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ARTHUR BROWN, JR., First Vice-President.
GOTTARDO PIAZZONI, Second Vice-President.
WALTER S. MARTIN, Treasurer.
Mrs. JOSEPH FIFE, Secretary.



BENJ. IDE WHEELER, Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D., L.H.D., President of the Uni

versity. LEE F. RANDOLPH, Director, and Professor of Painting, Drawing and

Anatomy. RALPH STACKPOLE, Professor of Sculpture, E. SPENCER MACKY, Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Painting and

Drawing. CONSTANCE L. MACKY, Associate Professor of Painting and Drawing. GERTRUDE PARTINGTON ALBRIGHT, Associate Professor of Painting and

Drawing. ALICE B. CHITTENDEN, Associate Professor of Painting and Drawing. MAYNARD Dixon, Instructor in Illustration. EMIL GREBS, Instructor in Commercial Art. NORMAN EDWARDS, Instructor in Interior Decoration, Decorative Design,

Mechanical Drawing and Arts and Crafts. KATHERINE M. BALL, Instructor in Normal Art. RUDOLPH SCHAEFFER, Instructor in Decorative Design.

The property known as the California School of Fine Arts is situated at the corner of California and Mason streets, San Francisco. Originally certain buildings occupied this half block which extends from California street to Pine street, the whole having been given by Mr. Edward F. Searles to the Regents of the University of California in February, 1893, for the purposes of instruction in and illustration of the fine arts, under the memorial title of the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art, At the same time the San Francisco Art Association became affiliated with the University of California pursuant to sections 1391 and 1396 of the Political Code of California, and under the terms of a trust agreement between Mr. Searles, the Regents of the University, and the Art Association, the Art Associ. ation entered upon the occupancy and uses of the property for the purposes named. In 1906' the memorial buildings of the Mark IIopkins Institute were destroyed in the general fire of that year, and the land reverted to Mr. Searles, who in January, 1907, redeeded it to the Board of Regents for the purpose of an institute of art under the management of the San Francisco Art Association and with the title of the San Francisco Insti. tute of Art. A building of a temporary nature, but well adapted to its uses, was erected upon the lot, and in this the paintings and other works of art belonging to the Art Association are exhibited and instruction in the fine arts is conducted. In addition to the permanent collection of paintings and sculpture contained in the Institute special exhibitions are held at intervals during the year. The galleries of the Institute are open to the public every day except Sunday. There is no charge for admission.

The California School of Fine Arts, formerly the California School of Design, founded in 1874 by the Art Association and conducted as a part of the Mark Hopkins Institute, is being maintained and extended in con. nection with the San Francisco Institute of Art. Its course embraces tuition in drawing, painting, modeling, and decorative design in all their branches. It holds an exhibition of the work of the pupils at the end of the school year.

A normal course is provided for those students who wish to become teachers of art. It includes the regular course together with certain special studies elsewhere enumerated.

CERTIFICATES The University Certificate of Proficiency is given to students who pass the required examinations in painting, drawing, modeling, composition, perspective, and anatomy.

The Normal Certificate is granted to students who successfully pursue the prescribed studies and pass the final examinations. The course embraces painting, drawing, modeling, composition, perspective, anatomy, decorative art, applied design, and instruction in teaching.

Examinations are held at the end of the school year and only regular students who have attended the school at least one year are eligible.

PRIVILEGES The Art Gallery of the Institute is open to the pupils of the school during the term.

The Library and Reading Room, containing the current magazines and art periodicals, are also at the service of the pupils.

Prize competitions are held from time to time during the year.

The Art Association awards six annual scholarships to the most deserving pupils of the school.

The Art Association awards three annual scholarships to California high school students for best work submitted in annual competition.

COURSES OF STUDY The following are the courses of study, no preliminary qualifications being required for entrance to the school.


PREPARATORY Drawing and Modeling-Drawing from casts and from still life; sketching

from the costumed model; modeling from casts.

ADVANCED Perspective-A course of lectures on perspective, with instruction in its

practical application. Anatomy-A course of lectures demonstrated by models, charts, etc., with

textbooks. Composition-A course given in connection with all life classes. Portrait--For drawing, painting, and modeling from the head and the

figure in costume. Life (separate classes for men and women)-For drawing, painting, and

modeling from the figure.

SPECIAL COURSES Decorative Design-A course in decorative art and its practical application

to industrial problems. Illustration-For books, magazines, ete., with special regard for co

composition and for literary features. Normal Course-For training students who wish to become teachers of art

in public or private schools. Interior Decoration-For students who desire to become professional in

terior decorators. Handicrafts-Courses in tooled leather, metal, and concrete pottery.

Students are required to take the work in the regular course in connection with these special courses.

The school authorities reserve the right to omit any course or branch of study when the attendance does not in their opinion warrant its continuance.


Hours, 7 to 9:30 P.M. Recognizing the increasing demand of this great and growing community for enlarged educational opportunities in art for those who cannot avail themselves of the day courses, it has been decided by the Director to greatly enlarge the scope of the night school, thereby keeping in line with the most progressive art schools of the large cities of America.

Classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, interior decoration, and commercial art, duplicating many of the day classes, have been established.

Drawing-From casts, costumed model, and still life.


The following are the fees charged for tuition, payable in advance.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Month Five nights per week

$7.00 Four nights per week

6.00 Three nights per week


Term $29.00 2.5.00 18.00


Tuesday Night, Sketch (no instruction).
Friday Night only, Advanced Commercial Art.

$1.00 per month 3.00 per month


Term (of

Month 4 months) All day (9. A.M. till 4 P.M.)

$4.00 $12.00 Term rates are granted only when such rate is paid within the first month of enrollment.

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