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Chemical Laboratories. These laboratories are housed in a group of buildings, of which one is devoted entirely to the first-year course in chemistry. It contains ten small laboratories each of which aceommodates twenty-five students. It also contains the necessary storage, preparation, and distributing rooms.

The main chemistry building contains two large lecture rooms, laboratories devoted to instruction in organic chemistry and quantitative analy. sis and a number of rooms devoted to research work.

Gilman Hall, a new three-story concrete building, contains the departmental library and administrative offices, and laboratories for advanced work in physical chemistry, electro-chemistry, and chemical technology. Provision is made in this building for extensive research in industrial, physical, and inorganic chemistry.

The Mineralogical and Petrographical Laboratories are provided with large collections of minerals and rocks and are equipped with the necessary apparatus for research work in crystallography, mineralogy, and petrography.

The Museum of Geology and Mineralogy comprises an extensive suite of minerals and ores illustrating the chief phenomena of crystals and of economic deposits. There are, besides, many crystallographic models, and relief maps geologically colored. There is a similarly extensive suite of petrological specimens affording a fairly good illustration of the subject of petrology, and many specimens illustrative of the more interesting features of structural geology.

The Rudolph Spreckels Physiological Laboratory. There are laboratory facilities for about fifty students of physiology in the east wing of the building and for a similar number of students of biochemistry in the west wing. The central part of the building is chiefly devoted to advanced instruction and research. The department library contains complete sets of all the important physiological journals and the more important monographs on physiological and related subjects.

Civil Engineering Laboratories. The testing laboratory is fitted with apparatus to determine the elasticity and resistance of the materials used in engineering construction and for the inspection of Portland cement, roail oil, and asphaltic products. Testing machines of large capacity are available for practical tests of beams and columns. Facilities are offered for original investigation of the physical properties of the materials of engineering. The laboratory is provided with a well equipped machine shop for shaping test specimens of metal or wood and for the manufacture of special apparatus.

The sanitary and municipal laboratories of the department afford facilities for routine and research work on problems relating to the determination of chemical, bacteriological, and physical properties of water, sewage, air, and municipal refuse. Apparatus is available for special studies of rainfall rates and run-off in streams and sewers. Practical problems in hydraulics, water and sewage purification, municipal refuse disposal and ventilation can be studied either in the laboratories or elsewhere with the use of the laboratory equipment.

The Laboratories of Soils and Cereal Investigation are located in Budd Hall; those of horticulture, viticulture, entomology, parasitology, plant pathology, forestry and genetics are in Agriculture Hall and Hilgard Hall; while those of enology, zymology, veterinary science, insecticides, agricultural chemistry, fertilizer control, and the State Pure Food Laboratories are in adjoining structures.


BENJAMIN IDE WHEELER, Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D., President of the Uni

versity. WALTER Morris Hart, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English Philology;

Dean of the Summer Session. LEON JOSIAH RICHARDSON, A.B., Associate Professor of Latin; Manager

of the Military Information Office; Associate Dean of the Summer

Session. MONRCE EMANUEL DEUTSCH, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Latin; Asso

ciate Dean of the Summer Session. JAMES SUTTON, Ph.B., Recorder of the Faculties. Mary Blossom DAVIDSON, B.L., Assistant Dean of Women, Social Director

of the Summer Session. GUY MONTGOMERY, M.A., Instructor in English; Secretary to the Dean. ADELAIDE DAVENPORT MARTIN, Representative of the Summer Session,

Southern Division.

GRACE M. R. ABBOTT, Ph.B., Assistant Public Health in the Summer

Session. MAXWELL P. ADAMS, Ph.B., Professor of Chemistry, University of Nevada. FRANCIS W. Albro, B.S., Assistant in Nutrition. * ARTHUR CARL ALVAREZ, B.S., Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering. FRANK L. ANDERSON, Mus.Bach., Instructor in Music, Polytechnic High

School, Los Angeles. GERTRUDE S. ANDRUS, Superintendent Children's Department, Seattle Pub

lic Library. LESLIE JAMES AYER, J.D., Professor of Law, University of Washington. EDNA WATSON BAILEY, Ph.D., Instructor in Science, University High

School, Oakland. Jau Dox BALL, M.D., Professor of Nervous and Mental Diseases, Oakland

College of Medicine and Surgery. MARION BARBOUR, B.S., Kindergarten Department, State Normal School,

Los Angeles. Earl WINGERT BARNHART, B.L., Head of Commercial Department, Berke

ley High School. * In the Summer School of Surveying, Camp California, Swanton, California.

