Slike strani

Sweeney, Miss M. A., Technical Asst.

(HF) U C Medical School, SF Snst 1155 Sweet, R. W., Artist, Dept. Anatomy (M) 1726 Euclid av

Bkly 6706
Sweet, W. L., Instr. in Pomology

331 Hilgard-daily, 11-12
2536 Bancroft way

Bkly 7997
Swezy, Miss 0., Zoologist, Scripps Inst. for

Biological Research 2515 Vine st

Bkly 5529W Sznyter, Miss M. H., Reader in Mathe

matics 2411 Fourth st Tabor, Miss A. P., Instr. in German 404 W-M, 9-9:30, 2-2:30; Tu Th, 8.

1610 LeRoy av

Bkly 5845J * Tait, D., Asst. in Surgery (M) 928 Butler bldg, SF

Dgls 2518 Talbot, J. F., Storekeeper and Helper,

Dept. Mining 2644 Fulton st Talbot, P., Asst. in Agr. Extension

Court House, Redding 1+ Tasheira, A. G., Lectr. in Law

Hotel Oakland, O Tatnall, A. R., Instr. (SMA) 2235 Blake st

Bkly 5675 Tavernetti, T. F., Asst. Prof. of Farm

Practice and Asst. to the Dean of the

Univ. Farm School P. 0. Box 423, Davis Taylor, C. V., Teaching Fellow in Zoology Faculty Club

Bkly 2855 Taylor, Miss E. E., Instr, in Textiles

300 HE-WF, 11.12
Euclid apts

Bkly 9375J *Taylor, E. R., Prof. of Law and Dean of

the Hastings College of the Law (H) 2306 California st, SF

Flmr 544 Taylor, P. B., Asst. in Physics

1708 Eola st
Taylor, R. H., Asst. Prof. of Pomology

331 Hilgard-Tu Th, 10-11
1256 Euclid av

Bkly 3888W Tays, Miss L., Reader, Univ. Extension;

Asst. in Spanish 430 W

2643 Channing way Bkly 2276 W 24 Teggart, F. J., Assoc. Prof. of History

30 W
2621 Rose st

Bkly 2470 *Terry, W. I., Prof. of Surgery and Acting

Dean of the Medical School (M) 240 Stockton st, SF

Krny 25

Thacher, T. A., Asst. Prof. of Law (H)
Merchants Exchange bldg, SF

Sutr 2725 Thiele, H., Fellow in the Lick Observatory

(LO) Mt. Hamilton † Thomas, C. C. H., Instr. (SMA) 1012 Lassen st

Bkly 2185 Thomas, Miss E., Clerk, Commandant's

Office (SMA) 3618 Telegraph av, O Pied 2159J ^ Thomas, E. E., Asst. Chemist, Dept. Agri

culture Citrus Experiment Station, Riverside ^ Thomas, G. M., Head, Aids to Flight Dept.

2704 Derby st

Bkly 9039 W Thomas H. C., Instr. (SMA) 910 Indian Rock av

Bkly 21263 +Thomas, J. B., Asst. in Laryngology,

Otology and Rhinology (M) 1432 Webster st, Palo Alto

Palo Alto 892R ^ Thomas, Mrs. M. R., Asst. in Agr. Exten.

Mill Valley

Msn 3616 11 Thomas, W. S., Asst. Prof. of Education

and Examiner of Schools 2337 Eunice st

Bkly 1993 * Thompson, Mrs. E. B., Stenographer,

Dept. Agriculture 1330 Milvia st **Thompson, J. I., Asst. Prof. of Animal

Husbandry University Farm, Davis Thomsen, Miss H., Stenographer, Dept.

Agriculture 2117 Center st

Bkly 6521 Thone, F. E. A., Secretary and Research

Asst. to Director, Scripps Institution

for Biological Research La Jolla Tiffany, F. G., Asst. in Agr. Extension

Crawford Hotel, Willows Titus, C. M., Instr. in Mathematies (FS)

University Farm, Davis 3Tour, R. S., Asst. Prof. of Gas Engineer

2312 Prince st

Bkly 6426 W $ Traum, J., Asst. Prof. of Veterinary

Science 101 Budd

2325 Hilgard av Trieb, C. F., Office Asst., Dept. Physical

Education for Men 2523 Dwight way

Bkly 10273 Trieb, M. H., Teaching Asst. in Gym

* Absent visiting schools, second half-year, 1917-18.

