E. I., Instr. in Surgery (M) 2563 Martinez av

Bkly 9132 + Bartlett, L., Lectr. in Dental Jurispru

dence (D) Claus Spreckels bldg, SF Krny 5750 * Batchelor, L. D., Prof. of Plant Breeding

in the Citrus Experiment Station and Graduate School of Tropical Agricul.

ture Citrus Experiment Station, Riverside Bates, Miss E., Stenographer, Dept. Agri

culture University Farm, Davis Bates, W. E., Lectr. in Hygiene (FS)

University Farm, Davis †Beach, J. R., Instr. in Veterinary Science

University Farm, Davis ^ Bean, G. L., Prof. of Dental Porcelain

350 Post st, SF

Sutr 289 Beck, Miss A. L., Asst. in Practical As

1636 Josephine st

Bkly 3443W † Beckett, S. H., Asst. Prof. of Irrigation


University Farm, Davis 3+ Bell, C. H., Instr. in German 2249 College av

Bkly 7436W † Bell, G. L., Asst. Prof. of Law (H) 2118 Marin av

Bkly 2063W Bell, G. W., Asst. Prof. of Law (H)

1233 Arguello blvd, SF Snst 1982 Bell, Miss J. F., Departmental Secretary

498 Carl st, SF

Snst 1975 1 Belt, A. E., Student Fellow (HF) (to Dec.

31, 1917) 1332 Sixth av, SF † Belton, H. L., Instr. in Shop work

University Farm, Davis Benedict, H. H., Accountant in Comptrol

ler's Office 5821 Ocean View dr, O Pied 5046J Benjamin, Miss J., Clerk and Stenographer,

Univ. Extension 2023 Channing way

Bkly 7556 2Bennett, C. B., Instr. in Biochemistry

(M) Physiological Laboratory Bennett, Miss S., Senior Asst. in the

2611 Durant av

Bkly 4525 W Bense, F., Asst. in Naval Preparation 1121 Vallejo st, SF

Pspt 2197 Berglund, R. L., Instr. (SMA) 431 Clifton st, O

Pied 5464 Bernstein, B. A., Instr. in Mathematics

455 W-Tu, 11; W, 10
2131 Haste st

Bkly 3401 Berry, S. S., Research Zoologist, Scripps

Institution for Biological Research 745 West Highland av, Redlands Bertram, Mrs. F. E., Stenographer in

Dept. Agriculture 2030 Bancroft way

Bkly 3756 * Bettencourt, F. C., Asst. in Clinical Pros

thetic Dentistry (D) 322 Clement st, SF

Pac 5296 ** Biddle, H. C., Asst. Prof. of Chemistry

University Cottage No. 1 Bkly 4764W †Bine, R., Asst. in Medicine (M) 350 Post st, SF

Krny 296 f Binkley, W. C., Asst. in History 2611A Channing way

Bkly 7714J

Dgls 4163

†Bioletti, F. T., Prof. of Viticulture and

336 Hilgard-MWF, 10

Walnut Creek
Birch, W. N., Asst. in Agr. Extension

Madera 32 Birtch, F. W., Instr. in Surgery (M)

St. Luke's Hospital, SF Msn 8600 Bisson, C. S., Asst. in Chemistry 1734 Channing way

Bkly 1688W † Blake, W. F., Instr. in Ophthalmology (M) 516 Sutter st, SF

Grid 229 † Blasdale, W. C., Assoc. Prof. of Chem.

istry 234 Chem-MW, 11:20-12; Tu Th, 9-11 2514 College av

Bkly 51464 † Bliss, H. H., Asst. Prof. of Mechanical

Engineering, Univ. Extension 3010 Colby st

Bkly 7136W of Blum, S., Assoc. Prof. of Economics

23 W-M W F, 4

1611 Euclid av 3Boas, G., Instr. in Public Speaking

Camp Lewis, American Lake, Wn. † Boericke, W., Clinical Prof. of Homeo.

pathic Materia Medica (M) 391 Sutter st, SF † Bolin, J. S., Instr. in Education

433 L-daily, exc. S, 11.12

1913 Addison st † Bolton, H. E., Prof. of American History

and Acting Curator of the Bancroft

133 L-daily, 4-5

1526 Scenic av
* Boone, R. G., Prof. of Education

103 Cal-F, 9-10
2831 Benvenue av

Bkly 6848 † Booth, E., Asst. Prof. of Chemistry (died

August 23, 1917) Borgstrom, P., Asst. in Chemistry 2001 Allston way

Bkly 6710 Botsford, Mrs. M. E., Asst. in Surgery

(M) 807 Francisco st, SF Frkn 3370 † Bourne, F. E., Helper in Geology and

Mineralogy 2337 Blake st Bowcock, A., Plant Asst., Dept. Agricul

University Farm, Davis
Boyd, A., Instr. in English

406 W-M W, 10-12
2315 Bancroft way

Bkly 488J

Bkly 5045J

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