Slike strani

Hoffman, Miss E. J., Stenographer, Dept.

Agriculture 2509 College av

Bkly 7344J
Holden, Miss L. M., Stenographer, Dept.

Berkshire apts

Bkly 3428
Holland, Miss I., Stenographer, University

Extension 1726 Grove st

Bkly 1824 Holmes, Miss A. R., Research Asst. in

Dental Pathology (D) (resigned Oct.

15, 1917)
209 Castro st, SF

Mrkt 2224
Holmes, S. J., Prof. of Zoology

214 E-M W F, 11
1518 LeRoy av

Bkly 8450J † Holmstrup, Mrs. L. S., Clerk to Appoint

ment Secretary 2811 Parker st

Bkly 9046J *Holmstrup, S., Mechanic, Dept. Chemistry 2811 Parker st

Bkly 9046J *Holwav, R. S., Assoc. Prof. of Physical

8 Bacon-M W, 8:45-9
2577 Buena Vista way

Bkly 1514 †Hooper, C. W., Asst. Prof. of Research

Medicine (HF) (M)
Hooper Research Lab, SF Snst 600
Hooper, Miss L., Research Fellow in An-

506 Center st, Pasadena
Hopkins, Miss M., Clerical Asst. in Library

2512 Benvenue av Horel, Miss R. F., Research Asst. in Den.

tal Pathology (D) 1251 Second av, SF

Snst 1810 Horn, Miss G. H., Clerical Asst. in Li

brary 210 Castro st, Hayward Hayward 49J Horn, H., Asst. in Laryngology, Otology

and Rhinology (M) 209 Post st, SF

Dgls 2778 Horn, Miss M. H., Clerical Asst. in Li

brary 210 Castro st, Hayward Hayward 49.J † Horne, W. T., Assoc. Prof. of Plant Path

209 AH
2547B Piedmont av

Bkly 636) † Houston, A. J., Asst. Clinical Prof. of

Laryngology, Otologs, and Rhinology

350 Post st, SF

Dgls 361
Houston, Miss M. E., Clerical Asst. in

1609 Scenic av

Bkly 3520J

† Hovey, N., Purchasing Agent in Comp

troller's Office
222 Cal
2011 Cedar st

Bkly 4630W **Howard, J. G., Prof. of Architecture and

Director of the School of Architecture 1401 LeRoy av

Bkly 72 † Howard, W. L., Assoc. Prof. of Pomology

University Farm, Davis
† Howerth, I. W., Prof. of Education and

Director of University Extension
301 Cal-daily, 10-12
1421 Scenic av

Bkly 7493W ?Hoyt, R. N., Lectr. in Public Health

City Hall, San Jose † Hozier, R. H., Instr. (SMA) 2846 Forest av

Bkly 2703 Hudson, F. S., Teaching Fellow in Geology

and Mineralogy 2735 Derby st

Bkly 1877W Huffer, C. M., Mills Asst. in Astronomy

(LO) Casilla 1219, Santiago, Chile *Hugill, E. A., Supt. of Grounds and Build

ings University Cottage No. 6 Local 13 **Hummel, W. G., Assoc. Prof. of Agr.

Education 6118 Ocean View dr, O Pied 5172J Hunt, Miss M. E., Stenographer, Dept.

Agriculture 1415 Arch st

Bkly 523W †Hunt, Thomas Forsyth, Prof. of Agricul.

ture, Director of Agr. Exper. Station,

Dean of the College of Agriculture.
112 AH-daily, 10:30-11:30
1800 Bushnell pl

Bkly 3239 †Hunt, Thomas Francis, Asst. Prof. of

Agr. Extension and Asst. Supt. of

Farmers' Institutes
108 AH
2644 Parker st

Bkly 8335J
Hunter, G. B., Commandant (SMA)
1536 LeRoy av

Bkly 7764W îHuntington, T. W., Prof. of Clinical Sur

gery, Emeritus (M) 516 Sutter st, SF

Grid 1903
Hurd, A. F., Helper in Dept. Architecture

937 Spruce st
Hurwitz, Mrs. A, K., Librarian (M)
116 Frederick st, SF

Park 2333
Hurwitz, S. H.. Asst. Clinical Prof. of

Medicine (M)
U C Hospital, SF

Snst 1155

Hutchinson, L., Prof. of Commerce on the

Flood Foundation and Dean of the

College of Letters and Science
Care, War Trade Board, 1435 K st,

Washington, D. C. † Hyde, C. G., Prof. of Sanitary Engineer

101 CE-Tu W, 2-4
2579 Buena Vista way

Bkly 870 TIIyde, L. L., Bookkeeper, Dept. Agricul.

ture University Farm, Davis Iddings, C., Asst. in Chemistry

Chemistry bldg, Campus Local 140 fIglehart, F. N., Adjutant (SMA) (to Feb.