2 HG
2523 Dwight way

Bkly 1027J *True, G. H., Prof. of Animal Husbandry

University Farm, Davis
Trutner, H., Jr., Asst. in Dept. Military

5429 Lawton av, O

Pied 4783 † Tucker, R. H., Astronomer (LO)

Mt. Hamilton
Tufts, W. P., Asst. Prof. of Pomology

University Farm, Davis
**Turner, L. M., Asst. Prof. of French
2707 Virginia st

Bkly 7896 Turner, Mrs. M. P., Inventory Clerk in

Comptroller's Office 2400 Durant av

Bkly 7954 Underhill, R. M., Accountant, Comman

dant's Office (SMA) 2309 Divisadero st, SF

Flmr 641 ¡Upton, O. O., Dairy Foreman

1627 Arch st
Uren, L. C., Asst. Prof. of Mining

222 HM-daily, exc. S, 9-10
2810 Piedmont av

Bkly 75 75W Utterback, Miss S. M., Typist in Comp

troller's Office 2206 Atherton st

Bkly 4208J Vaile, R. S., Asst. Prof. of Orchard Man.

agement in the Citrus Experiment Station and Graduate School of

Tropical Agriculture 182 Ramona dr, Riverside **Van Dyke, E. C., Asst. Prof. of Ento.

mology Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. van Erp, Miss A., Instr. in Arts and

Crafts (A)
1331 Vallejo st, SF

Frkn 434 *Van Fleet, A. C., Asst. Prof. of Law (H) 68 Post st, SF

Krny 988 Van Hagen, Miss W., Lectr. in Physical

Education for Women
3 H-M, 9-9:30
246 Forty-first st, O

Pied 3459 *Vanleer, B. R., Instr. in Mechanical En.

gineering 316th Engineers, U. S. A. *Van Norman, H. E., Prof. of Dairy Man.

agement, Vice-Director of Agr. Exper.

Sta. and Dean of Univ. Farm School University Farm, Davis *Varney, B. M., Instr. in Geography

9B Bacon-Tu Th, 10-12 2314 Dwight way

† Veihmeyer, F. J., Asst. Prof. of Irrigation

Investigations 220 Federal bldg

Bkly 4197 2817 Piedmont av

Bkly 7633W Vernon, M., Laboratory Asst. (M) UC Hospital, SF

Snst 1155 †Vestal, C. M., Asst. Prof. of Animal Hus

bandry University Farm, Davis †von Hungen, Mrs. M. J., Asst. in German 1513 Walnut st

Bkly 3589 tvon Neumayer, C. D., Asst. Prof. of Pub

lic Speaking
423 W- M, 9-10; Tu W Th, 2-3
2836 Garber st

Bkly 8562J 3Voorhies, E. C., Asst. Prof. of Animal

Waid, Miss E. T., Nurse

Local 15 † Waite, R. A., Instr. (SMA) 2527 LeConte av

Bkly 3498 † Walden, R. C., Clerk, Office of Supt. of

Grounds and Buildings 1609 Virginia st † Walker, E. L., Assoc. Prof. of Tropical

Medicine (HF) (M) Hooper Research Lab., SF Snst 600 *Walker, H. H., Clerk, Commandant's Office

