Slike strani

† Bradley, C. B., Prof. of Rhetoric, Emeri

2639 Durant av

Bkly 4126W
Bradley, Miss D. E., Asst. in Bacteriology

6 HP-daily, 9.12

1606 Morton st, A
Bradley, J. C., Asst. Prof. of Entomology

9 AH-Tu Th, 11

2704 Virginia st
*Brady, W. C., Detachment Commander

Hotel Shattuck

Bkly 7300
34 Branch, G. E. K., Instr. in Chemistry
† Branch, Mrs. G. E. K., Teaching Fellow

in Chemistry 2606 Bancroft way

Bkly 2617 Branch, Miss I. M., Clerk in Infirmary 2417 Ward st

Bkly 2879W † Brandegee, T. S., Hon. Curator in the

308 HM
Brandt, Miss C. R., Senior Asst. in

2316 Hilgard av

Bkly 2334
Brandt, Miss H. A., Clerical Asst. in

2316 Hilgard av

Bkly 2334
Bransby, C., Asst. Prof. of Spanish

473 W-daily, 8:30
2636 Channing way

Bkly 861 * Bray, W. C., Assoc. Prof. of Chemistry

104 Gilman-M, 3:30-4: Tu Th, 11-12;

F. 10:30-11; S, 9-9:30 2708 Virginia st

Bkly 2259W
Breck, Miss E. J., Lectr, in the Teaching

of English
452 W-Tu Th, 1:45-2
3003 Summit st, O

Oakd 2802 †Breitstein, L. I., Instr. in Obstetrics and

Gynecology (M) 350 Post st, SF

Dgls 404 † Bricca, C. R., Asst. in Laryngology, Otol

ogy and Rhinology (M) 166 Geary st, SF

Dgls 2297 Bridgman, Miss 0. L., Instr. in Mental

Abnormalities of Childhood; Instr. in

Pediatrics (M)
7 P
498 Carl st, SF

Snst 1975
† Briggs, L. H., Instr, in Medicine (M)
240 Stockton st, SF

Sutr 6599 Briggs, Miss S. M., Prenatal Nurse (M) UC Hospital, SF

Snst 1151

f Britton, E., Storekeeper, Comptroller's

6517 Raymond st, O
i Brodeur, A. G., Instr. in English Philo.

410 W-M F, 11-12; W, 3-3:30
2617 Virginia st

Bkly 1709J
† Brodsky, S., Reader in Mathematics
2224 Chapel st

Bkly 1636J ** Brooks, C. E., Asst. Prof. of Insurance Care, The Carnegie Foundation for the

Advancement of Teaching, 576 Fifth

av, New York, N. Y. †Brooks, J. S., Asst. in Homeopathic Ma

teria Medica (M) 135 Stockton st, SF

Dgls 2302 † Brower, R. J., Instr. in Drawing

205 D
2232 Haste st

Bkly 149W Brown, Miss A. E., Librarian, Univ.

Farm School University Farm, Davis Brown, Miss C. G., Nurse Infirmary

Local 15
Brown, Miss V., Stenographer, Dept. Ag.

2620 College av

Bkly 467J †Brown, W., Asst. Prof. of Psychology

12 P-Tu W Th, 10:30-11:30
2553 Benvenue av

Bkly 6410J
Browning, Miss E. M., Junior Asst. in

2609 Hillegass av

Bkly 803J 3+ Bruce, D., Asst. Prof. of Forestry Bruce, H. L., Asst. Prof. of English

450 W
2529 Hilgard av

Bkly 2261
Brueck, H., Asst. in Agr. Extension, Asst.

Farm Advisor, San Joaquin Co. Chamber of Commerce, Stockton † Bruhns, H. J., Clinical Instr. in Opera

tive Dentistry (D) 135 Stockton st, SF Krny 2468 †Brunn, H., Asst. Clinical Prof. of Sur.

gery (M) Butler bldg, SF

Sutter 531 † Bryan, L., Asst. in Roentgenology (M) 135 Stockton st, SF

Sutr 531 Bryant, H. C., Economic Ornithologist,

Calif. Museum of Vertebrate Zoology 2523 Hill court

Bkly 5086W †Bryant, V. C., Asst. Prof. of Agr. Exten.