14, 1918)
23 Panoramic way

Bkly 1061W Ingrim, R. O., Instr. in Shopwork

University Farm, Davis Irvin, Miss I. N., Clerk, Comptroller's

Office 2323 College av Irvine, J., Instr. (SMA) 2001 Allston way

Bkly 6710 *Irwin, F., Instr. in Mathematics

416 W
1625 Arch st

Bkly 4808J † Jacobsen, J., Foreman of Repairs

University Farm, Davis
Jaén, R., Asst. Prof. of Spanish

427 W-daily, 11-12
2637 Rose st

Bkly 456 #Jaffa, M. E., Prof. of Nutrition m 108 Budd- daily, exc. S, 9-12 2637 Virginia st

Bkly 949 Jeffers, H. M., Asst. in Practical Astron.

omy; Instr. (SMA) Faculty Club Local 28 or Bkly 2855 Jepson, W. L., Assoc. Prof. of Dendrology

6 B-Tu W, 9-9:30
2714 Benvenue av

Bkly 8927W ^ Johnson, A. W., Instr. in Laryngology,

Otology, and Rhinology (M) 350 Post st, SF

Dgls 264 Johnson, H. V.. Asst. in Physics 2625 Haste st

Bkly 6437J Johnson, R. L., Instr. (SMA)

1901 Milvia st Johnston. Miss C. E., Asst. in Recorder's

Office 1637 Addison st Johnston, Miss G. A., Stenographer to the

2234 Roosevelt av

Bkly 8960.J Johnston, H. M., Dental Surgeon in In

2422 Durant av

Bkly 136J

fJohnston, J. E., Teaching Fellow in Politi

cal Science; Secretary, Bureau of
Public Discussion, University Exten-

2902 Channing way

Bkly 5385W *Jones, B. J., Asst. in Agr. Extension,

Farm Advisor, El Dorado Co. Chamber of Commerce, Placerville Jones, C. M., Attendant in Library

1737 Virginia st f Jones, I. L., Asst. in Physics

1822 Hearst av Jones, Miss K. D., Asst. in Landscape

Gardening and Floriculture
304 AH-W, 9-10
2545 Piedmont av

Bkly 70691 34 Jones, L. T., Instr. in Physics; Head,

Gunnery Dept. (SMA) 2541 Dwight way

Bkly 6628W 1 Jones, W. C., Prof. of Jurisprudence and

Director of the School of Jurisprud

212 Boalt-daily, 11-12
2625 Benvenue av

Bkly 72643 † Joralemon, E., Asst. in Romanic Lan.

430 W-W, 2
7 Panoramic way

Bkly 6005 Jordan, C. H., Asst. in German

440 W
2836 Summit st, O

Oakd 6356 Judkins, Miss M., Technician (M)

1726 Virginia st * Judson, C. C., Asst. Prof. of Antique

Arch-Tu Th, 11-11:30, 3-3:30; M, 9.12:

W 11-12
1590 LeRoy av

Bkly 838 IV Jungermann, A. A., Asst. in Agr. Esten.

sion 100712 Tenth st. Modesto Main 7251 Junor, Miss H. J., Typist in Comptroller's

5719 Ayala st, O

Pied 30223 Junor. Miss L., Clerk in Comptroller's

5719 Ayala st, O

Pied 30221 *Kaun, A. Ş.. Asst. in Russian

232 W-Th, 9.10
Buena Vista way and Greenwood ter

Bkle 212J Keller, Miss A. M., Stenographer, t'niver

sity Extension
674 Mandana blvd, O

Lksd 4853 Kelley, T. R., Instr. in English and

tory (FS)
University Farm, Davis

HisKing, Miss L. H., Stenographer, Dept.