(SMA) 2131 Blake st Walker, J. H., Instr. in Stenography and

Typewriting, University Extension 2216 Channing way

Bkly 5631 Walker, R. M., Asst. in Agr. Extension

Merced † Warburton, A., Preparator in Anthro

431 Anza st, SF

Pac 186 *Washburn, H. L., Asst. in Agr. Extension

Court House, Santa Cruz Washburn, O. M., Asst. Prof. of Classical

Archaeology 478 W-daily, 9 30 Arden rd

Bkly 2221 Wasteneys, H., Assoc. Prof. of Pharma

cology (M)
109 PL-daily, 2-5
1585 LeRoy av

Bkly 3220 14 Waterman, T. T., Asst. Prof. of Anthro

pology 452 Valeria st, Fresno Watts, A. P., Asst. in History Faculty Club

Bkly 6468 *Way, A. E., Field Asst. in Viticulture,

Dept. Agriculture
Kearney Park, Fresno

Waynick, D. D., Instr. in Soil Chemistry

and Bacteriology
209 Budd
1506 Euclid av

Bkly 7214J |Webber, H. J., Prof. of Plant Breeding,

Director of Citrus Exper. Sta., and
Dean of the Graduate School of Trop-

ical Agriculture
Citrus Experiment Station, Riverside
îWeber, H. J., Assoc. Prof. of German

402 W-M W F, 9; Tu, 11
1811 La Loma av

Bkly 3973 * Weeks, W. S., Assoc. Prof. of Mining

101 HM-M W, 11-12; Tu Th, 10-11
1581 LeRoy av

Bkly 7829) Weidemann, Mrs. P. W., Teaching Fellow

in Zoology Oxford apts

Bkly 6262W *Weinland, H. A., Instr. in Agr. Extension

Chamber of Commerce, San Diego * Weir, W. W., Drainage Expert, Dept.

Agriculture 5537 Taft av, O

Pied 7538 | Welch, L. M., Prof. of Military Science

and Tactics Armory-M W, 9:30-11 a.m.; Tu, 1:30-3 3525 Pacific av, SF

Flmr 3551 *Welles, Mrs. A. L., Stenographer in Sec

retary's Office 816 Contra Costa av Bkly 7911J **Wells, C. W., Assoc. Prof. of English

Composition Middletown, Connecticut Wells, G. F., Instr. (SMA) 2605 Durant av

Bkly 552 Welo, L. A., Asst. in Physics 2248 Telegraph av

Bkly 9011 Westrup, Miss D. E., Telephone Operator,

President's Office 2637 Benvenue av

Bkly 6291W # Whaler. J. W., Instr. in Public Speaking

424 W-W. 4-5; T 2.4
1534 Irch st

Bkly 2230 Wheeler, B. I., President of the University m 217 Cal--Office hrs, for students: daily,

exc. Tu, 9:45-10:15 President's House

Bkly 7100 Wheeler, J. D., Military Instr. (SMA) 2617 Durant av

Bkly 102 *Whipple, G. H., Prof. of Research Medi

cine (M): Director of the Hooper Foundation for Medical Research

(HF) Hooper Research Lab, SF Snst 600

Whisman, H. S., Resident Physician and

Asst. Physician for Men; Vol. Asst. in
Medicine (M) (resigned Jan. 31.

White, A. C., Instr. in Public Speaking

424 W-MW F. 1-2
1815 Highland pl

Bkly 1682 White, B, F., University Photographer

402 CE

2941 Linden av White, Miss F. M., Stenographer, Univer:

sity Extension 476 Hardy st, O

Pied 5089 White Miss G. A., Departmental Secretary,

Drawing and Art 6624 Dover st, O White, H. A., Instr. (SMA) 2333 Channing way

Bkly 9116W White, L. M., Military Instr. (SMA) 1726 Euclid av

Bkly 6706 White, Mrs. M. D., Asst. Cashier, Dept,

Agriculture University Farm, Davis * White, S. A., Demonstrator in Operative

Dentistry (D)
51 Hillway av, SF

Snst 42 +Whitehouse, Mrs. S. P., Telephone Oper:

ator 636 Poirier st, O Whitman, Mrs. P. C., Technician (M)