108 AH
3011 Hillegass av

Bkly 4257W Bkly 7954

Buben, Miss Z., Asst. in Bohemian

225 W
1224 Park av, A

Ala 3592W Buck, T., Instr. in Mathematics

416 W-M W F, 11; Tu Th, 10

Faculty Club Local 28 or Bkly 2855 † Buckley, W. W., Plant Asst., Dept. Agri

culture University Farm, Davis † Bumstead, F. M., Senior Asst. in Library 2529 Hilgard av

Bkly 2261 Bunnell, Mrs. D. L., Librarian, Dept.

2502 Bancroft way

Bkly 1848 † Bunnell, G. W., Prof. of Greek, Emeritus

2901 Telegraph av, 0 Oakd 5150 † Burd, J. S., Prof. of Agricultural Chem

9 FCL-daily, 10-11
2750 Prince st

Bkly 4069J †Burger, O. F., Instr. in Plant Pathology

in the Citrus Experiment Station and Graduate School of Tropical Agricul.

ture Citrus Experiment Station, Riverside Burnett, Miss C., Clerk, University Exten

2214 Union st

Bkly 2483 † Burnett, T. C., Asst. Prof. of Physiology

1143 PL-daily, 9-10
Hotel Shattuck

Bkly 7300 Burns, J., Instr. (SMA) 275 Park View ter, O

Oakd 5486 † Burrill, Mrs. J. B., Clerk, Dept. Physical

Education for Women 2670 Parker st

Bkly 309 † Butterfield, H. M., Instr. in Agricultural

Education 2955 Pine av Butts, Miss E. M., Stenographer, Dept.

Citrus Experiment Station, Riverside
Cairns, Miss L., Asst. in Hygiene

16 Inf-M W F. 9-10
2729 Elmwood av

Bkly 507
Calder, Mrs. E. M., Nurse

Local 15 Calhoun, G. M., Asst. Prof. of Greek

434 W
954 Keeler av

Bkly 3626.J Campbell, M., Military Instr. (SMA) 2647 Durant av

Bkly 102 i Campbell, W. W., Director of the Lick

Observatory and Astronomer (LO)
Mt. Hamilton

Carey, D. H., Instr. in Floriculture and

Supt. of Greenhouses and Gardens Conservatory-MWF, 11-12

2400 Durant av Carey, H. B., Prof. of Botany, Materia Medica, and Physiology

(Ph) and Instr. in Anatomy, Histology, Materia

Medica, and Therapeutics (D) 1294 Ninth av, SF

Snst 1014 Carson, Miss R. E., Asst. Technician (

3229 E Fourteenth st, O Cartwright, M. A., Manager of the Uni

versity Press 2612 Woolsey st

Bkls 8848 Caverly Miss H. M., Departmental Seere

tary (M)
363 Page st, SF

Mrkt 1686 Chapman, O. E., Asst. Prof. of Latin.

American and California History
BL-daily, 9-10
2423 Hilgard av

Bkly 1700W iCheney, Mrs. M. L., Appointment Secre

tary m 102 Cal 2241 College av

Bkly 1139W Chessall, R. P., Dental Surgeon in the In

2422 Durant av
*Chinard, C. G., Prof. of French

426 W-M W, 1:30-3
2805 Kelsey st

Bkly 4426W Chislett, W., Jr., Instr. in English

406 W
2623 LeConte av

Bkly 7039 Chittenden, Mrs. A. B.. Assoc. Prof. of

Painting and Drawing (A) 2201 California st, SF West 4898 *Christiansen, A. H., Instr. in Agr. Exten.


1210 Myrtle av, Eureka Christie. A. W., Instr. in Agricultural

Chemistry and Asst. in Military Sci.

ence and Tactics
18 FCL
2029 Berkeley way

Bkly 6321W Clapp. E. B., Prof. of the Greek Lan

guage and Literature, Emeritus Alta Vista apts

Bkly 6492 *Clark, B. L., Instr. in Palaeontology

202 Bacon-W, 9.12; Th, 10-12
2318 Hilgard av

Bkly 3343W Clark, G. W., Asst. in Pharmacology (M)

107 PL-F, 1-5 2208 Grove st

Bkly 136

† Clark, J. T., Asst. Prof. of Romanic Phil.

