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7 to 10 P.M. MondayDrawing and Painting from Life

E. Spencer Macky Sculpture

Ralph Stackpole Tuesday Sketch Class

No instructor Illustration

Maynard Dixon WednesdayDrawing and Painting from Life

E. Spencer Macky Sculpture FridayDrawing and Painting from Life

.E. Spencer Macky Sculpture Commercial Art

Emil Grebs For further information apply at the office of the California School of Fine Arts, corner of California and Mason streets, San Francisco, California. Illustrated catalogue mailed on request.



DIRECTORS Hon. FRANK J. ANGELLOTTI, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court es officio

President of the Board. WILLIAM B. BOSLEY, Esq.






BENJ. IDE WHEELER, Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D., L.H.D., President of the

EDWARD R. TAYLOR, M.D., Professor of Law, Dean.
ROBERT W. HARRISON,, A.B., LL.B., Professor of Law.
JAMES A. BALLENTINE, A.B., Assistant Professor of Law.
RICHARD C. HARRISON, A.B., LL.B., Assistant Professor of Law.
GOLDEN W. BELL, B.L., LL.B., Assistant Professor of Law.
GEORGE L. BELL, B.L., LL.B., Assistant Professor of Law.
THOMAS A. THACHER, A.B., LL.B., Assistant Professor of Law.
ALAN C. Vax FLEET, B.L., LL.B., Assistant Professor of Law.
GEORGE J. MARTIN, Registrar.

CALENDAR AND DIRECTORY The college year begins on September 27, 1918, and ends June 4, 1919, and all applications for admission must be made to the Registrar at or before that time. All registrations are to be made during the week beginning with the third Monday of September. There is a recess of two and onehalf weeks in December.

The classes meet daily at 8, 9, and 10 a.m.

The address of the Dean is City Hall, San Francisco, where all the work of the college is done.

The address of the Registrar is 928 Pacific Builling, San Francisco.

ADMISSION Every applicant for admission to the college must be shown to be of good moral character and must be either a graduate of the University of ('alifornia or hold an academic degree from some other approved university or college, or be a grailuate of either a public or private school which is accredited by the University of California for a Imission therein, and be recommended by the principal thereof with a certificate stating that he has completed altogether four years of high school work or its equivalent and in addition thereto he must have performed the equivalent of the work required for the Junior Certificate in an academic col. lege of the University of California, being the above nained high school work and two years of college work as is at present prescribed by the University of California.

A detailed statement of the requirements for the Junior Certificate is contained in the Circular of Information concerning the Academic Departments, and may be obtained upon application to the Recorder of the Faculties, University of California, Berkeley, California, or to the Dean.

Applicants for admission to the Junior Class must be at least eighteen years of age to the Middle Class, at least nineteen years of age to the Senior Class, at least twenty years of age.

Applicants for admission to the Middle or Senior classes will be given credit for work done in other law schools, but no credits will be given for such work unless the work has been done at a law school which is a member of the Association of American Law Schools, and unless the work is duly authenticated by the proper authorities of said school.

Members of the bar may, in the discretion of the Dean, be ailmitted as special students.

The examinations for admission are held at the times and places announced for holding the entrance examinations to the academic colleges of the University at Berkeley. Applicants will not be examineil at any other time unless for reasons of the most exceptional urgency. Information concerning the examinations can be obtained from the Recorder of the Faculties of the University of California, Berkeley, California.

No applicant for admission to either the Middle Class or Senior Class will be examined for admission at any other time than at the beginning of the college year.

Further information can be obtained from the Dean or the Registrar.

COURSES OF INSTRUCTION The object of the college is to give such instruction in the principles of our jurisprudence as will furnish preparation for the practice of the profession of law in this country. Particular attention is directed to the history of the law and to the codes and the general statutes of this state. The courses of instruction extend over a period of three years, and are as follows:

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