1398 Fifth av, SF 34 Whitney, J. L., Asst. Clinical Prof. of

Medicine (M) 223 Harrison av, Sausalito Whittlesey, Miss F., Asst. in Physical

Education 3 H

2249 Piedmont av Whittlesey, H., Instr. (SMA) 1550 La Loma av

Bkly 7516 Wickes, Miss F., Asst. Librarian (M) 519 Webster st, SF

Park 6152 † Wickson, E. J., Prof. of Horticulture,

Emeritus 2723 Bancroft way *Wight, E, H., Instr. in Physical Educa

HG-daily, exc. S, 11-12

2216 Haste st
Wilbur, Miss L., Technician (M)
750 Parnassus av, SF

Snst 3182 Wiley, H, R., Instr. in Pharmacal Juris

prudence (Ph) 2545 Benvenue av

Bkly 48813 Wilkie, Mrs. E., Office Asst., University

2509 Cedar st

Bkly 7897

Bkly 3891

Bkly 5346

Bkly 6116 W

Wilkie, N. P., Clerk in Dept. of Mining 289 Nineteenth st, O

Lksd 3639 Wilkinson, W. S., Asst. in Agronomy

Imperial Valley Exp. Sta., El Centro Willard. W. P., Instr. in Urology (M) 177 Post st, SF

Dgls 5726 Williams, A. J., City Buyer in Comptrol

ler's Office 2935 Otis st Williams, C. J., Asst. in Agr. Extension

2 Court House, Sacramento Williamson, Miss A., Stenographer, Dept.

Agriculture 1522 Arch st

Bkly 3695 W ^ Willoughby, E. P., Helper in Mining

2538 Buena Vista way Bkly 5027W Wills, C. A., Vol. Asst. in Surgery (M)

Alameda Co. Hospital, SL Wilson, B., Technical Asst. in Dept. Bio

chemistry (M) Physiology bldg

Local 29 *Wilson, R. E., Acting Astronomer in

charge of D. 0. Mills Expedition

(LO) Santiago, Chile *Winters. V. W., Instr. (SMA) 795 Lerida av, 0

Oakd 5086 *Wiskocil, C. T., Instr. in Civil Engineer

106 CE-M W, 10-11
2689 Cedar st

Bkly 2002J Wittschen, Miss B., Clerk, Printing Office 3121 West st, O

Pied 3148W Wittschen, Miss E., Clerk, Commandant's

Office (SMA) 3121 West st, O

Pied 3148W Wobus, W. W., Asst. in Agr. Education 2001 Allston way

Bkly 6710 Wolfe, C., Teaching Fellow in Mathe.

420 W- Tu Th, 9-10
2231 Cedar st

Bkly 6451W #Woll. F. W., Prof. of Animal Nutrition

University Farm, Davis
Wood, F., Asst. in Agr. Extension

421 Third st, Napa Wood, Mrs. M. E. Stenographer, Univer:

sity Extension 115 Market st, SF

Sutr 4500 Wood. M. N.. Asst. in Pomology

University Farm, Davis #Wood. W. A., Asst. in Pediatrics (M) 2251 Telegraph av

Bkly 4166

Woodford, Miss M., Instr. in Physical

2 H-M, 3; W, 10; Th, 9
2500 Durant av

Bkly 9146W † Woodruff, E. C., Instr. (SMA) 2235 Blake st

Bkly 5675 Woodruff, H. W.. Reader in Botany 2316 Bowditch st

Bkly 6504 Woodruff, Miss R., Research Asst, in

Protozoology on the Crocker Founda

1749 Walnut st

Bkly 9399W
Woods, B. M., Asst. Prof. of Theoretical

Mechanics and University Examiner;
President of the Academic Board

2014 Cal-daily, 9.11
3038 Hillegass av

Bkly 1677J
Woods, Miss M. A., Clerk in Comptroller's

1725 Clinton av,

R 14 Woodworth, C. W., Prof. of Entomology

University of Nanking, Nanking, China Woodworth, Mrs. M. H., Asst. in Agr. Ex

tension 604 Orange st, Redlands Black 977 Wray, R., Field Asst. in Agriculture

University Farm, Davis * Wright, A. T., Assoc. Prof. of Law

216 Boalt-M WF, 11-12; Tu Th, 9-10 11 Panoramic way

Bkly 6966J
Wright, W. C., Asst. in Dental Porcelain

350 Post st, SF

Grfid 1958 *Wright, W. H., Astronomer (LO)

7 0
2630 Bancroft way

Bkly 4488J
Wulzen, Miss R., Instr. in Physiology (M)

204 PL-W, 2-3
2447 Carlton st

Bkly 6531W
Wythe, Miss M. W., Asst. in Calif. Mu-

seum of Vertebrate Zoology 4247 Terrace st, O

Pied 7235 W i Wythe, W. J., Asst. Prof. of Mechanical

302 D-M Tu Th F, 3.4
15 Hill rd, O

Pied 5791
Yost, H. H., Instr. in Agronomy, Imperial

Valley Exp. Station
1 Young, Miss J. M., Fellow (LO) (to Dec.