463 W-M W F, 11; Tu Th, 10
2214 Russell st

Bkly 213 Clark, L. B., Instr. (SMA) 1417 Henry st

Bkly 7644W Clark, Miss L. D., Instr. in Agr. Extension;

State Home Demonstration Leader 2110 Hearst av

Bkly 1903 Clark, Miss M. B., Stenographer, Comp

troller's Office 1837 Parker st Clark, Miss R., Delivery Clerk in Comp.

troller's Office 1837 Parker st 3Clark, R. H., Instr. in English fClark, T. G., Attendant in Library 2435 Oregon st

Bkly 5661J Clarke, W. T., Prof. of Agr. Extension and

Supt. of Farmers' Institutes

2 AH
2317 LeConte av

Bkly 1930 37 Clausen, R. E., Asst. Prof. of Genetics *Cleveland, Miss M., Director of Womens'

Gymnasium and Asst. Prof. of Physi

cal Education Care, American Express Co., Paris,

France Cliff, Miss M. E., Technician (M) 623 Third av, SF

Pac 905 Coats, Miss E. A., Departmental Secre

tary (M) 1343 Grove st

Bkly 9331 Cogorno, Miss R., Stenographer, Univer

sity Extension 841 Magnolia st, O

Oakd 5286 † Coit, J. E., Prof. of Citriculture

357 Court House, Los Angeles Colby, Mrs. I. F., Senior Asst. in Library

2119 Addison st † Colby, W. E., Lectr, on Law of Mines and

Water 107 Boalt-Tu Th, 8 m 2901 Channing way

Bkly 1773 Cole, Miss A. M., Senior Asst. in Library 2500 Bancroft way

Bkly 1848 Coleman, G. A., Instr. in Entomology and

Curator of the Agricultural Museum 108 Hilgard-daily, exc. S and M, 9.12;

M, 9.10: W, 10-11 924 Spruce st

Bkly 7732 W Collins, Miss C. C., Stenographer, Dept.

Agriculture 2228 Chapel st

Bkly 9078W

†Collins, H. H., Research Asst. in the

Scripps Institution for Biological Re.

Scripps Institution, La Jolla
Collins, J. L., Asst. in Genetics
Conservatory, Campus

Local 126 Compton, Miss R. B., Junior Asst. in

2735 Benvenue av

Bkly 1887 Conant, D. J., Head, Engines Dept. (SMA)

2333 Channing way Bkly 2516 W Conant, E. L., Asst. in Agr. Extension;

Asst. Farm Advisor, Sacramento Co. Court House, Sacramento Main 4640 Condit, I. J., Asst. Prof. of Citriculture

339 Hilgard-daily, 9.12

908 Indian Rock av Bkly 7646W Conger, Miss H. M., Stenographer in

Comptroller's Office 1717 Cedar st

Bkly 4223 Conlin, F. J., Instr. (SMA) 1708 San Pablo av, O

Lksd 4815 Conner, C. M., Instr. in Agr. Extension

P. 0. Box 777, Visalia Visalia 860 Cook, T. W., Asst. in Testing Lab., Dept.

Civil Engineering 1807 Cedar st 17Cooke, J. V., Asst. Prof. of Pathology

(D) (M) (resigned Dec. 31, 1917) 363 Page st, SF † Cookinham, F. H., Asst. in Surgery (M) 209 Post st, SF

Krny 2471 Coombs, Miss A. M., Clerical Asst. in Li

2521 Dana st

Bkly 3037W Coon, R. H., Instr. (SMA) 2123 Kittridge st

Bkly 8765 † Cooper, H. N., Curator, Dept. Chemistry

274 Chem

1607 Milvia st † Corner, G. W., Asst. Prof. of Anatomy

14 Anat
2610 Regent st

Bkly 7986J Cornish, Mrs. B. Q., Asst. in Spanish

464 W-daily, 11-11:30
1514 Grant st

Bkly 4434 Cort, W. W., Asst. Prof. of Zoology

213 E-M, 11, 4; W, 4
1327 Walnut st

Bkly 7985J *Cory, C. L., John W. Mackay, Jr. Prof.

of Electrical Engineering, Consulting
Electric Lighting and Heating Engi.
neer, and Dean of the College of

33 M-M W F, 9-12; Tu Th, 12-1
2438 Warring st

Bkly 2641 Bkly 4139

Cory, H. E., Asst. Prof. of English

410 W-M W F, 10-11

2558 Buena Vista way Bkly 4014 Coulter. Miss E. M., Reference Librarian Euclid apts

Bkly 1834W Cox, G. E., Asst. in Mechanics and Fore

man of Woodwork
23 M-daily, exc. S, 9-4
5775 Shafter av, O

Pied 8732J Cozens, F. W., Instr. in Physical Educa

tion and Instr. in Calisthenics (SMA) 2 HG-daily, 9-12 2523 Virginia st

Bkly 3531J Crabtree, Miss M. R., Stenographer, Dept.