Agriculture 2002 Grove st

Bkly 5534.J Kittredge, Miss E., Asst. in Chemistry 2606 Bancroft way

Bkly 2617 Kleeberger, F. L., Director of Men's Gym

nasium and Assoc. Prof. of Physical

1 HG
2520 Cedar st

Bkly 210J Koehler, Miss H. A., Stenographer (D) 614 Fifth av, SF

Pac 1013 ** Kofoid, C. A., Prof. of Zoology and Asst.

Director of the Scripps Inst. for Bio

logical Research 2616 Etna st

Bkly 1059 Konig. Miss M. A., Stenographer, Dept.

Agriculture 2145 Stuart st

Bkly 4107 †Kower, H., Assoc. Prof. of Drawing

305 D-MF, 11
5550 Broadway, O

Pied 3659.1 *Kraus, G. P., Mechanic, Dept. Physics

1608 Francisco st

* Kellogg, W. H., Asst. Clinical Prof, of Pre

ventive Medicine and Hygiene (M) 970 Chestnut st, SF

Frkn 3975 † Kelly, F. L., Asst. Epidemiologist, State

Board of Health 2635 Etna st

Bkly 6749W *Kelly, W. P., Prof. of Agr. Chemistry in

the Citrus Experiment Station and
Graduate School of Tropical Agricul.

1415 W Twelfth st, Riverside
*Kemp, W. W., Prof. of School Adminis.

103 Cal
2517 Piedmont av

Bkly 6200J †Kennedy, P. B., Assoc. Prof. of Agronomy

120 Hilgard-W Th F, 11
1027 Peralta av

Bkly 7807W
Kent, W. A., Asst. in Agr. Extension

100742 Tenth st, Modesto Main 7251 Kern, 0. J., Asst. Prof. of Agr. Education

303 Budd-M Tu W, 10-12
1329 Walnut st

Bkly 4203 Kettlewell, C. A., Field Foreman, Dept.

University Farm, Davis
Keys, Miss E., Instr. in Obstetrics and

Gynecology (M)
391 Sutter st. SF

Krny 5520 *Keys, R. E., Librarian (D) 391 Sutter st, SF

Krny 5520 Kiang, S. C., Asst. in Chinese

425 L-daily, exc. S, 3

1912 Henry st
2Kidd. A. M., Prof. of Law

214 Boalt-F, 10
349 Cherry st, SF

Pac 1636
Kilbourn. Miss K., Junior Asst. in Library

1822 Berkeley way 34 Kilgore, E. S.. Asst. Clinical Prof. of

Medicine (M) 4025 Lyon av, O

Frvl 1522J
#Kincaid, E. A., Instr. in Economics

21 W-daily, 12-1
917 Shattuck av

Bkly 2960J
Kinell, Miss H. A., Stenographer in In.

2211 Stuart st

Bkly 5832 24 King, A. S.. Lectr, in Physics

204 S-daily, exc. S, 9-10
2214 Union st

Bkly 2483 *King. H. S., Teaching Fellow in German ;

Master of the Chime
441 W
2550 Ellsworth st

Bkly 3647

*Kress, G. H.. Dean of the Los Angeles

Medical Dept. 245 Bradbury bldg., Los Angeles Kretsinger, G. W., Asst. in Agr. Exten

Chamber of Commerce, San Diego

Main 124 *Krentzer, G. C., Instr, in Agr. Extension

104 Court House, Bakersfield 1Kroeber. A. L.. Assoc. Prof. of Anthro

pology and Curator of the Anthro

pological Museum 2848 Washington st, SF Flmr 1165 Kruger, C.H., Reader in Mathematics

1442 Henry st
Krunich, M.. Asst. in Serbo-Croatian

419 L-daily, 3-4
2600 Hilgard ay

Bkr 5747 *Kruse. F. H., Instr. in Medicine (M)

UC Medical School, SF *Kuch. H., Clerk in Dept. Military Science 1005 Washington st, O

Oakd 5872 *Kuno. Y. S.. Instr. in Japanese

415 L-MWF, 10-11; Tu Th, 1-3

1184 Arch st
Kunsman, C. H., Instr. (SMA)
2538 Durant av

Bkly 8361 W *Kurtz, B. P.. Assoc. Prof. of English

410 W-MW F 8:30-9 59 Santa Clara av, o

Oakd 6276

Laing, G. A., Instr. in Economics, Univer:

sity Extension 1910 Virginia st Lammon, Miss M. E., Stenographer, Dept.