LLOYD D. BARZEE, A.B., Instructor in Typewriting, Stockton High School.
BENJAMIN A. BERNSTEIN, Ph.D., Instructor in Mathematics.
Louis F. Best, A.B., Supervisor of Manual Training, Pasadena.
CLYDE E. BLANCHARD, A.B., Instructor in Stenography, Stockton High

FREDERIC THOMAS BLANCHARD, M.A., Assistant Professor of English,

Rice Institute. WALTER C. BLASDALE, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry. SOLOMON BLUM, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economies. JOHN SIEGFRIED BOLIN, M.A., Instructor in Education. RICHARD G. BOONE, Ph.D., Professor of Education. DOLORES ELIZABETH BRADLEY, B.S., M.A., Assistant in Bacteriology. JOHN M. BREWER, Ph.D., Professor of Education, State Normal School,

Los Angeles. THEODORA R. BREWITT, Principal of the Training School, Los Angeles

Public Library. EDITH BICKELL BROWN, A.B., Instructor in the Play School in the

Summer Session. A. D. BROWNE, M.D., Director of Physical Exlucation, Oregon Agricul.

tural College. LORAINE CADWELL, Director of the Department of Physical Education,

Girls' Collegiate School, Los Angeles. ALBERT JOSEPH CARNOY, Ph.D., Litt.D., Professor of Romanic Philology. ANNA B. CARTER, A.B., Instructor in Tennis in the Summer Session. RALPH CASEY, A.B., Assistant Professor of Journalism, University of

Montana. CLARENCE V. CASTLE, B.S., Assistant in Animal Husbandry. KATHERINE DUNLAP CATHER, Teacher in San Jose School Department;

Instructor in Linguistic Activities in the Play School. A. L. CAVANAGH, M.A., Instructor in Physics, Los Angeles Junior College. CHARLES EDWARD CHAPMAN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Latin-American

and California History. C. V. L. CHARLIER, Ph.D., Professor of Astronomy and Director of the

Royal Observatory, Lund, Sweden. PHILIP GREELEY CLAPP, Ph.D., Director of Music, Dartmouth College. HENRY HUNT CLARK, Department of Decorative Design, Museum of Fine

Arts, Boston. Edith MARGARET COULTER, A.B., B.L.S., Reference Librarian, University

of California Library. GEORGE ECKART Cox, Assistant in Mechanics and Foreman of Woodwork. FREDERICK WARREN COZENS, A.B., Instructor in Physical Elucation. IRA B. Cross, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics on the Flood


Ruby L. CUNNINGHAM, M.D., M.S., Examining Physician for Women. PERCY JOHN DANIELL, M.A., Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Rice

Institute. Doris A. DANIELS, Assistant Professor of Home Economics, Washington

State College. STEPHEN L. DENNING, B.S., Instructor in Dairy Industry. *CHARLES DERLETH, Jr., C.E., Professor of Civil Engineering and Dean of

the College of Civil Engineering. PAULINE DILLMAN, A.B., Assistant in Graphic Art in the Summer Session. MILTON W. DOBRZENSKY, J.D., Lecturer in Law. Sylvia M. DOLEN, Assistant in Typewriting in the Summer Session. OLIVE M. Wilson DORRETT, Instructor in Education in the Summer Session. ALBERT W. DOWDEN, Assistant in Physical Education. GEORGE MATTHEW DUTCHER, Ph.D., Professor of History, Wesleyan Uni

versity, Middletown, Conn. Colin Victor DYMENT, A.B., Professor of Journalism, University of

Washington. † ADOLPHUS JAMES EDDY, B.S., Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering. KATHERINE EDSON, Instructor in Dancing in the Summer Session. HIRAM W. EDWARDS, Ph.D., Instructor in Physics, State Normal School,

Fresno. ROSALIE GERIG-EDWARDS, M.A., Instructor in Spanish, San Diego High

School. LUDWIG EHRLICH, D.Jur., Lecturer in Political Science. STURLA EINARSSON, Ph.D., Instructor in Practical Astronomy. DONALD ENGLISH, B.S., M.B.A., Assistant Professor of Economics, Cornell

University. HELEN FANCHER, Instructor in Household Art in the Summer Session. Ruth FINDLAY, Supervisor of Recreation, Oakland, California. *FRANCIS SEELEY FOOTE, Jr., E.M., Professor of Railroad Engineering and

Director of the Summer School of Surveying. Marcus FREED, Special Assistant in Boxing. Robert H. GAULT, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, Northwestern

l'niversity. JOHN W. GILMORE, M.S., Professor of Agronomy. MALBONE WATSON GRAHAM, D.D., Instructor in Spanish. GEORGE L. GREVES, M.S., Instructor in Electrical Engineering. MARIAN HAGUE, Chairman, Technical Committee, Scuola d’Industrie Ital

iane, New York; Lecturer in Household Art in the Summer Session. GEORGE H. HART, M.D., D.V.M., Associate Professor of Veterinary Science.

* In the Summer School of Surveying, Camp California, Swanton, California.

† Absent on leave for the duration of the war.

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