Agriculture University Farm, Davis Crackbon, Mrs. A. R., Clerk in Comp

troller's Office 2428 Grove st

Bkly 5895 * Craig, T., Demonstrator in Operative Den

tistry (D)
209 Post st, SF

Sutr 4490 *Crandall, W. C., Business Agent of the

Scripps Institution for Biological Re

search La Jolla * Crane, C. B., Military Instr. (SMA)

Faculty Club Local 28 or Bkly 2855 † Crawford, R. T., Assoc. Prof. of Practical

30-M W F, 9:30-10, 11-12, 2-3
2740 Hillegass av

Bkly 4730W Criswell, Miss L., Senior Asst. in Library 2400 Durant av

Bkly 7954 Crocheron, B. H., Assoc. Prof. of Agri

cultural Extension
4 AH
37 Euclid apts

Bkly 6058 W Cross, I. B., Assoc. Prof. of Economics

on the Flood Foundation
22 W-MW, 11; Tu Th, 8:45-9:10
1418 LeRoy av

Bkly 4157 Crow, H. I., Instr. (SMA) 2632 Etna st

Bkly 6474 iCruess, W. V., Asst. Prof. of Zymology

337 Hilgard-MWF, 10-12
2406 College av

Bkly 6078.J Crump, Miss N., General Organizer and

Secretary, Bureau of Class Instruc

tion, University Extension 509 ['nion League bldg, Los Angeles i Cummings, M. E., Instructor in Modeling

Arch-Tu F, 8-11
3966 Clay st, SF

Pac 1715 *Cummings,


J., Glassblower, Dept. Chemistry 2134 Prince st

Bkly 5379J

*Cummins, A, B., Lab. Asst. in Chemistry,

Dept. Agriculture Citrus Experiment Station, Riverside Cunningham, Miss R. L., Instr. in Hy

giene and Asst. Physician for Women;

Instr. in Medicine (M)
405 L
2536 College av

Bkly 1974 *Curtis, H. D. Astronomer (LO)

Mt. Hamilton Dadisman, S. H., Asst. Prof. of Agricul.

tural Education 303 Budd-M W, 10:30-11; Tu, 2:30-3

1514 Oxford st Daggett, S., Prof. of Railway Economics

on the Flood Foundation
22 W
1427 Hawthorne ter

Bkly 7530W Dale, Miss G., Proofreader, Printing Office 1374 Grove st, SF

West 6319 Dalton, Mrs. E. W., Secretary and Ste

nographer (HF)

1230 Arguello blvd, SF Snst 1327 *D'Ancona, A. A., Lectr. in Forensic Medi

cine (M)
862 Shrader st, SF

Mrkt 5967 † Daniel, J. F., Assoc. Prof. of Zoology

105 E-Tu Th. 11
100 Woodmont av

Bkly 10913 Daniells, N. T., Technician (M)