2117 Roosevelt av

Bkly 4969W Lane, Miss E., Stenographer, Dept. Agri

culture Citrus Experiment Station, Riverside Lange, A. F., Prof. of the Theory and

Practice of Education and Director

of the School of Education 103 Cal-daily, exc. S, 11-12, 4-5 2601 LeConte ay

Bkly 424 Langelier, W. F., Asst. Prof. of Sanitary

103 CE-M W F, 9-10
2327 Cragmont av

Bkly 2925 W 3Langille, H. B., Asst. Prof. of Machine

Design and Mechanical Drawing Naval Reserve Training Station, San

Pedro ÎLangstroth, L., Instr. in Medicine (M) 240 Stockton st, SF

Dgls 3600 Larson, J. A., Asst. in Physiology (M)

110 PL
1525 Shattuck av

Bkly 8615. *La Shelle, W., Plant Asst., Dept. Agricul.


University Farm, Davis *Lawson, A. C., Prof. Mineralogy and

Geology and Dean of the College of

221 HM-M W F. 11
1515 La Loma av

Bkly 3812 *Lea, E. J., Assoc. Prof. of Nutrition

260 Ent
2840 Parker st

Bkly 3901 LeConte, J. N., Prof. of Engineering Me.

27 M-M W F, 11-12: Tu Th, 9.10
19 Hillside court

Bkly 4489 *Lee, A. W., Instr. in Dermatology (M) 1107 Stanyan st, SF

Park 3208 * Lee, M. A. W., Asst. in Agr. Extension 713 Sunset blvd, Hayward

Ilayward 176 #Leebrick, K. C., Instr. in History 30 W-M W F, 1:30-2; 131 L-Tu Th,

10, 11
2510 Haste st

Bkly 3303W

#Legge, R. T., Prof. of Hygiene and V'ni:

versity Physician 1 Inf-daily, 9-12 3016 Benvenue av

Bkly 2917) *Lehmer, D. N., Assoc. Prof. of Mathe

417 W
2736 Regent st

Bkly 9359) Leland, W. E.Lectr. in Architectural

Arch-MW, 9
912 Indian Rock av

Bkly 2132J Lemon, Miss M., Asst. in Physical Eduro.

3 H-M, 10-11: Th, 11-12
2500 Durant av

Bkly 9146W †Lennon, M. B., Asst. Clinical Prof. of

Neu rology (M)
135 Stockton st, SF

Krny 1359 *Lentelli, L., Dean of the Faculty of the

Calif. School of Fine Arts and Prof.

of Sculpture (A) 2546 Greenwich st, SF West 4113 Leonard, J. V., Instr. in Urology (M) 177 Post st, SF

Dgls 2790 "Leslie, W., Lectr. in Insurance

225 W

2026 Channing way 34 Leupp, H. L., Associate Librarian 1830 San Juan av

Bkly 4639 Leuschner, A. o., Prof. of Astronomy,

Director of Students' Observatory,

and Dean of the Graduate Division m 203 Cal-M W F, 10-12, 2-4; Tu Th,

10-11, 2-4; S, 10-11 1816 Scenic av Levy, Miss S. H., Asst. to the Dean of the

Graduate Division 2318 Telegraph av Lewis, C. I., Asst. Prof. of Philosophy

2 P-daily, exc. S, 9:30-11:30

25 Panoramic way *Lewis, E. P., Prof. of Physics

307 S-M W S, 9-10; Tu Th, 1:30-3

27 Panoramic way 31 Lewis, G. N., Prof. of Physical Chemistry

and Dean of the College of Chemistry 2440 Hillside av Lewis, Miss R. M., Research Asst. in

Zoology 1749 Walnut st Lewitt, W. B., Prof. of Pediatrics, Emer.

itus (M)
210 Post st, SF
Lichthardt, Miss E., Asst. in Hygiene

HP-Tu Th, 9.11
2736 Haste st

Bkly 2182

Bkly 5964

Bkly 1159W

Bkly 1031

Bkly 7434W

Bkly 9399W

Sutter 494

*Leet, R. A., Lectr, on the Business Side of

Pharmacy (Ph) 1301 Broadway, 0

Oakd 733

Bkly 8680

Lieberman, G. O., Laboratory Helper, Dept.