31, 1917)
Zion, J. R., Asst. in Viticulture

203 Hilgard

2400 Durant av Zumwalt, F. H., Vol. Asst. in Orthopedic

Surgery (M) 135 Stockton st, SF

Dgls 2806



Letters and Science, Commerce, Agriculture, Mechanics, Mining, Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Architecture, Education, Jurisprudence

and the first two years in Medicine


Abbay, Camille Leonie

Berkeley A.B. 1917

1 LS-2011 Hearst av Bkly 6627W Abbott, Raymond Barrington Berkeley B.S. 1908; M.S. 1912; cand. Ph.D.

(physics) 4 LS-1803 Cedar st

Bkly 2084 Acheson, Mary Heron

Berkeley A.B. (Royal University of Ireland) 1892;

M.A. (Stanford University) 1911 4 LS-1619 Scenic av Adams, Dorothy Eleanor

Berkeley A.B. and M.A. (University of Colorado)

1 LS-Hotel Shattuck

Bkly 7300 Adams, Robert Gemmell

Oakland A.B. (Stanford University) 1915

21 NP-634 Oakland av, O Pied 2534 Adams, Winola

Los Angeles A.B. 1917 1 LS-2417 LeConte av

Bkly 3650 Ahl, Frances Norene

Santa Rosa A.B. 1917 1 LS-2713 Haste st

Bkly 2148 Ainslie, Kate Elizabeth

Danville B.S. (Carleton College) 1908 12 LS-2614 Dana st

Bkly 8982J Aiton, Arthur Scott

Alameda A.B. 1916; XSGW Fellow

1 LS-1240 Broadway, A Ala 2016 Akiyama, Masawo Ichikawadaimon, Japan

M.Agr. (Imperial University of Tokyo)

21 Agr-2332A Fulton st Albert, Elsa

San Francisco A.B. 1917

1 LS-1765 Waller st, SF Park 3263 Allen, Ernest Green

l'pper Lake B.L. 1910 5 LS-2059 University av

Bkly 2524

Allen, Fred Harold

Berkeley A.B. 1913; M.A. 1916

1 Med-1925 Vine st Allen, Harriet Watson

San Diego A.B. (University of Minnesota) 1904;

B.L. (Lincoln-Jefferson College) 1913 1 LS-2605 Benvenue av Ames, Charles

Marcus, Iowa A.B. (State University of Iowa) 1910 5 LS-2001 Channing way

Bkly 315 Ames, Rosabelle

Berkeley A.B. 1917 21 LS-2219 Channing way

Bkly 8668W Anderson, Samuel

Los Angeles A.B. (University of Nebraska) 1903 2 LS-2530 Hilgard av

Bkly 1746 Andrade, Anton Bennett

Hayward A.B. 1917

11 Juris-412 Syndicate bldg, O Oakd 3371 Andres, Stella Clare

Los Angeles A.B. 1917

1 LS-2400 Bancroft way Bkly 64881 Andrews, Elsie

Vancouver, Wn. A.B. (University of Washington) 1912 1 LS--2232 Haste st

Bkly 149W Aoki, Yoshio

Palo Alto
A.B. (College of the Pacific) 1916:
M.A. (Stanford University) 1918
1 LS-2121 Channing way

Bkly 6546 Arleigh, Mabel Woolman San Francisco

A.B. (Wheaton College) 1912

21 LS-500 Fillmore st. SF Park 2711 Armitage, Ambrose Wesley Placerville A.B. (Lawrence University) 1899: Ph.B.

(University of Chicago) 1912 11 LS-2039 Shattuck av Bkly 4929 Armstrong, Jesse Evan

Oakland A.B. 1916 1 LS-6416 Regent st, O Pied 6585J

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