2402 Russell st Davidson, Miss F. E., Stenographer, Dept.

Agriculture University Farm, Davis † Davidson, J. B., Prof. of Agricultural

Engineering University Farm, Davis Davidson, Mrs. M. B., Asst. Dean of

Women 205 Cal-M W F, 9.12; daily, exc. W,

2-4 1712 Euclid av Davidson, Miss P., Teaching Fellow in

Zoology 1712 Euclid av Davis, Miss E. A., Technician (M) 2425 Larkin st, SF

Frkn 2849 *Davis, E. F., Instr. in Mineralogy and

2 Bacon-daily, 10
1807 Francisco st

Bkly 8096W #Davis, 1. F., Asst. in Agr. Extension 2234 Haste st

Bkls 149W Davis, Miss J. E.. Asst. Prof. of House

hold Science
210 HE-Tu Th, 10-12
2722 Bancroft way

Bkly 2015

Bkly 2015

Bkly 1278

Davis, Miss K. M., Infant Welfare Nurse

1091 Bush st, SF

Frkn 5041
Davis, Miss 0. C., Nurse

Local 15 † Dean, J. A., Senior Asst. in Library

2343 Blake st Dean, W. C., Instr. in Soil Technology

320 Hilgard de Mari, V., Instr. in Water-coloring and

Pen and Ink Drawing
Arch-M Th F, 1-4
123 Joice st, SF

Krny 3329 Denning, S. L., Instr. in Dairy Industry

University Farm, Davis *Denny, J. A., Foreman in Cereal Work,

Kearney Experiment Station Route H, Box 51, Fresno de Ong. E. R., Instr. in Entomologs

University Farm, Davis lịDerleth, C., Jr., Prof. of Civil Engineer

ing and Dean of the College of Civil

204 CE-Tu Th, 11-12
2834 Webster st

Bkly 293 i Deutsch, M. E., Asst. Prof. of Latin ; Assoc.

Dean of the Summer Session 477 W-daily, exc. S, 10; S, 9. 2826 College av

Bkly 8226J af Dickie, D. W., Prof. of Marine Engineer

ing and Naval Architecture
28 M
1809 Euclid av

Bkly 2005 W † Dickie, G. E.. Instr. in Military Science

and Tactics (resigned Dec. 31, 1917) 1569 Jackson st, O

Oakd 2231 **Dickson, L. E., Prof. of Mathematics (to

Dec. 31, 1917) University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill. iDixon, J., Asst. Curator of Mammals, Cali

fornia Museum of Vertebrate Zoology 2226A Chapel st Dixon, M., Instr. in Illustration (A) 728 Montgomery st, SF

Mrkt 10 Dobbs, M., Veterinarian, Dept. Agriculture

University Farm, Davis. iDobrzensky, M. W., Lectr. in Law

122 W
605 Oakland Bank of Savings bldg, O

Oakd 430 Dons, H., Creamery Foreman, Dept. Agri.

culture University Farm, Davis Dore, W. H., Asst. Chemist in Fertilizer

1811 Stuart st

Bkly 2732

Dougherty, J. E., Assoc. Prof. of Poultry

Husbandry University Farm, Davis 3* Douglas, J. R., Instr, in Political Science 2626 College av

Bkly 6176W Dowdall, R. J., Instr. in First Aid and

Military Hygiene (Ph) 358 Raymond av, SF Dowden, A. W., Teaching Asst. in Ath

2 HG
2739 Derby st

Bkly 1877J Doyle, M. J., Plant Asst., Dept. Agricul.

ture University Farm, Davis D'Oyly, E. N., Head, Aerial Observation

Dept. (SMA) 1531B Arch st

Bkly 1524 Draper, H. D., Asst. in Chemistry 2805 Stuart st

Bkly 3079 W Drew, W. D., Chief Clerk, Dept. Agricul.

ture Citrus Experiment Station, Riverside Drobish, H. E., Asst. in Agr. Extension

5 AH "Drury, H. B., Lectr. in Business Organ

22 W-M W, 9
2711 Virginia st

Bkly 1363) Dudley, A. V., Attendant in the Library 2118 Dana st

Bkly 3814 Dunbar, Miss H. O., Stenographer and

Librarian (M) 2704 Haste st Dustin, Miss M. E., Stenographer, Dept.

Agriculture 1128 Grove st

Bkly 3328J +Eakle, A. S., Assoc. Prof. of Mineralogy

6 Bacon-F. 9-12
1518 Euclid av

Bkly 4606.J Earll, Miss B. M., Stenographer, Dept.

Agriculture 2523A Virginia st

Bkly 2127 #Eastman, E. D., Instr. in Chemistry

203 Gilman-MWF, 10-12
2507 Woolsey st

Bkly 4861 Eberts, Miss (., Teaching Fellow in Public

462 W-M W, 1.2
624 Mariposa av, O

Pied 6439W Ebright, G. E., Asst. Clinical Prof. of

Medicine (M) 209 Post st, SF

Sutter 290 3* Eddy, A. J., Asst. Prof. of Civil Engi.

902 San Benito rd

Bkly 6850W

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