Physics 2104 Sixth st Lindley, C. H., Hon. Prof. of Law of

Mines and Water
Mills bldg, SF

Sutter 1116 Linforth, I. M., Assoc. Prof. of Greek

434 W
2233 Eunice st

Bkly 2830W Lingle, R. W., Instr. (SMA) 2521 Dana st

Bkly 3037W Linn, L. P., Secretary, Dept. Education

1514 McGee av Lipman, C. B., Prof. of Soil Chemistry

and Bacteriology
201 Budd-daily, exc. S, 9-10

Faculty Club Local 28 or Bkly 2855 Lisser, H., Instr. in Medicine (M) 516 Sutter st, SF

Grfid 317 Little, J. G., Lectr. in Civil Engineering

304 CE-W, 8:30-9
332 Glendale av, o

Pied 4443W Livingston, S. K., In charge of employ.

ment, President's Office
114 Cal
2501 Ridge rd

Bkly 1335 Livingstone, Miss T., Asst. in French and

Curator of the Library of French

303 L-M Tu Th F, 3-5
1613A Scenic av

Bkly 1603W Lloyd, W. E., Instr. in Poultry Husbandry

University Farm, Davis Lobough, Miss R., Stenographer, Univer:

sity Extension 509 Union League bldg, Los Angeles Loewenberg, J., Instr. in Logic

2 P-Tu Th, 10-11; MWF, 1:30-2
2704 Virginia st

Bkly 4695 W Long, J. A., Asst. Prof. of Embryology

321 E-Tu W Th, 9
1534 La Loma av

Bkly 7428W #Longhurst, M., Instr. (SMA) 81 Pearl st, O

Oakd 1342 Loomis, A. G., Asst. in Chemistry 2310 Bowditch st

Bkly 8325W #Louderback, G. D., Prof. of Geology

103 Bacon-M Tu W, 11:30-12; F, 10:30 2713 Derby st

Bkly 3260 Lowell, W. H., Asst. in Operative Den.

tistry (D) Broadway ter, o

Pied 5653 Lowie, R. H., Assoc. Prof. of Anthropology

6 Mus-MF, 2-3, 4-5; W, 4-5 Faculty Club Local 28 or Bkly 2855

**Lucas, W. P., Prof. of Pediatrics (M) 2513 Pierce st, SF

Flmr 2562 Lyman, W. W., Jr., Instr. in Celtic and

405 W-M W, 11

Faculty Club Local 28 or Bkly 2855 *Lynch, F. W., Prof. of Obstetrics and

Gynecology (M)
U O Hospital, SF

Snst 1155 Lynch, M. C., Assoc. Prof. of Law and

Asst. to the President
217 Cal
2536 College av

Bkly 1974 Lyser, Miss A. I., Senior Asst. in Library 2704 Virginia st

Bkly 4695 W Maas, G. B., Asst. in Physics 2430 Channing way

Bkly 1608W (Macaulay, F. R., Instr. in Economics

21 W-M, 10-11
2442 Hilgard av

Bkly 1023J McBride, Miss K., Technical Asst. (HF) 1230 First av, SF

Snst 1327 McBride, R., Asst. Supt. of Cultivations,

Citrus Experiment Station, Riverside McCartney, Mrs. S. L., Clerk, College of

Dentistry (D) 1200 Third av, SF

Snst 1751 McCormac, E. I., Assoc. Prof. of American

30 W-W, 11-12
1404 Hawthorne ter

Bkly 2407W McCutchan, W. A., Asst. in Agr. Extension

317 Holland bldg, Fresno Macdonald, D. G., Bill Clerk in Comptrol

ler's Office 1525 Oak st, O

Lksd 2933 MacDonald, E. J., Mechanic in Steam and

Hydraulic Laboratories 2834 Forrest av

Bkly 3388J McDonald, G. R., Instr. (SMA) 2433 Oregon st

Bkly 5661W McDonald, J. H., Asst. Prof. of Mathe.

456 W-M Tu W Th, 11

3136 Lewiston av MacDonald, W., Lectr. in Political Science

431 W-M W, 4-5
Treehaven apts

Bkly 8841 W Mace, L. S.. Instr. in Medicine (M) 240 Stockton st, SF

Grid 808 McEachern, N. W., Instr. (SMA) 2642 Bancroft way

Bkly 653 McEwen, G. F., Hydrographer and Cura

tor of the Oceanographic Museum,

Scripps Inst. for Biological Research La Jolla

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